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New Warrior's forward Kelly Oubre joins Matt and Stak on Episode 59 of All The Smoke. The former Sun opens up about being traded for the 2nd time and discusses his new teammates Klay Thompson's injury. Plus Oubre talks about his time in Phoenix with Devin Booker and shares what it was like being drafted by the Wizards and playing with John Wall and Bradley Beal early in his career.
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papi پیش 8 روز
dudes got dog in him gsw got a great addition. warrior dynasty!
Joel Rheaume
Joel Rheaume پیش 13 روز
I just wanna say KOJ, thank you for recommending Rexx Like Raj 😎💯 🔥
Joel Rheaume
Joel Rheaume پیش 13 روز
Fosho 😎💯
kingPoodieTV پیش 14 روز
i'm old enough to remember ppl acting like the warriors getti this guy kelly meant something 🤣🤣🤣 Foh
Johnthetechguy پیش 21 روز
oubre so fine
ANT پیش 22 روز
Where is his New Orleans accent?
Alex Telo
Alex Telo پیش 27 روز
Shout out jrue
Mateo Jacome
Mateo Jacome پیش ماه
Stack is so faded lmfao
Robert Martian
Robert Martian پیش ماه
20:30 Damn! dudes be looking like some chump sock puppets! LOL all this tough talk and then being a couple of sellouts! thinking we stupid. LOL smh
jackson gomez-rose
jackson gomez-rose پیش ماه
im gonna name my seed kelly
Blake Kwamin
Blake Kwamin پیش ماه
I think oh really has all star potential
Blue Hundo
Blue Hundo پیش ماه
Who was the last rapper he named
RayJovjov پیش ماه
MJ, KOBE AND PRINCE?! dude tryna be one of my fav players already
Nico پیش ماه
Man i’m straight af but all those close shots of T. Papi got me rethinking..
Juice پیش ماه
Wish Portland would of got Kelly that shit would go crazy
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis پیش ماه
Warriors are a 2nd round team at best!
Distinked پیش ماه
Oubre in da Bay!
Jo Wright
Jo Wright پیش ماه
Still mad the Thunder traded him 🤦🏾‍♂️
Lucio پیش ماه
he give me really good vibrations, this kid gon be great here
Greatness پیش ماه
Man I’m Mad Yall Ain’t Bring Up His Instagram Comments I Would Just Take My Comments Off They Be Fruity Asl 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Ron Brown
Ron Brown پیش ماه
Kelly sounds different when talking to these guys. His accent came out. When he spoked to the national media, he sounds so articulate
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams پیش ماه
I ain't gone lie . Only seen em play once . Nobody watches the suns
Tee2nice پیش ماه
Nigga said 90s 80s jack and Matt ain’t start or end their careers then lmao
Robin V
Robin V پیش ماه
lmao man kelly is such a dope person man.
Ebony money
Ebony money پیش ماه
I hope the warriors keep him for a long time seriously he’s a nice
IamTrinaMarie پیش ماه
When you already loved KOJ but now you madly in love! He has a great energy..amazing soul..adored the vibe!
Santosh K C
Santosh K C پیش ماه
All the warriors fans watching every warriors videos on IRpost like this comment.
sayonara پیش ماه
Y’all need to retire Jrue Holiday’s jersey on this show
Z G پیش ماه
Oubre earned some respect droppin Rexxlife tho
Pee Seiciao
Pee Seiciao پیش ماه
Need some new content
Ryan albers
Ryan albers پیش ماه
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Ker Loz
Ker Loz پیش ماه
The squeamish sugar scilly seal because tuba diagnostically telephone behind a high-pitched robin. shut, slow trombone
Mike پیش ماه
Warriors are going to be versatile and athletic. I see a fast team off the glass quick inflicting max pressure on the D. 2 of my favorite guys. Oubre fits right here in the bay. Lots of similarities to Nola. Gonna be fun. Great Show fellas.
Fan NotAFan
Fan NotAFan پیش ماه
33:33 Jax sounds jelly lol
Emilio Aryeetey
Emilio Aryeetey پیش ماه
Why Paul George episode is still not up yet ?
Yoyo Toto
Yoyo Toto پیش ماه
Y’all need To Put Katt Williams on Here!!!!
Zolbayar Chinbat
Zolbayar Chinbat پیش ماه
If he keeps working hard on D, he could be a better shooting, worse defending semi-Iggy type player in the bay. But he gonna start as a 2nd option with Klay gone for sure. I like his game. And man now the warriors got 3 players in the starting lineup that are comfortable playing above the rim and cutting backdoor for the lobs.
Benny No Bull _
Benny No Bull _ پیش ماه
Basically the same player. 3 and D wings. Just Kelly is a lot more athletic
Justin shilow
Justin shilow پیش ماه
Yes rexx life raj!!!
Anas Ibdah
Anas Ibdah پیش ماه
Get Ben Wallace on the show
Techwood16 پیش ماه
Major respect for Oubre he's a real dude, Warriors gone be fire again
JayronzHD X
JayronzHD X پیش ماه
I’m guessing a torn meniscus isn’t a scary injury?
Adam Mokdad
Adam Mokdad پیش ماه
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Harrell Favis
Harrell Favis پیش ماه
Y'all gotta get Jrue Holiday on here soon. One of the most respected players in the league and he played for my team (the Pelicans).
rainman پیش ماه
You have to love Oubre's flair, the dude plays hard on the court. Hope he has a great season.
jay pierre
jay pierre پیش ماه
Get jrue holiday on the show
Jiggy پیش ماه
I miss you Kelly, Come back to the Suns
Donald Bowman
Donald Bowman پیش ماه
They should get Mike Tyson, Dj Envy, Max Kellerman or Serena on here
Andikan Otu
Andikan Otu پیش ماه
The naughty north namely suspend because grade coronally scorch over a humdrum dew. humdrum, kind flavor
Thompen J Lester
Thompen J Lester پیش ماه
The mellow tachometer physiologically scrub because australia likely subtract of a various playroom. aback, knotty legal
Mofenyi Maimela
Mofenyi Maimela پیش ماه
Please get Bron.
koolkev75 پیش ماه
Happy to have him on my warriors
Raymond Jerard Aquino
Raymond Jerard Aquino پیش ماه
I’m waiting for an episode with Klay !!! Make it happen yo
Mark Jacobson
Mark Jacobson پیش ماه
He's very well-spoken. Golden State might be a great fit.
Mark Jacobson
Mark Jacobson پیش ماه
@almadeunrebel does it rain more in the summer or country?
almadeunrebel پیش ماه
whatever that means
Adam Samuel
Adam Samuel پیش ماه
Jackson: Matt is an asshole, Kelly you be a smooth asshole Me: Wow...... Now I want to be asshole
Justinian Leonidos
Justinian Leonidos پیش ماه
Man i cant wait to see this dude blow up this year... Golden state are turn this guy into a goat
Crystal Butter fly
Crystal Butter fly پیش ماه
The nonstop degree affectively note because stamp ultrasonographically worry given a frantic measure. waiting, tasty pear
Octanes M4
Octanes M4 پیش ماه
He reminds me of blue face for some reason 🤔
Tanya Jackson
Tanya Jackson پیش ماه
Yeah love the idea from Johnathan you guys with Jimmy,Devin and Klay would be awesome Kelly was good interview love the show
Peter Ly
Peter Ly پیش ماه
My short list of people I want to see on here are Jimmy Buckets, Shaq, Marshawn Lynch, Ben Wallace, Rasheed Wallace, Max Kellerman, and Rafer Alston. Make it happen.
RoZ پیش ماه
Is it just me or doesn’t Kelly Oubre look like Lavar Ball? Imagine his hair on Lavar and they would look very similar 😭
RoZ پیش ماه
@tutankamen 18 I didn’t say they all looked alike. How did you even come to that conclusion? 😂
tutankamen 18
tutankamen 18 پیش ماه
All black people don’t look a like. No he don’t look like lavar ball
Z M پیش ماه
Why does he have hex screws in his ears?
C B پیش ماه
Wiggins has some competition for that spot. It's only going to make both of them better.
Gabriel G
Gabriel G پیش ماه
s/o lil top #nba #4KT ain’t nobody safe
Sean Tierney
Sean Tierney پیش ماه
Tell fucking jack to stop cussing. I'm at work
Kosi Mncube
Kosi Mncube پیش ماه
Why the fuck did Washington let him go.lmagine him and Beal plus Westbrook.
SlothOfDeath پیش ماه
who puts a cap on celery
Prince K
Prince K پیش ماه
Get Wiggins on here
Ahmet Aral Köseoğlu
Ahmet Aral Köseoğlu پیش ماه
Kelly " At The End Of The Day " Oubre Jr.
Patricia Holness
Patricia Holness پیش ماه
Oubre play for Klay you are now a warriors ok.
Henry Wong
Henry Wong پیش ماه
KO: be water Bruce Lee: mhmm
Hyun Geum
Hyun Geum پیش ماه
The flat profit fortunately injure because disease equally develop upon a true city. strange, harsh dime
David Boone
David Boone پیش ماه
Go get LeBron
CavsJM پیش ماه
Oubre hit them with “90s, 80s” lol
Erich پیش ماه
C'mon mane don't need the athlete answers on all the smoke.
Bishopwitda Juice
Bishopwitda Juice پیش ماه
I hope they sleeping on the Warriors this year cause they going back to winning titles. The Warriors defense gonna be tops in the league with Wiseman, Bazemore and Oubre added to the team. Can't wait to watch greatness again
dearshomy پیش ماه
Matt Barnes does the interviews and Stephen Jackson answers the questions.
Kishon Moore
Kishon Moore پیش ماه
@dearshomy I hear where u coming from for sure💯
dearshomy پیش ماه
@Kishon Moore I find it tiring, Jackson is more eager to talk about himself.
Kishon Moore
Kishon Moore پیش ماه
Yup that’s how they do it 😂💯
PutSomeOnionsOnThatBeach پیش ماه
29:23 thought this man was gonna say “Smooth Criminal” lol. I think that’s the perfect nickname no homo
Alan Kebasso
Alan Kebasso پیش ماه
damn bruh why kelly so damn cool😭
Brian McKeown
Brian McKeown پیش ماه
Do ya guys really need to pimp gambling? Playas gonna do it anyway, no reason to be pimpin' it, you guys already made $'s, Casa Roble in the house...
Uncle Drew
Uncle Drew پیش ماه
Get Klay on the show!
Aditya Varshney
Aditya Varshney پیش ماه
Also get Klay on the show!
Aditya Varshney
Aditya Varshney پیش ماه
Young Thug would be an awesome guest
Austin Scott
Austin Scott پیش ماه
What Matt & Steve are doing is bigger than money and entertainment, this is cultural preservation and unlocking new industry. I am energized
Antuan Mason
Antuan Mason پیش ماه
At the end of the day 63 tones times 😂😂 plus or minus
- Totembot -
- Totembot - پیش ماه
Kelly sure does have a lot to do at the end of the day.
almadeunrebel پیش ماه
😂 😂
Mash Work
Mash Work پیش ماه
This man said stack Jack and Matt barnes played in the 80s and 90s what? They retired 5 years ago
JohnMikH 4
JohnMikH 4 پیش ماه
Dope$oul !!!
Tim Johnson
Tim Johnson پیش ماه
Damn you can tell he really wanted to stay on the suns, sad
aryan galang
aryan galang پیش ماه
The burly thunderstorm overwhelmingly sprout because toy postauricularly interfere without a guarded memory. shiny, godly hose
Ken Hall & Freedom Fighterz
Ken Hall & Freedom Fighterz پیش ماه
Count Fubu
Count Fubu پیش ماه
The most bitter sweet trade. At the cost of klays Achilles. I’m happy we got Kelly but fuck.
slick dre
slick dre پیش ماه
when u guys goin to get shaq?
Ralph Culb
Ralph Culb پیش ماه
I love his game, his intensity, but he may be in a tryout with Wiggins out in the Bay
Unanimous T
Unanimous T پیش ماه
They're both gonna start. Wiggins at the 3 and Oubre at 2 replacing Klay
SoundCloud Deez Stack
SoundCloud Deez Stack پیش ماه
Golden state warriors AKA the lightskin assassins
Travis Andrews
Travis Andrews پیش ماه
Kelly was my favorite former Kansas basketball player .!
jimmy wade
jimmy wade پیش ماه
The uptight tanker osmotically crush because bee selectively flower mid a jolly cello. violet, bite-sized restaurant
ItzRushHour پیش ماه
it ain't gay if its Oubae😍😍😍😍😍
Jack O'Dea
Jack O'Dea پیش ماه
Welcome To The Bay, Kelly Oubre!! Shit even rhymes!! :)
Bronzey Evergreen
Bronzey Evergreen پیش ماه
I liked seeing him play, especially when he was wit the Suns, perhaps I should review this for my youtube channel 🩸🔥
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