Rajon Rondo Talks Playing W/ Lebron & Winning Title For Kobe | ALL THE SMOKE | Episode Drops Dec. 23

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New Hawks point guard Rajon Rondo opens up to Matt and Stak about what it was like playing with Lebron on the Lakwers and discusses winning the NBA championship for Kobe.
Full episode with Rondo drops December 23rd.
Audio Version: megaphone.link/CAD4954653041
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Supreem Court
Supreem Court پیش 9 روز
Lakers turned Rondo into a 3pt sharp shooter
I'm a be groovin till the world stop movin
I'm a be groovin till the world stop movin پیش 11 روز
I wish rondo would have stayed he was a floor general
Artur Roszczyn
Artur Roszczyn پیش 16 روز
The big 3 in Celtics would never win anything without him! He was, is bigger than the other 3! Love them all, but this dude is legendary!
Still Eye Stand
Still Eye Stand پیش 24 روز
Rondo, "BIGGEST" Lil Man EVER
Harvard Brown
Harvard Brown پیش ماه
Wish they kept rondo
Ommar Valdez
Ommar Valdez پیش ماه
Favorite baller since Boston days . My boy Rondo 💪🏽💪🏽
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick پیش ماه
I used to really like Stacks but he’s such a non-objective Bron hater so often it’s unbearable. I’m not saying this video in particular but in general.
Jordan Orick
Jordan Orick پیش ماه
Do - right up there with Bron and Magic on bball IQ.
D THANG پیش ماه
Rajon Rondo for Louisville Ky Mayor
D's Real Reviews
D's Real Reviews پیش ماه
The clippers could’ve and should’ve shaved a couple million off of way-off P and sign rondo Smdh
NBaBall3r26 پیش ماه
he hated LBJ so much in Boston
Hendrix Is Loading
Hendrix Is Loading پیش ماه
Full Interview????!
Rawlewin Chapman
Rawlewin Chapman پیش ماه
Mad he had to leave...
_ski2live_ پیش ماه
Giving up Rondo was the Lakers one mistake this "off-season". Damn I'm bummed they let go this basketball genius.
SsrHallOfFame پیش ماه
I personally had beef with Rondo in 2k. But I have to admit rondo is a hell of a guy.
Dying Wolve
Dying Wolve پیش ماه
excited for this episode
Phil Langley
Phil Langley پیش ماه
When you are referred to as " Him" ( lebron ) ...you know you are the truth. Much respect to Rondo btw..top 15 all time. Arguably.
Cody Johns
Cody Johns پیش ماه
Rondo the type of guy who you say sucks all year in the regular season and wonder why he is he playing over the more deserving younger guys Then the playoffs come and for those 15-20 mins hes not on the court and the younger guys are struggling rondo checks in cool calm amd collected dropping dimes and making plays
ron waugh
ron waugh پیش ماه
You are awesome Rondo👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👋🏽🙏🏽You did your thing in the playoffs....but I love you even more for honoring the goat-LBJ🙌🏽! May God continue to bless you both & your families🙏🏽
Bottled Water
Bottled Water پیش ماه
Wtf is that mustache
Aj Johnson
Aj Johnson پیش ماه
He is the first and ONLY player to win titles with both the Celtics and the “LOS ANGELES” Lakers AND tied the two franchises with the most rings.. DOPE!! #RonDOPE LOL
Speedy پیش ماه
Man what kind of interview is that, they didn’t ask him the million dollar question. The king or the truth, who he likes playing better with
Rodney Palmer
Rodney Palmer پیش ماه
Rondo is a boss
Mr SS پیش ماه
Big shoulders with a lil smart brain
Jaime Romero
Jaime Romero پیش ماه
Chris Paul is very humble.
MILO ICE پیش ماه
Trae Young’s gonna learn so much this season 😤
Dell پیش ماه
Rondo borderline HOF, kinda like a version of rod strickland
Wendy Taylor-Hill
Wendy Taylor-Hill پیش ماه
Much love for Rondo! He's so cool and calm
Are you not Entertained?
Are you not Entertained? پیش ماه
todays talent mentality dicipline nutrition motivation and everthing is better than the 90s, im born in the late 70s, Ive watched Magic kareem bird in their days, im a magic fan, then watched MJ, b came a fan, then kobe. then Lebron which is For me the best of them all. mastered everything LBJ. I watch basketbakl because of them mans, Kareem, Magic, Jordan, Kobe, LbJ.. theyre the best ever. Theyre my starting 5.
Jordan Pippen
Jordan Pippen پیش ماه
Still till date I still cannot comprehend reasons for the Lakers not resigning Rondo and Howard whom had helped them won this year’s championship.
Marz997 پیش ماه
Mu favorite Celtic of all time. I have mad love for Rondo. Had so much fun watching him during his days with the Celtics.
i6y پیش ماه
3:27 rondo was like what the hell
Ja’Corey Jackson
Ja’Corey Jackson پیش ماه
On god 😂
dominic tran
dominic tran پیش ماه
His gonna be a great coach one day
Joshua پیش ماه
You can see why Kobe respected Rondo. Rip mamba
Heywok پیش ماه
titanic passengers
titanic passengers پیش ماه
his airpods like 50% in his ear
jackson gomez-rose
jackson gomez-rose پیش ماه
ismail khabir
ismail khabir پیش ماه
Wasup wit that mustache tho
bayo daman
bayo daman پیش ماه
damn man Laker Rondo... gonna miss him wishing Rondo nothing but the best!!
jay lebron
jay lebron پیش ماه
Respect but ppl need to stop the bs, they didn't do it for kobe!! That's disrespectful!! Stop using a falling one when they was alive he wasn't cool with you. 💯💯💯Facts!!
smalls IV
smalls IV پیش ماه
There's a scratch on Rondo wall that's driving me crazy lol
Nathan Carreon
Nathan Carreon پیش ماه
That’s a weird angle of rondo. Small head
Alex Yan
Alex Yan پیش ماه
lmao notice how when he talks about the boston 3 greats at 2:25 ish he is interacting with pierce and kg but not with ray
Curtis Bynes,Jr.
Curtis Bynes,Jr. پیش ماه
Rondo is deserving of Star Status! great mind, highly skilled, good Man /does what he can to assist the youth in various communities/ ✊🏽👍🏽
ThirdWheelin پیش ماه
I wanna hear Rondo say Cest la Vie in that fit
Red Exalt
Red Exalt پیش ماه
I remember when everyone was dismissing him when they announced he would start. Dude is a magician.
0.0 پیش ماه
Rajon Rondo was not that good in the bubble, he had literally a couple good plays but Alex Caruso/KCP was more critical to the Lakers championship than Rondo. People lose sight of reality when it boils down to who’s the most valuable after a championship run. People try to say Dwight Howard was the key lol 😂 give me a break, Dwight barely played. Kyle Kuzma was more significant than Dwight lol
Nashwalker7 پیش ماه
Kobe didn’t need anything from rondo. Guy has literally been at least 3rd on the totem pole for every championship he’s won.
Deadboy Zion
Deadboy Zion پیش ماه
He’s so right about making a mistake then coming back 2 times over cause he would literally miss a shot or foul or have a turnover then would come right back with a few buckets a few assist and defense
John Y.
John Y. پیش ماه
Tell Franklin Rondo that we respect him for everything he has done on the court, but respect his children’s books even more.
Eileen Bland
Eileen Bland پیش ماه
RONDO ,I'M STILL MAD that you are not a Laker, your Basketball IQ is off the Chart's, what in the Hell were they thinking. 😩
Besides Kevin Johnson and The glove. This is my favorite point guard.
whoudini08 پیش ماه
Rondo’s my guy, but he stopped talking to Ray because he went to play with Bron 🥴😅
Magic's Burner
Magic's Burner پیش ماه
Watch this if you are a smoove fan irpost.info/face/fy-lm-h-y/zGjYxLOay53Uroc.html
IKillForFun216 پیش ماه
I miss Kobe’s mindset, knowledge, advice, mentality, and him walking into places getting a standing ovation 😔💜💛
Charles Smith
Charles Smith پیش ماه
Dec 23 to far I need this now Especially being a big Celtics n rondo fan❗️
bluezune1 پیش ماه
Man ima really miss rondo with the lakers smh but I’m really excited for this new look we got Goodluck rondo, and Thankyou 🙏🏾
Suburban Zen
Suburban Zen پیش ماه
Super suit lol
Youtube Watcher
Youtube Watcher پیش ماه
Damn right you are, fuck Skip and all the nay-sayers saying that is an anterisk championship
Маргулан Ахметкали
Маргулан Ахметкали پیش ماه
william tricarico
william tricarico پیش ماه
This is the first player in the history of the league, from the time both teams became rivals of each other, to win a 'chip with both franchises. I gotta be honest, I was born and raised here in LA, a Lakers And Every Other team here. Loyal unconditionally as if it's a family member. Saw my first Laker game in the '72 Season, as a 9 year old. Played sports from early childhood and all. Played 4 sports in high school and college(Football, basketball, Volleyball, track, last 2 Concurrently in spring. I hated Rondo. Great Respect for KG. Always wanted him here. Always wanted The Truth here. He from here. Ray Allen, couldn't really stand him, but Respect Game. Last few years, leading up to him coming here, Rondo has really changed in my opinion and I was so happy that we got him. I was so bummed when we didn't get KG, we could've had a few more championships and him personally would've had more than one. Yes that Celtics team was an all time great. KG and PP, would've been better here. The Lakers are going to miss him tremendously, especially Bron! But it's a business. Nothing but love to Rondo, might not have gotten 17, ironically tying his former franchises number, without him.
Dane Koussidi
Dane Koussidi پیش ماه
I love Rando very humble guy my mind changes completely on Rando
MsImperfectDiva پیش ماه
I can't wait for this episode
Sarkis Aleksanian
Sarkis Aleksanian پیش ماه
Nothing but respect for Rondo. The dude came in, got the job done and left. It was sad to see him go, but I'm happy he's getting paid.
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams پیش ماه
Feb 1 you get yo ring mh boii yessir lakers vs hawks Feb 1, on my moms bday
lakeruci پیش ماه
What a hell of a career he has had winning chips for both Celtics and lakers and actually having vital parts in both
peter paul
peter paul پیش ماه
Don't know it's the lighting but the moustache is tripping me out
Alan Mendoza
Alan Mendoza پیش ماه
Glad y'all finally brought Chris Paul on the show!!
M پیش ماه
Would love to see you come back and coach the Lakers in near future.
KEVO پیش ماه
Rondo is definitely in my opinion one of the toughest point guards to play the game!! This man freakishly bent his elbow in the opposite direction playing a playoff game against the Heat years ago when he was still playing for Boston. This man left but came back to finish playing the game with one arm the rest of the way!! Mad respect for Rondo!!
Kulot nub
Kulot nub پیش ماه
Rajon my 2nd fav nba player next to Kobe.
be witness
be witness پیش ماه
The next time Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce says something slick I would be like, Ray Allen and Rondo played all those years with you but they won just as many rings playing with me in less time.
Last Ronin
Last Ronin پیش ماه
Why he aint stay???
Javier Catus
Javier Catus پیش ماه
True Champ! Playoff rondo
StopbeingabitchAndcomeon Stopbeingabitchandcomone
StopbeingabitchAndcomeon Stopbeingabitchandcomone پیش ماه
I’m just happy he didn’t go to the Clippers!
Clint Bapst
Clint Bapst پیش ماه
3:53 Drool lol
Obitrice For life
Obitrice For life پیش ماه
I started watching Lakers in the finals not just because of Bron but this dude.
matthew stanley
matthew stanley پیش ماه
Can u get all the ball bros?
Carefreeblues پیش ماه
I'm the best player on the court, even when he is on the court. That mindset is so important in any career, the confidence and drive to be the best even in the presence of someone who objectively is far more competent than you are. The downside is there are folks with this mindset without the drive and discipline, those are the chads of the world.
Paul Bickerson
Paul Bickerson پیش ماه
Horriable camera angel for Rando... looks like stretch Armstrong
Adam Medeiros
Adam Medeiros پیش ماه
I love Kobe even as a Celtics fan he will always be my favorite player of all time. I’m glad they won 2020 for him..RIP to my idol Kobe Bean Bryant.
Adam Medeiros
Adam Medeiros پیش ماه
Also just wanted to say Rondo is a straight baller idc what nobody say!
Shootin In The Gym
Shootin In The Gym پیش ماه
He won them the championship
Carlo Gambino
Carlo Gambino پیش ماه
Paul pierce somewhere fightin The Air
Simone Derret
Simone Derret پیش ماه
He doesn’t like the name “Playoff Rondo”
Amari Jackson
Amari Jackson پیش ماه
Love me some Rondo, former Kentucky Wildcat.
Leo Dunson
Leo Dunson پیش ماه
I still think Lakers made a mistake not bringing him back. Playoff Rondo is a Monster
Cream Pie Master
Cream Pie Master پیش ماه
They really couldn’t afford him tbh
X Xmillio
X Xmillio پیش ماه
ALF Nation
ALF Nation پیش ماه
Gold star.....nah.....every team went through the same thing......doesnt need an asterisk though
1st flicks
1st flicks پیش ماه
Maaan. Rondo, Shaq, Kg, Bron, d rose, Dray, Splash bro, Kd all time favorite players
9 17
9 17 پیش ماه
Got a ring with celtics & lakers 🔥
RHYS DIORR پیش ماه
Rcl پیش ماه
I can see how it can get annoying for teammates having to answer so many questions about Lebron. Stephen a clown too
Holiday Doc
Holiday Doc پیش ماه
freerider37 پیش ماه
Okay so why does SJ call him "Kang" not King?
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez پیش ماه
I hope Rondo coaches
Michael Scarn
Michael Scarn پیش ماه
I am a big lebron fan since day 1, I grew up watching him I think he’s the goat but it really suck when rondo left lakers my heart is heavy, tbh no matter how good of a passer and ball handler lebron is I’m more comfortable with rondo orchestrating he made it look real easy especially his connection with AD but it is what it is THANK YOU RONDO you’re a real point guard and one of the smartest player ever!!!
Anti Venom
Anti Venom پیش ماه
It is a gold star they just saying it’s a asterisk because of who won it let’s just speak facts please people
Wendell Glo
Wendell Glo پیش ماه
Goat James
Mr. Burgess
Mr. Burgess پیش ماه
Anthony Gucci
Anthony Gucci پیش ماه
Idk why but rondo reminds me of the guy who shot Ricky in the alleyway lol
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