Demar DeRozan on Kobe: 'I Watched Every Lakers Game Growing Up' | Episode Drops Midnight Dec. 22

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Spurs star DeMar DeRozan shares stories from growing up a Lakers fan and talks about the impact Kobe had on him. DeRozan said the channel the Lakers were was the only channel his family had growing up.
Full episode with DeRozan drops midnight on Tuesday, December 22nd.
Audio Version:
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box score watcher
box score watcher پیش 22 روز
KCAL9 - Chick Hearn - The Forum
Shae Money
Shae Money پیش 25 روز
He name dropped “Kcal 9” man we need this guy in the purple and gold. Trade kuzma and a couple of others for this man.
RJ OREILLY پیش 29 روز
The spiffy hand substantively object because stop family alert past a abundant memory. well-off, disillusioned risk
Vincent Rosales
Vincent Rosales پیش ماه
I'm a die hard spurs fan born & raised in San Antonio i remember the rivalry games against Kobe n the Lakers heated them but i had respect 4 Kobe was sad to hear about him & his daughter i will be missed LEGEND👍🏼💪🏼👍🏼💪🏼👍🏼MAMBA 4 EVER
WesmyTheGamer پیش ماه
Rest in Power, Kobe✊🏾
Brian Cooper
Brian Cooper پیش ماه
Kobe !
Steve Wester
Steve Wester پیش ماه
11 months it’s been....this still ain’t getting easier...#MambaForever #MambacitaForever
JPPSrules پیش ماه
There will never be another Kobe “Jeallybean” Bryant
Mr360Gman پیش ماه
Post the whole episode!!
Alfredo Jimenez
Alfredo Jimenez پیش ماه
KCAL 9 Kobe
Abbas Doctor
Abbas Doctor پیش ماه
Grimace پیش ماه
That’s cap 🧢
Jose A Valencia
Jose A Valencia پیش ماه
Derozan had the chance to go to Lakers in FA, he stayed loyal to Raptors, who then traded him for Kawhi, that ended up up with the championship that year. From us Laker fans “we don’t need you nomore”
Chung Yan Paul Chow
Chung Yan Paul Chow پیش ماه
love demar
J3rold پیش ماه
Humble players are way cooler than your favorite
Sarezh Sharif
Sarezh Sharif پیش ماه
Love Matt and Stack. Keep up the awesome work ya'll sending love all the way from Kurdistan.
alwin jose
alwin jose پیش ماه
Hurts like hell💔...#mambaliveson
Kam Dhatt
Kam Dhatt پیش ماه
Ppl say he ain't top 5 are fkn dumb
We need to bring this man home to the Lakers!
Jake پیش ماه
Nah bring em back to the six
ThisIsKidSean پیش ماه
Lol yellow and gold
Jose Segura
Jose Segura پیش ماه
Growing up in la Kobe was like a supper hero that you hated to loved ! I’ve been a die hard clippers fan but Kobe has always been my favorite player of all time ! Kobe I miss you
Jules tha master
Jules tha master پیش ماه
And he didn't even go back to the Lakers 🙄 tho still like wtf cuz we know tha raptors are not even an option still.
Jules tha master
Jules tha master پیش ماه
Like to go play for his home team still.
MegaSherlockian پیش ماه
If demar chased rings with the Lakers.... I believe both Toronto and the NBA community would still love him and accept him. He deserves that ring Toronto got. He could’ve made that mid range and raps could’ve beaten those warriors. Demar deserves 1 rings at least cause in my mind, the raptors still would’ve won the championship that year with him
Bsol24 پیش ماه
Can you guys get Brandon Roy next!
emz پیش ماه
king T
king T پیش ماه
Stephon Marbury
Cesar Zapata
Cesar Zapata پیش ماه
*laker road game all the home games was on fsn west one
Nickat Nite
Nickat Nite پیش ماه
Can't wait for this!
Boss Moves
Boss Moves پیش ماه
This made me so sad. Kobe we miss you man. Still can’t believe you’re gone.
23lboogz پیش ماه
Still can’t believe that happened 🤦🏾‍♂️ 🕊 🕊 💐 💐
Tarrence Bailey
Tarrence Bailey پیش ماه
Kobe was and still is my favorite player of all time, but I don't like how when they ( not just in this video I mean in all videos ) talk about losing Kobe and GiGi and then they say " and everybody else that died in that crash ", it just feels like those other people on that flight gets left out or minimized I know Kobe was and still is a big deal ( at least to me he still is ) but they were people to .
Isaiah Bryant
Isaiah Bryant پیش ماه
This my shit. matt and capt jack keep doing your thang.
Anthony Gee
Anthony Gee پیش ماه
Them Kcal 9 days .. 🏀 ⚾️
MTTG پیش ماه
The quality of these calls are too good to be from Zoom. I’m jealous. I need to upgrade for my channel
MTTG پیش ماه
@Romwel Anzures Demar has great quality too tho!
Romwel Anzures
Romwel Anzures پیش ماه
I think they have 2 cameras each aside from their pcs/laptops
3rik M-
3rik M- پیش ماه
damn man people outside of LA really jus don’t understand how much kobe meant to our city RIP GOAT
Armani K
Armani K پیش ماه
I'm from Europe and Kobe means everything to me. My biggest hero and inspiration💜💛💔💔💔💔
Melvin Mansoor
Melvin Mansoor پیش ماه
Can’t wait for Demar to be a Laker
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo پیش ماه
Demar could’ve been the Kobe of this era or at least a really top player. He has all the talent and athleticism and barely gets injured.. but I guess his mental toughness
Its Aych
Its Aych پیش ماه
Hey I’m his cousin , he’s challenged you to a fight for the disrespect
Mix In The City
Mix In The City پیش ماه
Johann Kobi
Johann Kobi پیش ماه
MAN I MISS KOBE TOO Listen to my kobi bryant tribute
Sam Smith
Sam Smith پیش ماه
Dead or alive, he's still NOT better than the TRUE GOAT MICHAEL JORDAN
Augustine Choi
Augustine Choi پیش ماه
kcal 9..damn, memories
SincerelyUrsJay پیش ماه
Chick & Stu days 🙌🏾
TheChosen 1one
TheChosen 1one پیش ماه
Ik rite smh
Malik Moses
Malik Moses پیش ماه
Why midnight tho?
scoot 87
scoot 87 پیش ماه
We live in a time where we can find out everything about what goes on behind the curtain sort of speak. We can actually verify if the legendary stories are real. To know that Kobe's intensity he showed on the court was also carried off camera, and his deep love for being a girl dad was also true off camera makes me happy. A true role model. RIP 🐐
Nick James
Nick James پیش ماه
Glad he mentioned K-Cal 9 lol if you grew up without cable in LA you know
Leadeaus پیش 13 روز
@Mountain Man that's matt barnes, he played with kobe for a bit. He was also apart of this famous kobe moment
Enrique McCoy
Enrique McCoy پیش 17 روز
Mountain Man
Mountain Man پیش ماه
The main announcer was too real you could tell he loved Kobe’s game
OpM AllMoneyIn
OpM AllMoneyIn پیش ماه
Finally a player that’s from LA and not riverside 🤣 Inglewood2Compton 👌🏾💯
Johnny Nevermind
Johnny Nevermind پیش ماه
Wow what a great lil story!! Dope!! Thanks!
Nevamind Kal-El
Nevamind Kal-El پیش ماه
Drop the fucking full episode
Clemond Brown
Clemond Brown پیش ماه
I felt closer to kobe than some relatives.
Armani K
Armani K پیش ماه
@A Dizzy yea man 💔💔💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭 thankful I watched him play in person a few times including the bombs he dropped on Toronto in March 2013
A Dizzy
A Dizzy پیش ماه
100%, I think about him every day. He was like a big brother figure and my wish in life was to meet him, but it never happened it hurts till this day 🥺
Armani K
Armani K پیش ماه
Oh for sure me too!! No doubt.
bumdog پیش ماه
Me too...not sure if thats a good thing
I couldn’t wait for Bean to retire so we could get those stories from him. We never sit right with my hooper soul. Hope we get a movie in the future.
Malaki727 پیش ماه
Acne killed demars face
Hanz C
Hanz C پیش ماه
I wanted to see him enjoy his life after basketball. Still feels unreal, if you think about it, because to many people like me, I saw him as immortal.
bjern757 پیش ماه
If you watch Kobe so close why It took you so long to get halfway of a jump shot 🤔😂😁
bjern757 پیش ماه
Fly high Kob and GiGi👼
Kalan Cochran
Kalan Cochran پیش ماه
That’s why all that Kyrie energy is bozo. As a kid I died to hear Kobe, Mac, AI, Vince, KG after the game. Kept me out the streets watching ESPN all day
Ash 123
Ash 123 پیش ماه
@Steven Swan ohh alright, I think kyrie doing it bc of the media tbh. He still goes on live n stuff here n there for his fans but I get it
Steven Swan
Steven Swan پیش ماه
@Ash 123 he referring to kyrie not speaking to the media and saying kyrie doesn’t get that interviews are for his fans/kids that look up to him
LOWC MF پیش ماه
@Ash 123 I think because Kyrie is out of pocket is what he may be referring to
Ash 123
Ash 123 پیش ماه
Wtf does this have to do w kyrie u clown
Eric Mancia
Eric Mancia پیش ماه
Kcal 9 ....adjust antenna... Game time!
nned antowBian
nned antowBian پیش ماه
Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️
inhumanjoey310 پیش ماه
Compton High great Comptons finest Demar. Yeah mane. Comptown in the house
Amari Jackson
Amari Jackson پیش ماه
I feel the same way about Jordan. RIP Kobe. Not taking my J's off, though.
Luke Maryo
Luke Maryo پیش ماه
Raptor Goat with Lowry pls come back, we miss him
NJPW GOD پیش ماه
It still doesn’t feel real man 😔
Its Aych
Its Aych پیش ماه
Kobe’s with Tupac
Kukupj Mill
Kukupj Mill پیش ماه
Iam so sorry demar I know this guy goin thru it 😢
D K پیش ماه
Berto پیش ماه
I miss Kobe 😢
Karan Gill
Karan Gill پیش ماه
Demar plays more like Kobe than anyone, in terms of play style. Great mid range great footwork. Some ppl may say tatum but demar gets closer to the actual style more than anyone else rn
GreenMatrix 30seven810172324
GreenMatrix 30seven810172324 پیش 28 روز
He plays ol skool
Star Astro
Star Astro پیش ماه
You’re right
Chdg Dhd
Chdg Dhd پیش ماه
Closest to Kobe is kawhi
Dog Reacts
Dog Reacts پیش ماه
Same with Devin Booker
Antonio Sneed
Antonio Sneed پیش ماه
@LeRaymone James true
Sirk Skywalker
Sirk Skywalker پیش ماه
Man it’s crazy how it’s about to be a year next month.. like what?! 😢
plur2179 پیش ماه
@kevin sanders time is not flying its been a shitty year and it started with his death
R. Of The Cross
R. Of The Cross پیش ماه
Im tears every time i remember it 😭
jiiggys پیش ماه
kevin sanders
kevin sanders پیش ماه
Bruh that shits crazy man time flying
Moegotit پیش ماه
Bring him to the lakers
Resist پیش ماه
@Moegotit yeah, hes a great player, and he can play a big part on a team.... just not one trying to win a championship
Moegotit پیش ماه
@Resist brah he’d still a great player n can play big part in a team
Resist پیش ماه
thank god you arent a GM. Let me know when Demar has won ANYTHING
Eb پیش ماه
Exactly. Kuz for Demar?
J H پیش ماه
Thanks for continuing to give Kobe his flowers y’all.
Kern county auditor McFlurry
Kern county auditor McFlurry پیش ماه
Shoutout to the 81 likes 👍 rip Kobe
Armani K
Armani K پیش ماه
Amen. Fuck no it doesn't feel real!! I'm getting chills right man 💔💔💔
Anees Saleem
Anees Saleem پیش ماه
STILL don't feel real.
SosTdm 617
SosTdm 617 پیش ماه
Man I miss Kobe these stories are legendary
SosTdm 617
SosTdm 617 پیش ماه
@Raymond Garcia 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Raymond Garcia
Raymond Garcia پیش ماه
Absolutely right. I watched this over & over.. rip my brother & Gigi.. Smdh 😒
Ranaldo Thomas
Ranaldo Thomas پیش ماه
Tony MO
Tony MO پیش ماه
Players know it’s MJ then Kobe. The Lebron nonsense is made for TV bs.
Max B
Max B پیش ماه
@Resist Kobe has more game winners period. Not to mention his one game winner in the 06 playoffs is more legendary than all of lebrons game winning playoff shots combined.
Kobean B
Kobean B پیش ماه
@Resist Kobe over Lebron 00 Kobe outplayed Shaq in games 6 and 7 vs the blazers. Shaq 18 points 9 boards game 7 vs the blazers. Kobe 25-11-7 on 50%. Outscored, rebounded, and assisted Shaq in the deciding game and this season was Shaq’s peak. Game 4 of the finals Shaq fouls out and Kobe takes over the game, putting the lakers up 3-1. 01 Kobe was better than Shaq the whole west playoffs. Averaged 32-7-7 on 51% with back to back 45 point 10+ rebound games. 02 Playoffs Kobe scored the game high in points 10 times, Shaq 9. Shaq only dominated the finals cuz u can’t even name the centers he went against all 3 years outside of an old dekimbe. The gp in the finals was to throw him the ball cuz the east had no opposition. Kobe got them outta the west all 3 years lmao. 03 This is the year where it is no longer shaq’s team. He missed time cuz he opted not to get surgery during the offseason. Kobe averaged 30-7-6 and a career high from 3%. 9 straight 40+ points, 13 Straight games with 35+, 12 3s in a game, etc. 06 Carries dogshit to the playoffs in a loaded western conference, drops 50 in game 6 and is 8 seconds away from advancing to round 2. But the scrubs on the lakers can’t catch a damn rebound and a poor closeout by kwame brown leads to a Tim Thomas 3. The 04 lakers were handicapped in the finals cuz of Karl Malone’s injuries and Shaqs fatass while still effective, was out of shape. The lakers also opted to go with Gary Payton in the starting lineup over Derek fisher who would’ve provided much better spacing. Kobe’s only 2 finals losses, 04 and 08 happened against 2 top 10 defenses in nba history Kobe being the only perimeter player on the lakers that could create his shot (this was the case his whole career). He was trapped and doubled by both of these teams. Zone defense was very effective at this time in the league cuz Spacing wasn’t what it is today and when it comes to on ball defense u were still able to get up on guys. not the freedom of movement bs that u see today. 08 Cp3 didn’t deserve MVP over Kobe. Mans had solid complementary pieces in David west, Peja Stojakovic, Mo Peterson, and a defensive anchor in Tyson chandler. 08 Kobe has the same roster as last season and with majority of the season completed before the Gasol trade (48 games), was on pace for 1st seed in the west. 08 underrated playoff run. Gave Denver 49 points, 10 ast. Kobe beat the spurs with peak Manu and Tp 4-1 in 08 without bynum for the playoffs and only having Gasol for the second half of the season. Averaged 31-6-5 before the finals. 09 2nd Most 30 point games in a single playoff run with 15, only Hakeem has more in one playoffs with 16. 2008-10 Kobe is the Only player in history to score 600 points 3 straight years in the playoffs. Kobe has the most wins against 50 win teams in playoff history. Lebron is not close as a skilled scorer. Kobe shoots better from every spot on the floor except for the paint and Lebron is slightly better from 3 which can be attributed to him playing in this 3 point era and having to develop that. Kobe has better handles, a better post game, better footwork, is better off ball, etc. Lebron’s limited skill set was exposed in 2011 where he was useless against their zone d and wade had to take over or how the spurs spurs didn’t respect his jumpshot in the 07 finals.
Resist پیش ماه
@Max B lebron has the most game winners in the playoffs
Max B
Max B پیش ماه
@Resist Kobe has more overall game winners than lebron. I think Kobe has the most game winners in NBA history.
Frederic FOE
Frederic FOE پیش ماه
@Hanz C yeah and i would agree with you. however to me, Kobe vs Bron is like Hakeem vs Shaq. Bron and Shaq dominance are due to their size and players not as big are difficult to compare but that's why we have skill set to compare.
Ax Man
Ax Man پیش ماه
RIP Mamba smh,i didn't even know Demar was from L.A. good shit
D MAYJOR پیش ماه
Yeah he went to Compton High
Sibi Antony
Sibi Antony پیش ماه
he from Compton
Jason S p u r l e y
Jason S p u r l e y پیش ماه
Real talk bro 💯 Tru
Lorenzo Bandz TV
Lorenzo Bandz TV پیش ماه
Kobe the best man....its easy to get inspired by him
Grant Schexnayder
Grant Schexnayder پیش ماه
Oh yeah
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