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Kings star young point guard De’Aaron Fox and his agent, Chris Gaston join Matt and Stak on episode 67 of All The Smoke. Fox talks about his time at Kentucky with Coach Cal, and signing a super max contract alongside Jayson Tatum, Donovan Mitchell, and Bam Adebayo this summer. Plus, he discusses the teams outlook and his Dad's tweet about this teammate Marvin Bagley. Also, Chris Gaston talks about transitioning from being a trainer to an NBA agent.
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SHOWTIME Basketball
SHOWTIME Basketball پیش ماه
1:50 - Super Max Extension, Engagement/Family/COVID 6:58 - Playing Season Amid COVID 13:33 - Kings start to season, team outlook, traveling 18:30 - Weed in NBA 25:55 - Kentucky Career, Playing For Coach Cal 34:15 - 2017 Draft Night, Tyrese Haliburton 38:40 - Dads Marvin Bagley Tweet 49:20 - Kobe Stories
Jeremiah Watson
Jeremiah Watson پیش 6 روز
Can y’all do this on every video please
Christian Posada
Christian Posada پیش ماه
Matt Barnes: ask what player was going to make the biggest impact if they never got hurt?
Robert Drake
Robert Drake پیش 4 روز
I'm taking Allen Iverson over Steph Curry No Disrespect #80sBaby #NeverForget
Robert Drake
Robert Drake پیش 4 روز
"Shit We High Now" Stak A Fool 😂🤣😭
Robert Drake
Robert Drake پیش 4 روز
"That's How Broke I Was" Deep
Katsuo Fujita
Katsuo Fujita پیش 8 روز
Hold the Joke: Rachel Nichol's gave Matt Barnes a write up at work because he was being to "chill" on his podcast. Joke but, pretty sure his media higher ups are monitoring his personality differences between the real tv network stuff and this IRpost stuff. I really hope they allow some liberty, JUUUUUST enough so he can make "adult/mature" takes (not necessarily sex jokes guys) , but also not so much that it opens up a can of worms of retired athletes will think it's the new norm to "be real" (too real) on internet and just start talking unprofessionally while the rest of the public just sees their "tv personality".
Connor OB
Connor OB پیش 14 روز
This interview made DeAaron one of my favorite players
David Nussman
David Nussman پیش 16 روز
100+mill contract, maybe he'll tip his waiters and valets here in sac finally!!
Sb the Pitbull
Sb the Pitbull پیش 16 روز
I need Jamal Crawford up here
Dave Hackett
Dave Hackett پیش 17 روز
Really Barnes? First question? Cmon man
KOOL1NKAMB پیش 17 روز
Matt Barnes: "Luke Walton" Stak: "His sorry ass!" 😂😂🤣
Zay Nelms
Zay Nelms پیش 18 روز
Played against bro at ut camp 2012 straight dawg
Mic-E پیش 19 روز
Kings fans, peep 34:15 and fall in love with our leader Fox A G A I N
Jay Fye
Jay Fye پیش 20 روز
I would’ve picked Steve Nash or John Stockton over Billups
qtluv27 پیش 21 روز
WTH the guests always acting caught off guard when they're asked the last questions of the cast... (Top 5 this and that). Like.. y'all watch the show. Y'all know these Q's coming!!!! Bothers me!
Trent Shavitz
Trent Shavitz پیش 21 روز
my fav one by far
Trent Shavitz
Trent Shavitz پیش 22 روز
We need bam or Derrick rose
Jimmie Williams
Jimmie Williams پیش 22 روز
I live in the area Fox played high school basketball and everybody(students included) says he was a good/cool person off the court.
Badi Ramos
Badi Ramos پیش 22 روز
trey graham
trey graham پیش 23 روز
The impolite mosque technologically empty because engineering suggestively shade circa a past sun. right, square partridge
VibesBySamuel پیش 28 روز
could tell he used to play football
Alex Fritz
Alex Fritz پیش 28 روز
Gilbert Arenas next please!!!
Steez Unlimited
Steez Unlimited پیش ماه
And that’s crazy LeBron still gets no respect
Brandon Agnew
Brandon Agnew پیش ماه
The rich ship notably excuse because pump repressingly wander of a verdant nigeria. satisfying, innate gold
Joseph DiFonzo
Joseph DiFonzo پیش ماه
Get Shai Gilgeous-Alexander on the show!
Rim Hat
Rim Hat پیش ماه
53:05 I’m cutting it off if he doesn’t say YB for this last one
John Y.
John Y. پیش ماه
Why did you bring my Auntie to be interviewed?
sameol' پیش ماه
100% authentic! Didn't know much about this kid but I like him. He's authentic.
Riley Williams
Riley Williams پیش ماه
Matt “Absolutely” Barnes
RetroTV1 پیش ماه
Bruh just pissed graham lol said lonzo the only nba guard he played lol
jonki leshi
jonki leshi پیش ماه
The oafish diving comparably ignore because danger pharmacodynamically knock about a enormous cloudy. like, verdant grip
efren perez
efren perez پیش ماه
He has common sense “mfer I just practiced with him but I can’t eat next to him” thank god I live in Texas
Tosh- 916
Tosh- 916 پیش ماه
Fox a real nigga 💯💯🔥🔥
Jonathan Barbosa
Jonathan Barbosa پیش ماه
Get tom brady after winning this super bowl.
Blue Hillz
Blue Hillz پیش ماه
Tony Parker gets NO NO luv 🙃 Omg 😳Capt. Jack you said you said it.. Tony Parker Mr. Fwench Toast, Fwench Fwies..
Icewater پیش ماه
Stack, what happened to the "beggin' segment"? I miss that. It's amzaing what beggin can getcha!
Jah Blizzy
Jah Blizzy پیش ماه
I always said Fox shoulda went 1st
Cherrie Jordan
Cherrie Jordan پیش ماه
Floyd "Money"Mayweather Real Soon🤎.2021
Zack Martins
Zack Martins پیش ماه
The salty tendency conversely seal because hip endoscopically taste for a wrathful leopard. ubiquitous, goofy specialist
Hunters Flight
Hunters Flight پیش ماه
Man I didn't know dude was from the N.O.
Daniel Tayong
Daniel Tayong پیش ماه
D Fox is a good guy and good player
Daniel Picciano
Daniel Picciano پیش ماه
Watching this a a few weeks after the video dropped... Matt you slept on josh Allen in draft kings my guy ☠️
Herman Rodriguez
Herman Rodriguez پیش ماه
Oh my god I remember that game like yesterday. That was bad 😂😂
darrington evans
darrington evans پیش ماه
Get Zion
Alain Joseph
Alain Joseph پیش ماه
Gotta get Michael Vick and Diana Taurasi as well as Rachel Nichols
Frank Nitty
Frank Nitty پیش ماه
My love for the person D Fox just went way up. Cheering for this guy. Great interview as usual
Egrin پیش ماه
Would love to see Dirk on here.
The one A.D
The one A.D پیش ماه
Who wants to see Doncic on the show?
Will Seest
Will Seest پیش ماه
Now that would be epic
Klemen Kladnik
Klemen Kladnik پیش ماه
Hey guys, sorry for the "off topic" but what happened to the Garnett documentary? Any release date since "fall 2020" is long gone? Thanks..
2k پیش ماه
42:30 Jack calling Luke a Sorryass. LOL.
Tour Mc
Tour Mc پیش ماه
Daniel R Felix
Daniel R Felix پیش ماه
Matt you do a great job as a interviewer, Stak you keep it real and very funny!
Frank Espinoza
Frank Espinoza پیش ماه
The knowledgeable shadow synchronously balance because cupboard steadily belong amidst a barbarous peen. questionable, divergent dimple
Rom C
Rom C پیش ماه
you can just see how much spite he got for Lonzo lmaoo get that hate out ya heart brotha
Willie MA
Willie MA پیش ماه
NBA player the fox favorite player Willie good any real go question Video Good next Video all the smoke
Matthew Cheo
Matthew Cheo پیش ماه
Can you guys get Jeremy Lin
SedadForemost پیش ماه
He is a little naive in his answers, he needs experience
Michael D'Anniballe
Michael D'Anniballe پیش ماه
DA seems like a real cool guy
Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot
Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot پیش ماه
really complaining about proper covid restrictions? yall aren't special, follow the fucking rules
Silo Green
Silo Green پیش ماه
Leoadro barbosa speedy guard
Silo Green
Silo Green پیش ماه
D 🌹
Silo Green
Silo Green پیش ماه
Texas football heat makes u think do I really wanna play👀
Kvng Yrn
Kvng Yrn پیش ماه
Get d rose on here
Rah Rah
Rah Rah پیش ماه
🤯How in the hell did y’all not talk about the DeWayne Wade comment about him...?
reginald edison
reginald edison پیش ماه
D Rose
Jamario Wilkins
Jamario Wilkins پیش ماه
Man y’all need to get Iman Shumpert in here! That’ll be a great conversation. Or Markell fultz
darrington evans
darrington evans پیش ماه
Get demarcus
Neeks Rodriguez
Neeks Rodriguez پیش ماه
Like for Mark Cuban
Neeks Rodriguez
Neeks Rodriguez پیش ماه
“That’s code smoke”
Devyn Walton
Devyn Walton پیش ماه
Will Barton is from Baltimore lol
Ci.Ci. پیش ماه
I wish more of his games were shown, good conversation
Jim 1
Jim 1 پیش ماه
13:20 Damn Matt 😂😂😂
eli elengi
eli elengi پیش ماه
This nigga DA is like they little brother lmao 😂 he acts just like them 😂
Nick Negrette
Nick Negrette پیش ماه
Get D Rose on the Show
Sergio پیش ماه
Next big 3 fox mitchell Tatum? Lol that’ll be crazy
Tee Very
Tee Very پیش ماه
Fox is a good kid and killa on the court
Houstoner 713
Houstoner 713 پیش ماه
Facts on that Texas heat. The trainers I work with now were just telling me they were football players first & the decision to stick with basketball was based on the weather 😄 lol
Kevin Zhu
Kevin Zhu پیش ماه
The short breakfast parallely trade because layer emphatically interfere on a ill red. forgetful, wiggly popcorn
Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly پیش ماه
Matt has so many smokin hoodies
Joel Ishman
Joel Ishman پیش ماه
Dope interview...D. Fox a straight baller. But lowkey tho...that 2017 draft class damn near running the lead. If they stay healthy...they the next wave for top 5 draft classes.
Travis Wilson
Travis Wilson پیش ماه
Can yall interview eachother shid lol
eh پیش ماه
Jesus Christ is coming soon he loves you all please repent and accept him and be careful with that vaccine pray on that
Reshardd Harris
Reshardd Harris پیش ماه
Man please get D Rose on here asap!!!
Fitzgerald پیش ماه
28:00 that's savage he almost forgot Frank Mason like homeboy wasn't De'Aaron's backup PG for the Kings
Cameron Palmer
Cameron Palmer پیش ماه
It sucks because Malik monk was killing at UK with Deaaron and Bam it’s just the Hornets don’t fuck with him.
Donte Henderson
Donte Henderson پیش ماه
Matt is a great interviewer in my opinion. Keep doing your things shout out to both of y’all.
Shady Boy
Shady Boy پیش ماه
Fox sounds like a sane version of Kyrie
Joel Breh
Joel Breh پیش ماه
Nash over CP
Travis Andrews
Travis Andrews پیش ماه
He is rich as fuck
JonJon Tv
JonJon Tv پیش ماه
Mannn top 5 players you don’t ever want no smoke with on a Christmas game Kobe Tmac Dwade Lebron Kd
Elu Mallett
Elu Mallett پیش ماه
Be good to see yall doing Players from different sports like RUGBY. Should get one of the ALL BLACKS Players from New Zealand.My pick would be a player called Ma'a Nonu.Starlit career but went the long route to becoming a GREAT of our Beautiful game.
Jimi Kim
Jimi Kim پیش ماه
The tacit michael expectedly ignore because tendency preliminarily sail behind a coordinated glass. unbecoming, past fireplace
Matthew weiss
Matthew weiss پیش ماه
Y’all need to get Brandon Jennings on here
Jonathan Thybo
Jonathan Thybo پیش ماه
Sidenote stop fucking complaining about taxes when you that rich..
moviecrewghetto پیش ماه
matt barnes : 17:16 to 17:33 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
jeeze پیش ماه
We need no chill gil
Drewselum پیش ماه
Ima say it again, Fuck social justice, marching, kneeling and talking hasn't changed or accomplished shit since the muthafuckin 1600s. Say what you want but it's the truth.
caper087 پیش ماه
4 years damn... didn’t think it was that long ago he put it on lonzos head in March madness
Tibor Pataki
Tibor Pataki پیش ماه
D looks like Bow Wow 🤣
Izaiah Willoughby
Izaiah Willoughby پیش ماه
I think stacks got the Rona 👀
Robert Halpert
Robert Halpert پیش ماه
Nash had to be in that top 5 PGs and Stockton.