Paul George Opens Up About Devastating Leg Injury In 2014 | ALL THE SMOKE | SHOWTIME

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Clipper Star Paul George shares the story of his 2014 devastating leg injury while he was playing with Team USA. George talks about how it impacted his career and the difficulties of coming back from it.
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Jon Melendez
Jon Melendez پیش 28 روز
This my medical history and I’m being serious and I wanna know who can “beat me” lol 10yrs old -appendix removal 11yrs old - fractured right shoulder🏈, complete broken right shoulder🏈 13yrs old - dislocated left shoulder 🏒🥅 , 20 stitches across my finger 🔪 15yrs old- eye surgery (I had a bacteria growing in my eye) 18yrs old- fractured right foot⚽️ 19yrs old- re-fractured right foot⚽️ I stopped playing sports 😂
Christopher Juarez
Christopher Juarez پیش ماه
I remember watching this when I was in Vegas hotel room I could not believe how did that
Gball پیش ماه
Damn I forgot about this Smfh.
Swa Sho
Swa Sho پیش ماه
Forreal.. people love to hate on this guy's performance under playoff pressure but they forgot he came from hell and back, basically on his 2nd basketball life.
Chris Diaz
Chris Diaz پیش ماه
The hate for pg real doe everybody clownin em for them pandemic p shit but the man is resilient af 💯
TurboFreak پیش ماه
Jay پیش ماه
Is a weird thing bc you want owners to think you still got it but you know deep down you won’t b the same
Jam Alindada
Jam Alindada پیش ماه
PG lowkey taking shots at Kawhi for sitting out 🤣🤣🤣
Jonathan Yulan
Jonathan Yulan پیش ماه
Bro nobody cares, this is clearly a way to win back some of LA albeit with pity points. You were trash before your leg injury, and you are trash now. Air balls in a game 7?! I can’t believe doc didn’t bench you? Costed that man his job, and then you COMPLAIN needed more time handeling the ball?!? When your time possessing the ball increased?! The man that coddled you because of the stressors of the bubble?! Please, you were trash when you were on Indiana and you are trash now. Lebron beating you 7 years ago and sweeping you in the East, and here he is 7 years later old as shit still embarrassing you. Clippers I’m glad you locked up this playoff bust. Can’t wait for you to choke again this year
Katero L
Katero L پیش ماه
Mfs talk shit about him super heavy now but idgaf this is still my daaawg hes still hella dope to me as a baller id still love for him to be a laker man i feel like hes one of the only koo stars left(i say that on eggshells kuz these new cats let me down all the time)
Hollywood Jones
Hollywood Jones پیش ماه
I’m not hearing load management ass talking about playing thru some shit
David پیش ماه
So PG out here taking shots at Kawhi now? The Clippers are a mess
Tony Avant
Tony Avant پیش ماه
Much respect to this guy. To go through this and two shoulder surgeries man pg is a all-time though guy
ChrisssGoated پیش ماه
Exodus 820
Exodus 820 پیش ماه
I think during his recovery is when PG develops this mentality of caring about social media too much.
Rocket Boy
Rocket Boy پیش ماه
Pacers was never beating the Heat. Lol close battles mostly cause of Granger and West. However We seen how the pacers folding once those two left. First round knock out every year
PhamDynasty300 پیش ماه
Why are we on still on this fk bullish!t?!?!?! It's been over 5 years already. Fuck his leg!! Other people has worst injuries and come back from it, but get no love like this pathetic fu*ker.
Garrett Kniffen
Garrett Kniffen پیش ماه
Why this guy dressed like an elf?
NeznextdoorBiH24 پیش ماه
Tough as rocks maaaannn
John Hautbaugh
John Hautbaugh پیش ماه
That had to do with his contract.
Christian Roberts
Christian Roberts پیش ماه
Although he played bad this playoffs I’ll always give him props for coming back from this man such a devastating injury and he came back strong
Quan 144
Quan 144 پیش 20 روز
Man really came back better. Some crazy shit
DAT 52
DAT 52 پیش ماه
Wasn’t he like 3rd in mvp with 2 torn rotator cuffs or sum shit?
daniel roth
daniel roth پیش ماه
Would be interesting to see what type of conversations Paul George had with Gordon Hayward when he also had a compound leg fracture a few years later but I get that it could be private.
eternalselph پیش ماه
No mention of hitting the side of the backboard..... HALF THE SMOKE
Sir Hoopalot
Sir Hoopalot پیش ماه
Im sorry pg. for forgetting about this injury and getting mad at you for your playoff performance. I almost didn’t get a pair of your sneakers man because of it, but I forgot. Got them anyways tho ✊🏽 my boi hope we meet one day
Anzwar The Great
Anzwar The Great پیش ماه
I'ma a celtics fan... I hope you have a great year (until you play is of course).... Do your thing bruh
Yea Sir
Yea Sir پیش ماه
Matt funny af for that I used to do that in high school comment matt was a dog !!
Ty Lito
Ty Lito پیش ماه
"I couldn't buy a bucket" You can now.
Collin Williams
Collin Williams پیش ماه
U was not ready for bron my boy but good talk shawty
Caleb Crawford
Caleb Crawford پیش ماه
He definitely was they were close to beating him one of those times
J R پیش ماه
Thank God he didn't feel that pain. I couldn't even imagine how that'd feel
Jaibands پیش ماه
1 hour he’s in surgery damn that NBA medical staff is DIFFERENT
Jaibands پیش ماه
@Jay I’ll definitely look into that
Jay پیش ماه
@Jaibands yep..I have a rod inside the middle of my femur bone with 2screws at the bottom & 2 at the top..look up femur fracture on IRpost you'll see how they do the surgery.its pretty interesting to see
Jaibands پیش ماه
@Jay so was it a rod and nail surgery
Jay پیش ماه
@Jaibands yep that's exactly how it was, those type of injuries will get 1st priority in the matter if you got insurance or not. I was flown to a different hospital and soon as I touched down I was getting prepped for surgery. 4hrs later I woke up🤷🏽‍♂️
Jaibands پیش ماه
@Jay so it was like an ER thing like if you got shot type thing no setup just straight to surgery
samuel Clark
samuel Clark پیش ماه
Close your eyes and Paul George sounds like Will Smith
teehova22 پیش ماه
Lol Pg said its Funny cats hurt and sit out...Hmmm your teammate Kawhi...lmao
Faizan Ahmed
Faizan Ahmed پیش ماه
He gets a lot of hate but he literally bounced back and finished top 3 in MVP voting. PG will always be a winner for that.
Dahveed Mailey
Dahveed Mailey پیش 29 روز
@Gabe T can you beat him 1v1 tho?
Victor Benveniste
Victor Benveniste پیش 29 روز
He’ll always be almost a winner
NeonBlkRager پیش ماه
I hope he sees this bro
Gabe T
Gabe T پیش ماه
@Adrian G308 He wasn't clutch in any playoff "Run" I remember him bitching for not taking the final shot he's a soft crybaby wimp. What ring or finals appearance does he have? Ill wait.
Adrian G308
Adrian G308 پیش ماه
@Gabe T look at LeBron oh but if PG can’t be clutch one playoff run like any of the other many players he takes the heat
Thomas Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen پیش ماه
No one cares. Open up about your performance in the 2020 playoffs. That's what we wanna know.
3-Methylindole پیش ماه
@Thomas Nguyen If you don't listen to a player opening up about what happened, why wonder? You literally don't want to know.
Thomas Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen پیش ماه
@3-Methylindole I don't listen to trash
3-Methylindole پیش ماه
@Thomas Nguyen Listen to the whole podcast. Then you'll know why.
Thomas Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen پیش ماه
@cris clay having a bad game is fine. But having constant bad games in the playoffs and then nicknaming yourself playoff P? Hahahaha
cris clay
cris clay پیش ماه
Leave that man alone everyone has bad games , kawhi didn’t play good either
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley
Charles Mr. Emoji Eley پیش ماه
The Amigos
The Amigos پیش ماه
He been getting a lot of heat lately but to comeback from that and play the way he was playing in OKC all respect
Brandon Moulden
Brandon Moulden پیش ماه
I broke my leg the same way same year 😓😓😓
Eduardo Cardenas JR
Eduardo Cardenas JR پیش ماه
@yungmuna300 you can imagine the pain man
yungmuna300 پیش ماه
How bad did it hurt?
Hasan Siddiqi
Hasan Siddiqi پیش ماه
Jack so real though “a lot of people wont get that though... they wont get it” If you know you know
I'll never slander him solely for how he was able to still be one of the elite 2-way players of this era after this
Chris Wright
Chris Wright پیش ماه
I still can't get past that injury to this day. Super cringe every time it's mentioned.
Nobel Bisrat
Nobel Bisrat پیش ماه
It don’t matter how many times PG hits the side of the backboard , you gotta respect bro for his resilience
Peter Gotham
Peter Gotham پیش ماه
I respek Indy PG this new 1 idk
Shane G
Shane G پیش ماه
Nah way off p
DAT 52
DAT 52 پیش ماه
@OlGoatJames23 he’s less athletic but way more skilled
OlGoatJames23 پیش ماه
yea im not so sure hes been the same since, obviously with the dunking but the rest of his game
cris clay
cris clay پیش ماه
JustLikeBc K
JustLikeBc K پیش ماه
You see that tho he got injured Bc he was having a off night an trying to redeem himself I respect it
Crimson Cloud
Crimson Cloud پیش ماه
Opposite from Kawhi
philthy kash
philthy kash پیش ماه
Three jobs at Leonard for not playing threw games while injured
Jo Maacke
Jo Maacke پیش ماه
Paul George: imma play till my bones stucks out also Paul George: does load management
Enrique Lopez
Enrique Lopez پیش ماه
@Nowhere But Everywhere but just because people or professional athletes have gone through some shit, it does not mean that the media or the people can not criticize that individual... imagine using that logic to justify any action... we can criticize Paul George because he went back on his word and took games off due to load management. Just like we can criticize anyone. Each person alive has been through hard struggles in life. Some more than others, but using that struggle as an excuse to not find fault with, is thoughtless. We as a people have to take responsibilities for the social criticism of behavior of the people in the spotlight. Even though, I must admit, there is a fine line between social criticism and cynical criticism, we must do so... and if we must do so, I would love to laugh at it, like I did at the first comment lmao
Justin Dminic
Justin Dminic پیش ماه
Nowhere But Everywhere I respect his comeback but he was fully healthy hitting the side of the backboard. There is no excuse you can make for that but I’m sure you will try
Jo Maacke
Jo Maacke پیش ماه
@Nowhere But Everywhere chill its just a joke i know that paul would whoop my ass on the court😂😂😂
T J پیش ماه
Insensitive much
Fluke760 پیش ماه
@THE KING cuz y'all sound 12 and YMCA don't count.
Chuck Mungro
Chuck Mungro پیش ماه
🙏🙏🙏 PG
Shawn Hurd
Shawn Hurd پیش ماه
Brah niggas don't ever give up no that
xBUMSKIx پیش ماه
Stephen Jackson just be spittin’ and I always feel it.
#8 پیش ماه
Man i saw this right when it happened and jumped. I cant believe its been 6 years. Thank god he came back and became even better than he was
Al Baptiste
Al Baptiste پیش 25 روز
@Caleb Crawford nah
Caleb Crawford
Caleb Crawford پیش ماه
@James Spencer he’s definitely better than he was at THAT time
Jay-Quallin Bbalake
Jay-Quallin Bbalake پیش ماه
ehm WHAT?
Tanner Hachey
Tanner Hachey پیش ماه
Yeah definitely not better than he was lol
Petar Djordjev
Petar Djordjev پیش ماه
He didn't really come back better than he was, In a way, he did but he would have been so much better than he didn't get injured
Ammar Peerzada
Ammar Peerzada پیش ماه
Don't think I gave up on him he is my favorite player #RevengeSeasonLAC
THE KING پیش ماه
Gatorman Smith
Gatorman Smith پیش ماه
He didn't deserve that new contract
Pj Tan
Pj Tan پیش ماه
Bet! if y’all got offered that amount of money y’all take it in a heartbeat right?
renegade4288 پیش ماه
@901_Inspired Gordon haywood doesn't make excuses for hitting the backboard and having emotional breakdowns during the playoffs. Sound like anyone familiar?
renegade4288 پیش ماه
@901_Inspired oh God. The other dudes getting a bag ain't saying and doing dumb shit
THE KING پیش ماه
@901_Inspired why does race have to be involved at all with this? smdfh
901_Inspired پیش ماه
I mean im never gone be against a brither getting a bag im sorry. We gladly tear down brothers, how about gordon hatward and the contract he got why ain’t nobody talking about that crap!
Amari Jackson
Amari Jackson پیش ماه
Damn. I saw that when it happened. My heart dropped.
George JetSon
George JetSon پیش ماه
Ong bro give me chills
Rosilyn MaKeba
Rosilyn MaKeba پیش ماه
.....and you can't _unsee_ it! That was ridiculously gruesome! The whole bench was like Craig and Smokey... _DAYUM!!_
AshTan6 پیش ماه
Oh, he left a print on that side of the backboard
cris clay
cris clay پیش ماه
U leave prints on ur Xbox controller
THE KING پیش ماه
ellzthegod پیش ماه
PG: * suffers gruesome injury and is obviously never the same athletically* Media: 🤓 "PG is trash he never reached his full potential"
Zac Oblea
Zac Oblea پیش ماه
@ellzthegod I had the same injury so I know how the process works and what gets affected. yes everyone heals different but you act like the guy was all world before he broke his leg. Was an above average player, who consistently comes up small in the playoffs.
Benn255 B
Benn255 B پیش ماه
@ellzthegod I mean you can find this basic info on the internet, this isn't heart surgery lol.
Troy پیش ماه
@Zac Oblea it is much better than acls Achilles etc.... but it is still fuckimg devastating.
Manuel Gutierrez
Manuel Gutierrez پیش ماه
@ellzthegod idk if your trolling or not
ellzthegod پیش ماه
@Zac Oblea 🤓 "fibula" "tibia" *I'm subscribed to Brian the sports doctor on IRpost so I know for sure all athletes heal the exact same* 🤓
tfizzle56 پیش ماه
I commend the heart but its stupid to play hurt extremely HURT
tfizzle56 پیش ماه
@darcy he said he commend stephen jackson thats why he always play hurt
tfizzle56 پیش ماه
@Jonathan May he was n he was talking about the balance from practice n therapy Thats why he said its really bout to be his first time putting that pain in in practice so now he can dog on the court, shoulders injuries are tricky it’s barely science on that part of the body
darcy پیش ماه
Did you watch the video? Its about Stephen Jackson playing hurt
Jonathan May
Jonathan May پیش ماه
He wasn’t playing hurt though
Wade Walker
Wade Walker پیش ماه
It’s crazy how 6 years went by never will forget this but at the same time forgot about it it’s still crazy thinking this happened imagine if that never happened man
ZBT پیش 29 روز
@jeremy john he didn’t lose it. He’s just scared to attack the rim like that. Broken bones heal back stronger nothing physically was lost
Terrance Carmichael
Terrance Carmichael پیش ماه
@Gee Andrezzi No what I meant by "by your logic" is that if he was saying how his athleticism slowed him down and impacting him yet he went crazy just 2 years ago, imagine what he'd do that year with it.
Gee Andrezzi
Gee Andrezzi پیش ماه
@Terrance Carmichael yes. That’s what the other guy was saying. You said “by your logic....” as if it wasn’t possible for PG to go off if he lost his athleticism. He went off cause he saw the game better. His athleticism had nothing to do with him going off lol
Terrance Carmichael
Terrance Carmichael پیش ماه
@Gee Andrezzi Of course, I'm saying if he had the added element of athleticism that he lost then imagine how much better he'd be to what was already an elite season. Not really hard to understand...
Gee Andrezzi
Gee Andrezzi پیش ماه
@Terrance Carmichael ......some of the best players in the league weren’t ELITE athletes. I don’t get what you’re saying lol. He went off cause the game slowed down for him that year.
Turnt Jesus
Turnt Jesus پیش ماه
tfizzle56 پیش ماه
S/o pg man he is a tough soul bruh
Colin Kabalata
Colin Kabalata پیش ماه
Abdul Jere
Abdul Jere پیش ماه
keysheet5 پیش ماه
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