Paul George Opens Up About Last Season's Clippers Struggles | ALL THE SMOKE | Episode Drops Dec. 10

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Clipper Star Paul George opens up to Matt and Stephen about the Clipper's tumultuous 2019-2020 season, including chemistry issues and a tough loss to Denver in the playoff's.
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Jimmy Chillis
Jimmy Chillis پیش 21 روز
None of it matters 2020 has an asterisk, so he did not really hit the side of the backboard.
MICHAEL COOKS پیش 25 روز
PG got stop blaming everybody take Accountability need take leadership own up to his mistakes till he do this stuff Clippers not Championships
Steve Kay
Steve Kay پیش ماه
I heard PG was complaining that the preseason loses were a direct result of the location of his locker that Lue suggested he use. Last year he was at Ibakas spot and this year he is at shamets. I mean he can use that locker, but it’s not his natural location that he’s used too!
Thomas Gard
Thomas Gard پیش ماه
It IS fun to throw shade at PG, and clearly there are lots of you in the thread that enjoy a bit of fun, especially when it can be had so easily/lazily at the expense of the low-hanging fruit that is Paul George. But let's be real. Doc Rivers is just about the most under-achieving coach in the NBA. When you've got the most talent, a GOOD coach wins. Doc, meanwhile, always finds a way to lose. He doesn't game-plan. He almost never adjusts. And, while the players on the floor are ultimately what matters most, he is regularly out-coached by his opponents. We gonna pretend that's not true (outside of one year with the Celtics when he had what could turn out to be 4 Hall-of-Famers in his starting lineup)?
Domo پیش ماه
Let's be real here pg cheated on doc rivers daughter so you know there was some awkward Ness and animosity between those 2
Stanley Hudson
Stanley Hudson پیش ماه
🔴 What a puss, not a leader
itzSpankins پیش ماه
Love how he’s says the chemistry was off cuz he missed summer pre-szn cuz of his shoulder, then says that they just never practiced all year too like bruh
Charles James
Charles James پیش ماه
“I have the same trainer i had as my mvp season I’m on motherfuckers asses”-Paul George on this upcoming season
Albert Aguilar
Albert Aguilar پیش ماه
Matt Barnes gon protect Pg cuz he also blew a 3-1 so he knows what excuses to use best.
Mighty Mike
Mighty Mike پیش ماه
"Child please"
Darion Henry
Darion Henry پیش ماه
Where’s the show?
Darion Henry
Darion Henry پیش ماه
Bruh it’s the 10th
ARSALAN49 پیش ماه
Where can I find the full interview?
Tone Themelodymann
Tone Themelodymann پیش ماه
Matt Barnes always sniff after he curse lol!
Mac Sosa
Mac Sosa پیش ماه
No accountability Him in kwhai will not win together if harden goes to the best giannias will go play with bron in ad
Young Satch
Young Satch پیش ماه
He don’t sound like it’s not sincere. I just wish he would be quiet for a bit tho
D. A. B.
D. A. B. پیش ماه
Anybody know where to find this full interview, it's episode 60 .. I can't find this ish anywhere
George Fritz
George Fritz پیش ماه
Guess he forgot they had the lead in those games they lost. Guess they needed to work on how not to blow a lead in a game.
Derron Geddes
Derron Geddes پیش ماه
Used to love PG13. But recent season showed me he didn't want it enough and didn't hold himself or Kawhi accountable for their shortcomings in the Playoffs. The lack of chemistry and play between them was a difference maker in the playoffs, as well as having NO FLOOR GENERAL. PG needs to take his head out the clouds, play less video games and focus a little less on his stripper/gold digger of a Fiance and play the game we know that he's capable of.
Henry Gucci
Henry Gucci پیش ماه
This dude is wild with all these excuses. He’s never winning a ring as a # 1 option, # 2 option, or even a # 3 option, he’ll probably win at the end of his career on a super team as a bench player.
Curious Pug
Curious Pug پیش ماه
He just an egotistical piece of garbo He never want to take the blame, be accountable and like to blame others for what he messed up. Lost all the respect for him Screw PG13% a.k.a pandemic P tbh man.. Smh.. 🤦‍♂️
My Way
My Way پیش ماه
Fuck no players play
My Way
My Way پیش ماه
He has to hoop or his ass is grass he won't retire a clipper if he's mediocre he's going to take off like Eddie Jones
Ednuel Catalla
Ednuel Catalla پیش ماه
Is this on the podcast app?
Ghh پیش ماه
Naw, they're not releasing it right now because the media will tear him up.
mike f
mike f پیش ماه
He’s just not an alpha
Miles پیش ماه
Why’s he dressed like Thing 2?
imahelpfulperson پیش ماه
Imma call him Porter Potty P!
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss پیش ماه
Didn't he get the "star treatment"?? He could have just told Doc to change the plays, no?
Omar Adames
Omar Adames پیش ماه
People just bunch of haters PG ain’t said nothing wrong, comeback gon be real 🦾🦾
Al پیش ماه
Excuses nigga, just make sure we don’t see pandemic p next playoffs 🤦🏾‍♂️
Pat پیش ماه
Chemistry is the reason they blew double digit leads every game 3-1 up
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss پیش ماه
Very good😂😍
E Sia
E Sia پیش ماه
Its all the coachs fault that PG hit the backboard and bricked all of his wide open shots.....
E R پیش ماه
George Paul chokes in every big game.
Tyrese Crockett
Tyrese Crockett پیش ماه
Get this man off my team
G Kay
G Kay پیش ماه
Pandemic Pee. Aka. way off P. Stop making excuses! 👺🤦‍♂️
JFuentez پیش ماه
Look at PG man, so inspirational, he's the GOAT
Stephen Henriquez
Stephen Henriquez پیش ماه
He’s just coming up with excuses. What was the reason he choked and sucked the last 2 years I’m the playoffs? Lol
Bedbugs پیش ماه
Mannnnn gtfoh with that "I aint workout in the summer" bullshit. That excuse works for most seasons but this season there was pretty much an entire offseason between the restart and the other part of the season.
efren perez
efren perez پیش ماه
I’m surprised no ones questioned where the whole interview
Darth Yoda
Darth Yoda پیش ماه
PG did fold but Doc ruined Lob City’s chemistry in the past; if you’ve ever had a bad coach you’ll understand the frustration as a player
miko foin
miko foin پیش ماه
The comments section in this one gon be a barbeque
Octanes M4
Octanes M4 پیش ماه
Is this just a clip? Where’s the full podcast
Keese Recovery
Keese Recovery پیش ماه
Where the full episode???
Ronnell Alexander
Ronnell Alexander پیش ماه
Imma give PG a chance. He’s a hell of a athlete and basketball player. He came back from the nastiest injury. Also he’s 100 percent healthy. So let’s get it. I’m a huge PG fan. I wish him nothing but the best this year.
Ronnell Alexander
Ronnell Alexander پیش ماه
@miko foin excuse me?
miko foin
miko foin پیش ماه
Bruh stfu
Byron Blue
Byron Blue پیش ماه
Bruh, PG played horrible, but Coach Doc Rivers put him in position to play horrible. Simple Periodt!
Rado Dimitrov
Rado Dimitrov پیش ماه
You didn’t practice cuz you and Kawhi was constantly taking days off.
yo mama
yo mama پیش ماه
Let me prefix this by saying I’m a lakers fan and by no means a Paul George apologist but, he is a great player. A lot of the things he mentioned were valid reasons why the clippers didn’t meet expectations. Tbh I think most of the blame goes to Doc. He just isn’t a good coach imo. Blew 3! 3-1 leads?? That’s absurd. Even in Boston he had a stacked team and ran his vets into the ground. With CP and blake? That team was hella talented yet, they made no adjustments and choked. Doc didn’t put Pg in a position to succeed. PG is an all around player and idk what yall smokin but, id love to have him on my team. I think he got a real bad rep this year and is an easy scapegoat. With that said tho, bron bron boutta get his 5th ring this year 💪
ryan knight
ryan knight پیش ماه
Veon Noire
Veon Noire پیش ماه
Was the full video deleted???i cant find it somehow
Hall Cooper
Hall Cooper پیش ماه
You know it’s funny. Donovan Mitchell also blew a 3-1 lead. He didn’t throw anyone under the bus. He could’ve thrown someone under the bus. He carried the jazz. He didn’t. He didn’t make any excuses. And Paul George after one of the worse playoff performances he comes up with excuses and throws his old coach under the bus. Lost a lot of respect for Paul George.
Nosrati پیش ماه
Christopher Mauro-Barias
Christopher Mauro-Barias پیش ماه
what a joke.. he makes it seem like other teams didnt have to overcome what clippers went through in the bubble. they were just soft mentally.
Count Blacula
Count Blacula پیش ماه
All it was, was a 5 minute interview? Smh
S پیش ماه
0:44: Kobe did that everyday stfu
Brandon B
Brandon B پیش ماه
I agree with what he’s saying. But he needs to take accountability for playing like shit in the playoffs too.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov پیش ماه
Fire 🔥
Khadim Sabara
Khadim Sabara پیش ماه
PG is funny 😂 you didn't play good, you were very awful and you trying to blame Doc 🤦🏾‍♂️🤨 STOP 🛑 excuses please !!!
The Ant Gamer
The Ant Gamer پیش ماه
In my 2k he got traded to the Kings 😭😭. Given recent events I would not be surprised if he ends up there
Sam-Dony Ingabire
Sam-Dony Ingabire پیش ماه
Bruh stfu
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov پیش ماه
I can't wait for them to lose again in the playoffs and Doc tweeting "Who's he gonna blame this time"
Jayp Jayp
Jayp Jayp پیش ماه
PG excuses is what every team went through during the bubble... You played like doodoo... simple as that 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Jason پیش ماه
Malcolm Luther King
Malcolm Luther King پیش ماه
He should for real just not talk and say whatever it is he has to tell us with his play on the court. Trying to cape in interviews just gon make it worse 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Trellthephotographer📸 پیش ماه
Why p talking? He might not even be their next season 👀
Jaden B
Jaden B پیش ماه
None Of The Smoke
Showtime Sports Media
Showtime Sports Media پیش ماه
This nigga Matt talking about When was the last time the clippers was favored for a championship? Uhhh like for 3 years with CP3 and Blake when all y’all was on the team 🥴 you might’ve forgotten, but we didn’t. Every year it was ok this the clippers year. And if it wasn’t y’all it was San Antonio or OKC & then the warriors start winning so it was them.😂😂
O پیش ماه
it was personal .. PG, Doc and how Doc's daughter was treated by PG
Juantez Colvin
Juantez Colvin پیش ماه
Betta come MVP season next year .
Kyle Edwin
Kyle Edwin پیش ماه
Where Stak get that sweatsuit
Derek Pittman
Derek Pittman پیش ماه
What would Jordan say
The MVP Podcast
The MVP Podcast پیش ماه
I am so disappointed with this episode. There were so many holes in PGs arguments that a casual NBA fan could've challenged him more.
Monquise Reynolds
Monquise Reynolds پیش ماه
Henry Ortiz
Henry Ortiz پیش ماه
I can't wait for them to lose again in the playoffs and Doc tweeting "Who's he gonna blame this time"
Sunny Darko
Sunny Darko پیش ماه
Boris The B1ad3 X
Boris The B1ad3 X پیش ماه
PG is one of my favourite players since his battes with bron but I'm getting tired of his excuses
alida flus
alida flus پیش ماه
The comments section in this one gon be a barbeque
philly 1971
philly 1971 پیش ماه
Wish you guys would stop BS-n and get LeBron on.
H پیش ماه
Now that I see the video, people lowkey took his words out of context. But he's still wrong for not taking more responsibility.
Yahya Khan
Yahya Khan پیش ماه
Is there a full podcast with him? Did they release it yet
alida flus
alida flus پیش ماه
whats up with that hat
Lance Liverpool
Lance Liverpool پیش ماه
Did they delete the full episode???
Wesley Goree
Wesley Goree پیش ماه
Where’s the full episode?
William Burney
William Burney پیش ماه
This video was sponsored by preparation H, which is perfect because PG was ass last season
William Wise
William Wise پیش ماه
Smoke Free with Matt B. New episodes coming soon 🙄
Andy Bouffard
Andy Bouffard پیش ماه
Man for some reason I read the title as Kawhi instead of PG and got all excited...that was disappointing
walter rushing
walter rushing پیش ماه
Pain پیش ماه
Y’all blowing this shit wayyyyy out of proportion lol “I felt like Doc played me like this, and I’d prefer to play like this”, that was it lol
Jacq Skelington
Jacq Skelington پیش ماه
How can yall say that the seasons already over for everyone else than get mad when coach is like y'all got this end their season like you said you would
Mastery Studios
Mastery Studios پیش ماه
This is not as controversial as the media machine hyped it to be 😑
SuperKasaan پیش ماه
He definitely gon choke again. That boy ain’t did no self analysis
D's Real Reviews
D's Real Reviews پیش ماه
love matt and stack especially how they support so many players but damn how could they even agree with any of that BULLSH*T Way-Off P was dishing
jalenfrommiramar پیش ماه
All type of excuses
Di_ پیش ماه
So full interview hasn't posted yet? Why throw this out there?
Miguel Mendez
Miguel Mendez پیش ماه
This dude really really threw Doc Rivers under the mf bus yo 😂🤣 that shit was weak 💯
exodus پیش ماه
whats up with that hat
D-Billz پیش ماه
After analyzing the clippers, I have to agree with him a lil bit but still.... come on bruh
David Riley
David Riley پیش ماه
This platform is not for Matt & Stakk to call people out. They're simply opening the floor for people to tell their side of the story so the media doesn't control the narrative. They're job is to ask questions and let people tell their story. If they start acting like journalist and interviewers then people wouldn't come on the show. Plus neither of them are close enough with PG to call him out like that. Plus tbh they didn't need to cuz we can all clearly see this man for who he is...
K B پیش ماه
Dont make excuses pandemic p you were hitting the back side of the back board with wide open shots
Broly پیش ماه
wayoff P back wit another one
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson پیش ماه
Sharod Jones
Sharod Jones پیش ماه
Paul George my favorite player in the nba rn get it right bro
Aldo The Raider
Aldo The Raider پیش ماه
Just seeing this little part of the interview I just know the Clippers are in trouble
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