Rajon Rondo On Celtic's Big-4 Run: 'We Had Chemistry From Day 1' | ALL THE SMOKE | SHOWTIME

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پیش 20 روز

Former Celtic Rajon Rondo opens up to Mat and Stak about his time in Boston including winning a title in 2008, being apart of the 'Big 4' with KG, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, and battling Kobe and the Lakers in the NBA Finals twice.
Audio Version: megaphone.link/CAD4954653041
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David Francis
David Francis پیش روز
High Snob
High Snob پیش 2 روز
ONE CHIP. ONE. I never seen a team get interviewed so much about one ring. If you didn't know better you'd think they were a dynasty. S**t is ridiculous.
Dre Day
Dre Day پیش 2 روز
@High Snob right! People forget about Mavs as well that they were also put together. They just won so late thats why people don’t consider this team a supertram
High Snob
High Snob پیش 2 روز
@Dre Day That team is equal to the Dallas Mavs. ONE CHIP. Only difference is I never see anyone from that Dallas team interviewed.
Dre Day
Dre Day پیش 2 روز
Right. Boston Celtics fans are annoying
J R پیش 4 روز
I met Rondo last summer at Knott's berry farm, he's a really good dude
Marcus Watson
Marcus Watson پیش 8 روز
0:58 lol whose got shorts down to thier ankles like that?😂 top right corner has me laughing idk why
Dre Day
Dre Day پیش 2 روز
Lol i think its the angle but damn
Timothy Marks
Timothy Marks پیش 8 روز
Love Rondo giving respects to the Boston fans... a real pro TITLE TOWN!!
Josh Mowbray
Josh Mowbray پیش 2 روز
You guys sure know how to milk one chip lol
Malazan پیش 16 روز
It weren't a big 4 lol
Ananda Tippin
Ananda Tippin پیش 7 روز
Skrewface303 پیش 13 روز
All hall of famers
New Age Mob
New Age Mob پیش 17 روز
This was a great team I thought they’d win more tbh
John Kavanagh
John Kavanagh پیش 3 روز
Facts a great team but the way some talk about that team and they way the feel ,you would think they at least went back to back
Tucker Tuenge
Tucker Tuenge پیش 17 روز
Hahaha...... My mom just made that shot up..... Hahahaha...... Bahahahaha... Homeboy a wizard and shame on Boston for not keeping him for life..... Shame on the Lakers for letting him go cause he’s the reason they won the chip... Wizards are rare as F.... Playoff Rondo
Stackthatcheeze32 پیش 18 روز
You can tell rondo really respect those dudes
BakaDaGoat پیش 18 روز
Still got whooped by lebron and Kobe
Hakeem پیش 18 روز
no mention of ray allen at all.
Dre Day
Dre Day پیش 2 روز
Still salty
The One Who Is Better Than You
The One Who Is Better Than You پیش 18 روز
Nah son it was a *BIG 3* (sorry Rondo) back then.
Dre Day
Dre Day پیش 2 روز
Rondo became Rondo after 2010
HH پیش 18 روز
Man this is why I love Chris Paul #PointGod
Sowumi Meheux
Sowumi Meheux پیش 9 روز
You wrong for that😂🤣
NvchoBadass پیش 18 روز
Freed by Yeshua
Freed by Yeshua پیش 18 روز
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Que Hussle
Que Hussle پیش 18 روز
Man get Tim duncan
Manny Nevarez
Manny Nevarez پیش 19 روز
Big 4? When they won that chip Rindo wasn’t doing 💩 he shouldn’t have even got the minutes he got. 32 mpg 10/6 and efficiency was 💩
Skrewface303 پیش 13 روز
He was nice in 2010 , I wish they won that year
Trio Pharaoh
Trio Pharaoh پیش 19 روز
Let’s talk about how Rondo was mad at Allen for going to hoop with bron to win a chip ... then he went and did the same thing.
Trio Pharaoh
Trio Pharaoh پیش 15 روز
@6th Raikage Mike we jus got two different mindsets and definition of loyalty, Me, I’m not teaming up with my rival PERIOD! Me, I’m not gonna b mad at my guy for going to hoop with my rival, then years later I hoop with that Man. Nah. It ain’t about being on his way out. When u on yo way out, u gotta stay true to self, but if u switch morals to extend yo career in any field, u fake.
6th Raikage Mike
6th Raikage Mike پیش 16 روز
Trio Pharaoh ... uhhhh Yeah.. Like I said you gotta hop off LeBron. It was a rivalry AT THAT TIME. Why he prideful and bitter when an opportunity to redeem yourself as a player is there.... You gotta remember that Rondo was on his way out.
Trio Pharaoh
Trio Pharaoh پیش 18 روز
@6th Raikage Mike so u saying, if you lost the championship to your rival team. 6 years later you would b happy to hoop with the leader of the team that you rivaled, as long as you both are with a new team?
6th Raikage Mike
6th Raikage Mike پیش 18 روز
The One Who Is Better Than You ... Then you misunderstood the explanation. It’s not about “going to hoop with Bron”.... It’s about a rivalry. Was Rondo in a brotherhood with the last team he was on and were they in an on going rivalry with a championship team? Gotta hoop off LeBron to fully understand what I’m saying...... KD did what Ray Allen did not Rondo.
The One Who Is Better Than You
The One Who Is Better Than You پیش 18 روز
@6th Raikage Mike I feel you and despite that explanation he did the SAME thing.
Self Made
Self Made پیش 19 روز
Rob Paradiso
Rob Paradiso پیش 19 روز
Jack yall gotta put Manu Ginobli on here
Swag that cool Step Daddy
Swag that cool Step Daddy پیش 14 روز
@Rob Paradiso look up Stephen Jackson loses respect for tony Parker . Should include ginobli as well since they both had beef with him. If not that one should be on of the videos under it. Hope that helps.
Rob Paradiso
Rob Paradiso پیش 17 روز
@Swag that cool Step Daddy Damn, which video u think it was?
Swag that cool Step Daddy
Swag that cool Step Daddy پیش 18 روز
Probably still got beef with him so I doubt it. He spoke on another video about ginobli and tony disrespecting him before he was let go by the San Antonio.
Jose Cruzz
Jose Cruzz پیش 19 روز
I wouldn’t say big 4. pierce isn’t really that athletic
Skrewface303 پیش 13 روز
You stupid , pierce was a bucket
AshTan6 پیش 19 روز
"Where did Rajon Rondo come from" "My momma just made that shit up" 🤣
G-Money پیش 42 دقیقه
The “You know what I mean. Shit” under his breath 🤣🤣🤣
Andrew J
Andrew J پیش 19 روز
I got into NBA in 2004, I was 13 and a Paul Pierce fan from day 1. My brother took me to a preseason game when they had Ricky Davis and Gary Payton vs LeBron on the Cavs. 07-08 legit felt like I won a championship
si lewis
si lewis پیش 19 روز
Paul George has left the chat
Amari Jackson
Amari Jackson پیش 19 روز
Rondo is a good guy. Definitely a fan of his.
D V پیش 19 روز
"Momma made that shit up"
5purplecups Hood
5purplecups Hood پیش 19 روز
😂😂 good laugh
Whole Reflections
Whole Reflections پیش 19 روز
Some ppl have that naturally funny emanating from them Rajon seems like it has a serious vibe so it’s funny to hear it’s just nothing basically
You already Know
You already Know پیش 19 روز
“He keeps telling that sorry ass story” LOL
Lester Smith
Lester Smith پیش 19 روز
My favorite rondo memory was him diving on the floor against the magic and hittin that layup shit was turnt
Marly Marl
Marly Marl پیش 19 روز
Rajon 💯💯💯 always has been!
dean jones
dean jones پیش 19 روز
Lmao " My moms made that shit up" striaght up goofy lol
Mohammad Siddig
Mohammad Siddig پیش 17 روز
Matt was too high to get that
You already Know
You already Know پیش 19 روز
“My uncles name is roger” 😂😂😂
matrix2030 morpheus
matrix2030 morpheus پیش 19 روز
they didn't have a "big 4"...rondo was not an all star
The One Who Is Better Than You
The One Who Is Better Than You پیش 18 روز
As the time went on by the time they all were split he was but facts back then it was a Big 3. I fuck with Playoff Rondo but it is what it is.
Rell پیش 19 روز
I remember vividly at first it was the BIG 3 but people started to say BIG 4 because Rondo was playing well.
Big Boy
Big Boy پیش 19 روز
By the 10-12 he was the best player on the team.
si lewis
si lewis پیش 19 روز
He made the all star team 4 times straight lol
Nick پیش 19 روز
You can be an all star without being one. He had Allstar level talent.
Danny Paul
Danny Paul پیش 19 روز
Rondo funny af by accident
jbone2345 پیش 19 روز
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