James Harden To The Nets 4-Team NBA Blockbuster | WHAT’S BURNIN’ | SHOWTIME Basketball

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On a special WHAT’S BURNIN’, Matt and Stak breakdown the MASSIVE 4-team NBA blockbuster trade that sends James Harden to Brooklyn, Victor Oladipo to Houston, Caris Levert to the Pacers and Jarrett Allen to the Cavs.
Audio Version: megaphone.link/CAD4954653041
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Marcus Grimes
Marcus Grimes پیش ماه
Hopefully y'all can interview Michael Vick at some point 🤔🤔🤔
Ash Christie Herds
Ash Christie Herds پیش ماه
So they forget what Harden said about his teammates?? 😂
Richard Maeda
Richard Maeda پیش ماه
Houston gets *4 picks and 4 pick swaps; not "8 picks"
Rob Smith
Rob Smith پیش ماه
I don’t think Kyrie is a 3rd option. I rather have him over Harden in closing minute. He’s way more clutch than Harden
jan279 پیش ماه
James Harden is great and all, but at the end of the day, it's championship or bust for Brooklyn now.
Eileen Bland
Eileen Bland پیش ماه
Can't BEAT Lebron any other way, They had to STACK A TEAM! SAD!!!
BlueManRedManYellow پیش ماه
LeGM stacks all his teams. Nets have a long way to go though, chemistry wise
Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot
Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot پیش ماه
Now people won’t be able to say this Lebron chip is soft tho 🤷🏻‍♂️ Lakers still are going to win
Eve W
Eve W پیش ماه
BK gave up too much for a player who does what KD and Kyrie can do already. The last thing they need is more offense, they lost def, rebounding and a solid inside presence. I know they don't think Jordan gonna hold it down alone.
Shawn Story
Shawn Story پیش ماه
They won't beat Milwaukee!!!
Consumo Personal
Consumo Personal پیش ماه
rockets receiving all of a dipo
Mytown Trill
Mytown Trill پیش ماه
Kyrie vs Schroeder(Nets), Durant vs LeBron(Nets slightly), Harden vs KCP(😆 Nets), D Jordan vs AD(Lakers slightly)...Nets win
Te-co DeBarge
Te-co DeBarge پیش ماه
Michael Cole
Michael Cole پیش ماه
The east is no longer the least
Conroy Hosier Jr.
Conroy Hosier Jr. پیش ماه
Zero chance Brooklyn won this trade! They were already a horrible defensive team and they traded away key defensive pieces. They don't own a draft pick until 2026. Kyrie is acting like a middle child seeking attention and KD can opt out after this season. Please enlighten me on how they won this trade. If Philly goes out to get Brad Beal, it's over for Brooklyn.
_____dre_______ _
_____dre_______ _ پیش ماه
Dante Exum is still in the NBA? WHOA
Anythings Possible
Anythings Possible پیش ماه
If Wall Cousins n OLADIPO get back fully healthy Houston gone be lit 😴
Never seen so many bandwagons switch from a team(Clippers/76ers) to the Nets... lmao
Darrell Hardy
Darrell Hardy پیش ماه
I seen the same with Cavs, Miami, Cavs, Lakers
SameSquad100 پیش ماه
I wonder if the NBA will ever get there viewers back?
janjp11 پیش ماه
Get Jcole on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Lemus
Mark Lemus پیش ماه
Matt "um" Barnes
donte پیش ماه
wizards should try to get kevin love and larry nance ... if not beal gone
Jae Kennedy
Jae Kennedy پیش ماه
Look I smoke morning to night I am high all day. But Stack right now looks higher than I have ever been bruh. Dude eyes are SO low lol.
Grady McKinney
Grady McKinney پیش ماه
Houston got 11 ppl for harden lol
Bernie Makaveli
Bernie Makaveli پیش ماه
I love basketball but the NBA is just getting more and more lame every season
Trill Mane
Trill Mane پیش ماه
Haha everyone went from dogging james harden game to calling him a good player now smfh
Xavier 973
Xavier 973 پیش ماه
This is the most calm Jack I ever seen. All love
tclass99 پیش ماه
Never seen a scoring trio of this caliber? Uhhhh.... Miami Heat? Don’t forget that Bosh was just coming off a season where he avgd 24 & 12 with TOR.
Dustin Lare
Dustin Lare پیش ماه
Kyrie when he wants to play is option 1 on this team not option 3.....When he wants to play.....
Dustin Lare
Dustin Lare پیش ماه
Although James is the best playmaker on the team
Brandon Hawkins
Brandon Hawkins پیش ماه
The Rockets can get out the 1st round if Wall,Boogie and Vic get goin and the team link like a Cuban
Neal Schuster
Neal Schuster پیش 20 روز
@Brandon Hawkins True true. Im hoping he'll grow out of it the more comfy he gets with that much time on the ball
Brandon Hawkins
Brandon Hawkins پیش 20 روز
@Neal Schuster FACTZ...but he get to doin too much sometimes and turn da ball over when he be feeling his self lol
Neal Schuster
Neal Schuster پیش ماه
Christian Wood been their best player so far
Lemini VFX
Lemini VFX پیش ماه
Marc Gasol for Kevin Love ???? 😂
Joshua Golson-Mickens
Joshua Golson-Mickens پیش ماه
Stack does so great with matt
sirsylk پیش ماه
Nash is fucked... 3ma Donnas😒
Gonezo Tho
Gonezo Tho پیش ماه
Love the content but let's clean up that audio boys
CAC پیش ماه
Barnes sitting by paintings of himself tells you everything you need to know about that clown 😂
Rudy Jobe
Rudy Jobe پیش ماه
Is Stak high?😆
Naeem پیش ماه
KD prolly can't win without a top 5 player
Naeem پیش ماه
@Darrell Hardy Kyrie was never top 5.... DWade or bosh at that time were not top 5 either.
Darrell Hardy
Darrell Hardy پیش ماه
LBJ cant win without a top 5 player either
Jordan Pollard
Jordan Pollard پیش ماه
People always find something kill james over smh
robert smith
robert smith پیش ماه
How quickly we forget!! I will take steps kaly and durant over that Brooklyn dribble dribble dribble any day of the week!! It will implode TRUST!!
chaoz281 پیش ماه
Hot take: what’s burnin > all the smoke I like Matt and Jack alone just choppin it up
James Parks
James Parks پیش ماه
ben for beal
scotti pippen
scotti pippen پیش ماه
Kyrie has a lot on his mind?! Lmao. He proofed something very clear the last weeks and months: there is not much in his mind.."i am an artist"..Jez.No, Kyrie, you are just weird, talking nonsense, behaving irresponsible and not showing up for your job.
SoHo Don
SoHo Don پیش ماه
Ya two the the people I look for basketball talk from, salute to the both of ya 🙏🏽.
B Khan
B Khan پیش ماه
Rockets Won The Trade👌🏾
Butchy Boy
Butchy Boy پیش ماه
@Matt Barnes, The Only Thing Is Whose Gonna Sacrifice Their Shots, Harden Had Never Had To Sacrifice His Shots, Does Kyrie Wanna Sacrifice The Ball To Harden, Will KD Sacrifice..It's Basically KD's Team, So Whose Gonna Sacrifice And Become That Second Or Third Option...Any One Of These Three Guys Can Score Anywhere From 30 - 50 Points, So Does The Other Guys On The Team Just Play Defense, Never Touch The Ball Or Hope For A Offensive Tip In...
Zane Dickie
Zane Dickie پیش ماه
Lmao how many "smokin" hoodies does matt have?
T. Paul Xavier O.
T. Paul Xavier O. پیش ماه
We all knew the trade was coming but this is what I was waiting for. Whats burning
Josh The Goat
Josh The Goat پیش ماه
Cool video! I just subbed. That was very fun to watch. Keep up the good work! Your doing really good! Great job!
Key G
Key G پیش ماه
Levert, brogdon, sabonis and warren gone be dangerous I can see them upsetting somebody in the playoffs
Bees like dablock
Bees like dablock پیش ماه
just waiting for kyrie to go vince young and say DREAM TEAM..cant wait ...curse them bastards..
Rashard Stallworth
Rashard Stallworth پیش ماه
Brooklyn made a horrible trade especially if James Harden does not resign with them and if Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant decide to leave their franchise will be crippled for years
Mike Roman
Mike Roman پیش ماه
They’ll take it for a ring
Great podcast they always keep it G. 💯
almighty carrio
almighty carrio پیش ماه
Dnt believe nothing a clipper fan says learned that last year
John Paul Atienza
John Paul Atienza پیش ماه
Great show, great inputs. More power to you guys.
Khairul Izzuddin
Khairul Izzuddin پیش ماه
Stak is FRIED. Try so hard to act normal lolol
Rocco DiBlasio
Rocco DiBlasio پیش ماه
Rodion Kurucs is a nice edition for the Rockets. Not many people will acknowledge that he’s a part of this trade but know he will actually get burn abs should provide some value with his play. Pacers are 100% making the playoffs with the edition of Caris Levert. That man is a BALLER!!
Addicted to YouTube comments
Addicted to YouTube comments پیش ماه
Kyrie is 100% coming back Bet on it
The One Who Is Better Than You
The One Who Is Better Than You پیش ماه
This niggas aint waste no time.
Leo 3ntVines
Leo 3ntVines پیش ماه
Yo with this new lights ... my man Stack looking freshy fresh 💎😂
Hugo Fürst
Hugo Fürst پیش ماه
Durant ...smh...such a talent and unbelievable player; now his legacy will be "needed Steph and Klay to win something...and then needed Kyrie plus Harden" ...
huey freeman
huey freeman پیش ماه
The heavyweight champ of the world 😂😂😂
ghariiscool پیش ماه
There's s strip club 2 minutes away from Barclay's on foot Gee I wonder if James will visit
Tommy Dyer
Tommy Dyer پیش ماه
Marshawn lynch? Chicken talk.
Edrick James
Edrick James پیش ماه
You see this what I don’t understand when lebron leaves sorry ass Cleveland to get help to beat the superteam in Boston ya say it’s bad for the nba but when kd the 2nd best player hops on a 73 win team that just beat him in the wcf ya say it’s good for basketball. When kd and kyrie get another top 10 player ya say it’s good for basketball. I’m not understanding the criteria. All lebron did was even the playing field with the Celtics. These niggas stacking the deck to try and coast to championships. Clearly ya ain’t pay attention to how fucking difficult it was for Miami to win those two championships
Kevin Chiou
Kevin Chiou پیش ماه
Pacers gonna be the 3/4 seed though
Freed by Yeshua
Freed by Yeshua پیش ماه
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Antonio Lee
Antonio Lee پیش ماه
“We’ve never seen a scoring trio of this caliber” - Matt Barnes So we just going to forget steph, Klay and KD.
Jack پیش ماه
he meant 3 iso kings, its definitely diff from the Steph Klay Kd combo
RE2 RE3 پیش ماه
They are not the same trio. What is said here is that James, KD and Irving are three players who can score anytime off ball, or make themselves good opportunity to score. Klay is catch and shoot guy, Steph is kinda scorer, but not in a way like Irving is. And KD and Harden...I mean two scoring champions over the years.
Addicted to YouTube comments
Addicted to YouTube comments پیش ماه
Its subjective, possibly a tie KD is the constant I'll take Curry > Harden Kyrie > no, wait Klay > Kyrie (Klay is a better shooter, much better defender, can score/impact games without the ball. Also Kyrie has had a much worse injury history.) Ok you have a point lol
C Dai
C Dai پیش ماه
I know Stephen Was BIG MAD 😂😂😂
Francisco Borba
Francisco Borba پیش ماه
Oh yeah... imagine Bradley Beal on Miami with Jimmy G!
tommy shelby
tommy shelby پیش ماه
long story short kyrie been at the strip club with harden all this time
Uzi پیش ماه
Honestly bruh this is bad for basketball, I hate super teams, its an easy way to fucking win. That championship don't mean shit if you didn't truly grind for it.
WeezyF. Mack
WeezyF. Mack پیش ماه
This is awesome now there's actually a legitimate powerhouse team in the east and we should have the really exciting seven game NBA finals for the next few seasons
Mickey Housley
Mickey Housley پیش ماه
The Rockets took draft picks, the Nets took a stepback Shooter
Matthew -
Matthew - پیش ماه
Stak is so baked LMAO
Ty Lito
Ty Lito پیش ماه
Pacers got a solid ass 10 man rotation. But not enough star power
ELIXIR2142 پیش ماه
I said the SAME thing to myself about the Nets. Go get Kevin Love ass for the chump change
a;lksdlkasdaklf ;klasfkasjkld
a;lksdlkasdaklf ;klasfkasjkld پیش ماه
Jack got way too high before this lol
KremlinBase پیش ماه
not gonna lie i kinda like these new look rockets without westbrick and harden they talk too much but don’t got nothin to show for it, as for the nets i don’t see all 3 of them staying content together egos are gonna clash too much at least 1 will be unhappy and gone in at least a season
Ray Ray Gang
Ray Ray Gang پیش ماه
Beal ain’t two way player Matt bro
Benjamin پیش ماه
I thought I was the only one who caught that lol
John Griller
John Griller پیش ماه
Tupac Reincarnated
Tupac Reincarnated پیش ماه
Can ya actually be critical and hold players accountable for once? 🤦🏽‍♂️
RedxRonnie پیش ماه
There's no reason for them to 'hold players accountable" The entire world is already doing that. This show is a somewhat safe haven for players because it's coming from the perspectives of actual players who know the game. They're able to see understand the perspectives of all parties.
Benjamin پیش ماه
Nah these guys don't wanna ruin their connects so they won't call out anyone unless they're a bench warmer or a scrub
Tupac Reincarnated
Tupac Reincarnated پیش ماه
@C Dai nooo but talk about how wrong James Harden was for throwing his teammates under the bus & how Kyrie Irving is acting like a prima Donna and disrespecting Steve Nash!!!!! Keep it 💯
C Dai
C Dai پیش ماه
Accountable for what? You think anyone should be mad at a trade request lmao
Ra No
Ra No پیش ماه
it's so anying they can be talking about being for real and do this shit.
King419 پیش ماه
After this move the champion still coming out the West.
Josh O
Josh O پیش ماه
Harden is not better than Kyrie AT ALL. harden should be the 3rd option
C Dai
C Dai پیش ماه
You don’t know basketball AT ALL
Emmanuel Petit
Emmanuel Petit پیش ماه
Why they didn't trade Nash and D'Anthony? Weren't there any offers? Those are not known for their defense. Too many defensive liabilities
Squirrel's Garden
Squirrel's Garden پیش ماه
As someone born and raised in Brooklyn, this is the greatest day of my life 🎉🍾🥂
Mr P
Mr P پیش ماه
houston with a big W while indiana with a really good trade for Levert. Nets with a big L, on paper its a scary big 3 but they cant share the ball together given the similar way they play & barely defend.
C Dai
C Dai پیش ماه
Amari Jackson
Amari Jackson پیش ماه
LBJ might not get a ring this year. Jordan reigns supreme. Go Nuggets!
Kere پیش ماه
I do hate that Beal wasting away in Washington, thats not my team but I always was a big fan of him for some reason....I like his game and thought he had a chance to be a megastar when he got drafted.
Daniel Hussain
Daniel Hussain پیش ماه
The nets were everyone’s favourite to come out of the east BEFORE harden. Now they’ve got harden they should really win it all. Still rooting for the lakers tho Lakernation4life hopefully our defence gives us the edge
Michael Jaynes
Michael Jaynes پیش ماه
What you talking about they wanr to play together kyrie said he dont want hardin coming there
DanielTsachev پیش ماه
Great content !!!
Da'Von Baskett
Da'Von Baskett پیش ماه
joe c
joe c پیش ماه
K.love to the lakers
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis پیش ماه
stephen wanted to play for brooklyn
D K777
D K777 پیش ماه
Stefan would be nothing 10 years ago !!!!!
J S پیش ماه
Lakers vs Nets a finals of Purpose
Ray Ray Gang
Ray Ray Gang پیش ماه
NBA don’t want that either Celtics vs Lakers that’s more money they can make after losing so much with COVID-19
Alphonso Stewart
Alphonso Stewart پیش ماه
Can't wait to see who the nets pick up from free agency. They need some dogs wit defense
Ricky Mark
Ricky Mark پیش ماه
Curry Klay Durant > Kyrie Durant Harden
Sensei Q
Sensei Q پیش ماه
Bad take
almighty push
almighty push پیش ماه
Nets in 6 maybe 5
SameSquad100 پیش ماه
I give it by the end of March and Durant wishin he would of stay in the bay for real.
Zachary Reed
Zachary Reed پیش ماه
Andrew Ball
Andrew Ball پیش ماه
Kd was perfect for gas and them for him He should of just ignored the haters
Benjamin پیش ماه
James harden going to brooklyn and making another superteam is "good for basketball" 😂 Good for basketball headlines
Robert Williams
Robert Williams پیش ماه
Houston won this trade... Well see
Jesse Lund
Jesse Lund پیش ماه
You should get KD on here and ask how he keeps getting worse on the all time list when he's so talented.
Dylan Ostasiewski
Dylan Ostasiewski پیش ماه
Damn all that smoke
Keven Wang
Keven Wang پیش ماه
Jack’s video is sharp
Shafiq Shah
Shafiq Shah پیش ماه
Kinda funny how the trade fell thru once kyrie was MIA. Maybe harden was a backup in case kyrie started acting suss
Miles Westmoreland
Miles Westmoreland پیش ماه
this platform is dope because it allows them to speak their thoughts on hoops to a large whenever they feel like and don't have to rely on a major platform (espn, fox, etc) to do it (even though they both do make tv appearances from time to time.)