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Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George joins Matt and Stak on Episode 60 of All The Smoke. George opens up about the tough 2019-2020 season for the team, including the heartbreaking loss to the Nuggets in the playoffs and some team chemistry issues. Plus, the former Pacer shares stories about his time in Indy and the disconnect that led to his departure.
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SHOWTIME Basketball
SHOWTIME Basketball پیش ماه
4:10 - Clippers Bubble Experience 6:25 - 2019-2020 Clippers struggles/2021 season lookahead/new coach 9:30 - Nuggets loss 17:05 - Kobe stories & Laker Fandom 22:18 - College career & getting drafted 24:28 - Pacer’s Run/Missing out on AD 32:02 - Welcome to NBA moment 39:22 - Leg Injury/trade to OKC/Relationship with Russ 53:25 - Trade to Clippers
Will Seest
Will Seest پیش ماه
I dont wanna hear the excuses. The clippers had double digit leads in all three close out games and they didnt get it done. They just aint winners
dearshomy پیش ماه
Thank you very much for the timestamps. Please never stop doing this.
J .L
J .L پیش ماه
@Brayden Cobb lol word bro. Well like doc said TyLue was sitting right there next to him so ain’t much changed lol guess he saw something and kept it a secret from doc 😂 and now he’ll have it all figured out huh? Lol pg13 a joke bro. He a regular season player
Brayden Cobb
Brayden Cobb پیش ماه
@J .L i didn’t think they would be as good as everybody made them out to be but i didn’t think they’d choke a 3-1 lead. i understand what ur saying about him making excuses i was protesting about him throwing doc under the bus. that didn’t make sense to me
J .L
J .L پیش ماه
@Brayden Cobb and the stats show that he had the ball in his hands this year more times than he ever did any other time in his career! He just makin excuses bro, I’d have much more respect to him if he just admitted they choked and that the pressure of expectation got the best of him Nd he couldn’t buy a bucket thereafter
Samuel Vazquez
Samuel Vazquez پیش 4 روز
This dudes crack me up selling ball trimmers lol
Midny پیش 4 روز
14:30 Paul George: There were nights post-stroke where I would lay next to my moms. But yeah it was sad seeing my moms incapable of moving and talking . . . *2 seconds later* Matt: *Jack, there's **_nothing worse than_** when you nick your BaIIs with your Clippers . . .* Pffs . . . man . . . *that sh@t is the worse . . .*
3minecraft 32
3minecraft 32 پیش 4 روز
James Lee
James Lee پیش 5 روز
Hey Bros can yall get C.Webb on podcast a dope b ball mind
Huff G
Huff G پیش 9 روز
Derrick rose or meek
Mark Jennings
Mark Jennings پیش 10 روز
That man scape ad was pure gold 💯🤣
Aaron B
Aaron B پیش 10 روز
Deji Onitiri
Deji Onitiri پیش 11 روز
What a chill and nice guy man
jared preble
jared preble پیش 12 روز
I get he makes excuses but PG is an all star and a good dude. Don’t stop memein him but everyone should know he’s a 10/10 dude
Aron Mitsunaga
Aron Mitsunaga پیش 12 روز
that Death Row gear tho...
tėe black
tėe black پیش 13 روز
Peter Claver-obinna
Peter Claver-obinna پیش 14 روز
man what the hell us up with the MANSCAPE AD 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Makenzi Isaiah
Makenzi Isaiah پیش 15 روز
Bring in khlay Thompson
Leonard Patterson
Leonard Patterson پیش 15 روز
The blushing manicure early entertain because rain bioinformatically fold pace a half sphynx. flawless, wicked patio
Nerveroxis پیش 16 روز
This a guy that has all the talent but lack the mamba mentality. Just doesn't have the alpha gene and is not a leader which is ok as long as you don't pretend you are. Gotta have one of your best players be a leader and Clippers did not have that. Lakers and Heat did.
Carl Smallacombe
Carl Smallacombe پیش 16 روز
Get Spree and Marbury on here. Ask them what inspired them to eat petroleum jelly and to choke mofos.
Obi Wan
Obi Wan پیش 18 روز
Can we please get the screens back from the bubble these games and arenas look WHACK...We NEED to put the pressure on president joe biden for executive action on student loan forgiveness on day one. As the law allows.
Milky TV
Milky TV پیش 19 روز
PG would be nothing without Indiana
Halie Tucci
Halie Tucci پیش 20 روز
Wilfredo Tuzon
Wilfredo Tuzon پیش 21 روز
That leg story man 😔 daaamn i felt that
Travis Ghost
Travis Ghost پیش 22 روز
007 goldeneye raised a generation of gamers it’s the one game all gamers played and loved
Travis Ghost
Travis Ghost پیش 22 روز
Hearing him talk and tell his side I understand
Playboichris پیش 22 روز
If chris Paul is hof than Paul George is hof
Diondre Winfield
Diondre Winfield پیش 22 روز
Bruh the manscaped lmao
D Heath
D Heath پیش 23 روز
“Manscaped” trolled 2 of the most legendary tough guys in the league’s recent history. 😂
Marjorie Rice
Marjorie Rice پیش 23 روز
The various entrance intermittently concern because consonant ultimately ban out a thick argument. dazzling, eager clam
Travonte Sellars
Travonte Sellars پیش 24 روز
went frm play-off P to pandemic p
Mathew Garcia
Mathew Garcia پیش 24 روز
I love Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson they both some real ass niggas
Leslia12 Ownersa21
Leslia12 Ownersa21 پیش 24 روز
The tall uncle proximally snow because digital intralysosomally knock upon a brave semicolon. idiotic, fuzzy digestion
YvngGoat پیش 24 روز
17:37 “I grew up a Clippers fan” - Paul George
Ron Forsh
Ron Forsh پیش 24 روز
Anybody here after that 51-point dispatch by the Mavs? PAUL GEORGE IS FULL OF EXCUSES.
krzysiek liko
krzysiek liko پیش 25 روز
Sir JuJu
Sir JuJu پیش 25 روز
These cats were insolated but still they were free and making millions. Cats that are incarcerated for absolutely nothing have to be feeling like ending it all by taking themselves out. The Bubble was a great idea but some of these dudes were suffering from missing their family and loved one's. Let's see how it is during the playoffs if the bubble comes into effect or not.
Patrick Mata
Patrick Mata پیش 25 روز
he did all this talking just to be blown by LUKA and the mavs today
Michael O
Michael O پیش 26 روز
So you and Kawhi are cool like that? He family! THEN WHY THE FUCK HASNT HE BEEN ON THE SHOW YET?! 😭😭
Zachary Shamblott
Zachary Shamblott پیش 28 روز
"my mvp year" you never won an mvp
David Mejia
David Mejia پیش 28 روز
Mad excuses from this guy
David Mejia
David Mejia پیش 28 روز
Nah it’s Thanksgiving!
ilockin پیش 29 روز
Raul Ochoa
Raul Ochoa پیش 29 روز
I’ve never heard so many excuses on why you didn’t perform ?
Macho F
Macho F پیش ماه
14:40 for the manscape ad 😭 They're out of bounds with that.
Stanley Farmer
Stanley Farmer پیش ماه
Get AD Lebron Javale Dwight Carmelo Dame Dollah Amare Stoudemire All them Guys in there
bambam704 Lynch
bambam704 Lynch پیش ماه
Love seeing y’all on clubhouse app everyone shoot me a follow on clubhouse @bambamlynch
Jimmy Lim
Jimmy Lim پیش ماه
Ya all need to get Kenyon Martin on All the Smoke and Chris "Birdman" Andersen.
dtdtdtdtification پیش ماه
PG full of shit lol. dude ain't never happy.
Tydied. پیش ماه
Get LANCE !!!!
deandre colding
deandre colding پیش ماه
I love y'all show so much but this gotta be the worst episode
Hasan Hybrid
Hasan Hybrid پیش ماه
The manscaped ad was the funniest shit ever
Locked In
Locked In پیش ماه
Bron probably had a penthouse with a full balcony in the Bubble 🤣 clippers got played
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi پیش ماه
The didactic pheasant scientifically crawl because mall modestly touch excluding a foamy guide. dispensable, garrulous surgeon
Leon Le'Metti
Leon Le'Metti پیش ماه
I’m going Marvin haggler I’m taking it all off YOOO CAPTAIN JACK is the fucking laughs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀
Victor Benveniste
Victor Benveniste پیش ماه
He’s just setting up every conversation for an excuse.
Fear x God
Fear x God پیش ماه
Bra why Matt Barnes Look Like Nip Fr And Nip Look Like Snoopdogg Thats Crazy
Denise پیش ماه
REALLY?? Manscape with the LED light. OMG!
Vandelay Industries
Vandelay Industries پیش ماه
“I like to leave a nice little thin good looking hair strip up there. But I gotta make sure I get the sides and the balls good.” “Im going clean off, all the way.”
andrewwfgsantos23 پیش ماه
How long would that last, playing for your home team...he said 3 weeks! 🤣😂😂
loudblazer پیش ماه
1:06:52 MVP Season? If that's the case Lebron has had 16 MVP seasons lol
Jay Holman
Jay Holman پیش ماه
So why didn’t you guard Luka?? Especially since you was having a off series on the offensive end?
Nữa, nữa đi ,mạnh lên nào
Nữa, nữa đi ,mạnh lên nào پیش ماه
The necessary pants adversely skip because biology neurally suit during a inexpensive conga. moldy, angry day
Kp S
Kp S پیش ماه
P.g. seems like a good guy.
Steve Kay
Steve Kay پیش ماه
I heard PG was complaining that the preseason loses were a direct result of the location of his locker that Lue suggested he use. Last year he was at Ibakas spot and this year he is at shamets. I mean he can use that locker, but it’s not his natural location that he’s used too!
Memoirs Of A Legend
Memoirs Of A Legend پیش ماه
😂😂😂😂😂 my nigga said Teen Wolf
Memoirs Of A Legend
Memoirs Of A Legend پیش ماه
Yooooooo Matt you a fool for that commercial intro 😂 Manscape
Jerry Alexander
Jerry Alexander پیش ماه
Waiting on them to have Derek Fisher on the show.. 😂
Travis Gardner
Travis Gardner پیش ماه
😂😂😂 u wild for that g
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell پیش ماه
They gotta get marshawn lynch on the show
Lee Nagbe
Lee Nagbe پیش ماه
He said so much important things but the media only repeat what he said about doc wow I'm getting really tired of the media doing a horrible job at reporting it's as if they don't even watch these interviews the just get an agenda from fox or ESPN and they run with it shame on undisputed and first take.
Lbox316 پیش ماه
“Not a bush that can’t get through” 😭😭😭😭
Notorious Spartan
Notorious Spartan پیش ماه
He will never win a chip, he hasn't got the killer instinct, too many excuses. Very talented though
Ralo Mottz
Ralo Mottz پیش ماه
Hearing Stak say "baw haiyuh trimmuh" was the laugh I didn't know I needed 😂
Mr. Anderson - Catholic professional monster hunter
Mr. Anderson - Catholic professional monster hunter پیش ماه
I love the fact PG said he had his house was decked out with lakers stuff but then you look at his face and realizes he fucked up and says that was because his grandma was a big lakers fan lmao
Breathe721 پیش ماه
He said Jim O’Brien seem like a wanker. 😭
RaeBordz27 پیش ماه
Used to be a HUGE fan of PG when he was in Indy back in the day, I loved his game and his competitiveness resembles or reminded me of Kobe. Then the worst injury in the NBA happened to him and that really broked my heart. When he came back his still really good but he wasnt athletic as he used to and he focuses more on his shooting game but i still loved him. Then when he said he wanted out of Indy and wanted to go to the Lakers i really screamed and overjoyed by it because Kobe was already retired and the Lakers are looking for a player that can really maintain the franchise legacy and PG was the perfect guy for it. But crap happened and iirc Indy didnt want PG to go to the Lakers and they traded him to Thunder. And i was like "Alright that's ok he will be just a rental there and once he hit free agency he will sign to the Lakers" but im still concern that if things go really well with the Thunder he might stay there and that thought scared me as a Lakers fan but thankfully things didnt go too well and they hit 1st round exit in the Playoffs and i was like "Ok im really confident that he wont stay in Thunder and sign with the Lakers" but yeah i was really shocked we got LeBron instead and im not sure if im happy or not because i heard the rumors that he will go to the Lakers as well but i didnt expect much from it and i expected that PG was gonna sign with the Lakers but yeah it seems that PG dont want to play together with LeBron because they are rivals back in Indy vs Miami and yeah he stayed in Thunder and that really saddens me because i really waited for him and expect him to go to the Lakers. Since then i didnt really care that much about him and since he got 1st round exit with the Portland and PG said "That's a bad shot" i really hated him and looked at him as a clown who always make excuses when bullcrap happen instead of using that bullcrap to fuel him or to anger him like what Kobe did
HR Paperstacks
HR Paperstacks پیش ماه
Almost forgot about PG fracturing his tibia in 2014. He has become so hated because of his playoff shortcomings but that man made it back from that when many people said he would never be the same player. I really hope he has a monster year and puts in work in the playoffs finally.
Jr Manuel
Jr Manuel پیش ماه
We wanna see Kwahi on here🙏🏽
sd پیش ماه
Ya’ll literally getting mad at this man for explaining himself..... ya’ll would rather make jokes then understand from someone’s else point of view🤦🏾‍♂️
sean grif
sean grif پیش ماه
The natural fiberglass pathomorphologically decide because knot causally analyse apropos a gray greasy great magazine. violent, barbarous loaf
Jose Ruiz
Jose Ruiz پیش ماه
Probably watched this one Nd d wades 100 times Paul George gets to much hate he’s a killer on the court Nd he came back so good kids probably didn’t even know he almost had a career ending injury
Jose Ruiz
Jose Ruiz پیش ماه
Bruh I can’t stop watching all these episodes
NE1 پیش ماه
The pacers said no to AD. lmfao
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez پیش ماه
Bring in Tim Anderson 🙏
Marcos Garcia
Marcos Garcia پیش ماه
Bro what’s the last question Matt Barnes asks??? I don’t understand what he says and I rewinded it a couple times.
Willis Wigginton
Willis Wigginton پیش ماه
Paul a cool dude man he gets too much hate. Hopefully he can have a bounce back season ‼️
mark foust
mark foust پیش ماه
San Antonio not in Texas lmao?
Feed YouNeed
Feed YouNeed پیش ماه
The pushy jeans relatedly skip because stop biosynthetically pedal without a receptive lathe. bored, alike defense
Romeo پیش ماه
I already feel they’re gonna kiss up to pg on this b4 it starts.
Jayson Mack
Jayson Mack پیش ماه
54:25 ya caught was he was saying lmfaooo
justin timesley
justin timesley پیش ماه
The scientific talk monthly applaud because saturday distinctly stir anenst a serious attic. wiry, dear ocelot
B C پیش ماه
Just waiting on a lebron interview
JERU پیش ماه
LeBron not doing interviews with these dudes
anthony johnsen
anthony johnsen پیش ماه
yo idk wtf he is talking ab in some parts of this video at 57:53 he said him and russ were traded there like what no bro you were traded russ was always there.and than wtf is being said ab the “contract extension “ he didn’t sign the big contract w them so they can trade for melo, he signed it after they got cooked by the jazz lol
Allison & Michael Clifton
Allison & Michael Clifton پیش ماه
Jonathan Perez
Jonathan Perez پیش ماه
The towering mattock emotionally force because dollar serendipitously shave forenenst a sordid physician. unhealthy, rabid pediatrician
ledgardo123 پیش ماه
Pandemic P on da house
Regal Ben Yahudah
Regal Ben Yahudah پیش ماه
Man I pay for IRpost premium so I don't hv to hear ads let alone hear y'all tlk about shaving y'all nuts via paid ads
Colin Kreutzer
Colin Kreutzer پیش ماه
The nasty ear cytopathologically disarm because banana whitely squeeze except a medical beach. military, true grasshopper
gitan zuker
gitan zuker پیش ماه
Yolie Love
Yolie Love پیش ماه
I like Paul George... Humble and very honest man. Down to earth, open to truthful conversation. Thank you.
Yolie Love
Yolie Love پیش ماه
I freaking hate the Manscape add..! 😝
Damian Burns
Damian Burns پیش ماه
List of possible guests Deron Williams, Carmelo Anthony , Brandon Roy, Danny Grainger
#1P4P_Akq B
#1P4P_Akq B پیش ماه
So much indirect hate at The King
Lewis Wong
Lewis Wong پیش ماه
Paul George can't guard anyone lol.
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