Kelly Oubre On Bradley Beal & John Wall: 'They Shut Up Everyone Who Doubted Them' | ALL THE SMOKE

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Former Wizard Kelly Oubre opens up about his early years in Washington playing with Bradley Beal and John Wall. Oubre talks about his relartionship with the 2 stars and how much he learned from them.
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Michael پیش 29 روز
Pause lmao did he just call Wall a 5 how people miss that
T F پیش ماه
Definitely blessed Dwight Howard🍑🥕
Obi Nwaeze
Obi Nwaeze پیش ماه
ASAPxAGERA پیش ماه
and yet they still find themselves outside the playoffs.
Nebiyu Kassaye
Nebiyu Kassaye پیش ماه
John wall hasn’t played in nearly 2 years... what do you expect
Techwood16 پیش ماه
Good pickup for the warriors dude is a baller
G Propho Loading
G Propho Loading پیش ماه
Called John Wall (5) if you know you know.... 🔴😂😂
Abanga Etuk
Abanga Etuk پیش 26 روز
Lance R
Lance R پیش ماه
@Kevin Fernandez Means he’s a blood
Doc پیش ماه
@Chris what's funny?
Chris پیش ماه
Kevin Fernandez
Kevin Fernandez پیش ماه
Why is he called that?
Juan Zack
Juan Zack پیش ماه
Someone didn't spell check... Relartionship 😭😭😭
rommel rivera
rommel rivera پیش ماه
I'll always remember luka
Daniel Wright
Daniel Wright پیش ماه
Ourbre will be a allstar this year
ASAPxAGERA پیش 15 روز
This isn’t aging well..
A.D. پیش ماه
I smell Cap
ASAPxAGERA پیش ماه
b4tm4n پیش ماه
Yea right lol
Hilly and Troy
Hilly and Troy پیش ماه
I like how this man carry’s himself. Im fan even more now.
Kimmore famous 1
Kimmore famous 1 پیش ماه
Rob Smith
Rob Smith پیش ماه
Why the hell Wizards trade Oubre? Makes no sense
Rob Smith
Rob Smith پیش ماه
@Joe Parmesan True! These owner don’t really care about winning. That’s why I respect Clippers & Warriors’s owner so much. Both went into luxury tax because they wanted Kawhi/KD and wanted to win rings badly.
Joe Parmesan
Joe Parmesan پیش ماه
The front office didn't want to pay him, and went for Ariza in a desperate attempt at a playoff berth. That seemed to be all Grunfeld ever cared about, which explains why he never surrounded Wall and Beal with actual talent to push the team further. Now Wall and his supermax contract are the scapegoat for why Washington got stuck, even though the moves made before the supermax kicked in (and before Wall even earned eligibility for the supermax) consisted of a series awful, short-sighted decisions.
juwan harris
juwan harris پیش ماه
@DeAndre Ward factual 💯💯
DeAndre Ward
DeAndre Ward پیش ماه
Didnt want to pay for him but also didnt want to lose him for nothing.. Shit dumb as hell mane my Wizards always been dumb as fuck
James Robinson
James Robinson پیش ماه
They didn't shut up anyone. If anything they proved their critics correct. Think about this, for all these so called great players who never won shit...Every last game of a season they've ever had ended in a loss....think about it...
M Youssef B
M Youssef B پیش ماه
If you looking for that henderson dunk:
SnowNasty پیش ماه
thanks my g!
Lew Alcindor
Lew Alcindor پیش ماه
“5ive & 🅱️”_wats poppin 5 nothing Blood._👌🏾👆🏾🩸🩸talk👅
Mark Teague
Mark Teague پیش ماه
Who did they shut up? No one believed in the backcourt and they broke up. John wall never developed a consistent jumper and was injury prone. Beal is a good scorer but not a leader yet.
Senor Savage
Senor Savage پیش 28 روز
@Mark Teague he hit a "jumper" to take them to the game 7 so clearly he wasn't lacking when it counted.
Joe Parmesan
Joe Parmesan پیش ماه
@Mark Teague that's not why there was a lack of playoff success. They only have one playoff victory without Wall playing at an All NBA level. Just one, and he missed the game with after recently busting his hand. One of the very few players that never got carried in a bad game. Washington lacked talent that could step up to the plate, because Grunfeld didn't give a shit to maximize the team. Look at the acquisitions from the 2016 offseason, because not one of them was productive in their time before leaving
PrinceWYA پیش ماه
@Mark Teague Overachieved* That Wizards team had no real depth.
Mark Teague
Mark Teague پیش ماه
@Joseph Satchell i still don’t think they were the best fit but that’s a fair point
Joseph Satchell
Joseph Satchell پیش ماه
@Mark Teague I think oubre talking about the media mostly they said they can’t play together this and that the media tried to split them up but at the end of the day they stocked together was a game away from the ecf but injuries from wall ended their tenure
Sellison TV
Sellison TV پیش ماه
This is going to be a great opportunity for Oubre with the Warriors. I excited to see him play
Shonna Isaacs
Shonna Isaacs پیش ماه
Bruce Almighty
Bruce Almighty پیش ماه
His defense underrated also
batttmannnb پیش ماه
What could have been if Erine ain't fuck it up smh..
Morgan Zimmerglass
Morgan Zimmerglass پیش ماه
Beal and wall have this weird thing where they think the media was obsessed with them and had a master plan to split them up or something. When in reality they were never really good enough to have people focus that much on them on a national level and the reports of them having chemistry issues on the court were true and weren’t a master evil plan of manipulative media.
Morgan Zimmerglass
Morgan Zimmerglass پیش ماه
@PrinceWYA obsessed? I dunno man. I don’t live in Washington but we just heard wall was a little threatened by Beal and their chemistry wasn’t perfect especially early on. Just normal nba stuff. It wasn’t some massive witch hunt. And I don’t know if making the second round one time in 7 years “shut everybody up” or whatever Oubre is saying here. And then wall demanding a trade after they both did tons of interviews about being so exited to play together this year was sketchy. Especially cause he was probably gonna get traded whether or not he demanded the trade. I dunno. The reporting about them not being a perfect match was never that exaggerated and seemed to be proven mostly accurate.
Morgan Zimmerglass
Morgan Zimmerglass پیش ماه
@Tuan Turner chill it’s been pretty well established there was some friction between them early on especially on the court. They improved their chemistry and made the second round once but that didn’t shut everybody up. Nobody was really talking that much in the first place. Celtics were better than them it wasn’t a chemistry issue as the reason they lost that series and nobody was saying it was. But now Beal has a chance to veto a trade sending wall away and he doesn’t. Just seems like the reports of them not having perfect chemistry were true but they’re always talking like it was some massive witch hunt and the national media was obsessed with the storyline when it seems to most neutral people that the reporting was mostly true and they overreacted a ton to it.
Morgan Zimmerglass
Morgan Zimmerglass پیش ماه
@Derrick kennedy I dunno even wizards fans know they had some chemistry issues. Definitely on the court and maybe even off the court at the beginning also. It was never any major beef or anything but it’s prettt well established that that’s true. But Beal and wallnconstantly talk about how the media makes up huge lies about them and is involved in a conspiracy to turn them against eachother or something. When it seems to the neutral to be not that serious and just the media doing their job and reporting that things weren’t always 100 percent perfect between them.
Morgan Zimmerglass
Morgan Zimmerglass پیش ماه
@Joe Parmesan yeah they didn’t prove everybody wrong by making the second round one time. And the media was never as obsessed about driving them apart as they always claimed. And then Beal probably could have vetoed the wall trade because it was made to keep him happy and in dc but he didn’t. The media’s reporting that they had some chemistry issues seemed to be accurate and they just always talk as if it was some big conspiracy.
Joe Parmesan
Joe Parmesan پیش ماه
The chemistry issues between them were fine. Not A1 perfection, but not the issue that held the team back. The team lacked talent, and Grunfeld didn't bother to try hard enough to assemble a team. No good GM would pay an injured, 30+ year old Ian Mahinmi $64M to play backup Center. Good GMs don't do that. Good GMs receive praise when they win, but bad GMs dont receive nearly enough heat for failing to make winning moves.
Tommy pham
Tommy pham پیش ماه
It aint gay if its...
Jamiah Howard
Jamiah Howard پیش ماه
MR YUP پیش ماه
Akol Athian
Akol Athian پیش ماه
Harman Sanghera
Harman Sanghera پیش ماه
Kobe SAN
Kobe SAN پیش ماه
Bruh where the pg interview
Alex Escutia
Alex Escutia پیش ماه
@Young Benji they took to down? Swear they had the whole interview up
Young Benji
Young Benji پیش ماه
The 10th
Kelly Oubre blessed P.G🤣
Salvatore Malai
Salvatore Malai پیش ماه
How though
Jayden Anderson
Jayden Anderson پیش ماه
Showtime 🔥
Jayden Anderson
Jayden Anderson پیش ماه
Jordan Allen
Jordan Allen پیش ماه
Did they?
Jordan Allen
Jordan Allen پیش ماه
@Ricardo Duncan that doesn’t mean the doubters were proved wrong my guy
Ricardo Duncan
Ricardo Duncan پیش ماه
At least watch them play, they were cold and otw before 2 years of a John Wall injuries
Sir NICK پیش ماه
@Lando whooptieee dooo 🤣🤣 I actually was one of the ppl tht rooted for the wizards to do well in the playoffs tht year . But lol in the grand scheme of things they haven’t proved anyone to be wrong
Sir NICK پیش ماه
Exactly this was a nut ass statement from Kelly lol
Jordan Allen
Jordan Allen پیش ماه
@Tdot they ain’t even give that boi Beal an All/star nod🥴😹
Thomas Lloyd
Thomas Lloyd پیش ماه
dvd پیش ماه
John wall shuts up high school kid
What is this Team doing right now??
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