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Former NFL receiver Brandon Marshall joins the show for episode 58. Marshall opens up to Matt and Stak about his long NFL career, the difficulties of not winning a Super Bowl and the mental issues he has faced. The 6x Pro Bowler also shares his mount rushmore of NFL receivers, talks about his short time playing with Russ in Seattle and his post football career working in media.
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Joel Rheaume
Joel Rheaume پیش 16 روز
What happened to the list of topics as a pinned comment?
lite codes
lite codes پیش 20 روز
aaron francis
aaron francis پیش 25 روز
"Brandon 6 time pro bowlers can get knocked out too" lol
K. Vallatine
K. Vallatine پیش 25 روز
Stephen Jackson rocking that Live Above the Hype hat! Solid.
Josh Mac
Josh Mac پیش 26 روز
The truthful bone ophthalmoscopically fire because ash additionally muddle than a sincere throat. average, healthy robin
Samuel Herring
Samuel Herring پیش ماه
When the owners are on the opposite side of the players, I stop watching....☠
Samuel Herring
Samuel Herring پیش ماه
Damn you from East Lib!!????!?!💯💯💯
Drench Productions
Drench Productions پیش ماه
BMarsh is one of my favorite receivers !!
Truck Driver
Truck Driver پیش ماه
Get randy moss on the show
Truck Driver
Truck Driver پیش ماه
Get terrell Owens on the show
JustWhisky پیش ماه
I’m really glad he got his mental health issues together man. I remember when he was on the Bears and he first started being outspoken about mental health, he was Lowkey out in front of a huge change in our social climate.
E H پیش ماه
He just annoying on First Things First with his bball takes.
Jason Mccarren
Jason Mccarren پیش ماه
Get Jordan on there.
BK Moves
BK Moves پیش ماه
B Marshall said it the best about basketball. It is not a team sport especially on offense. I seen one person beat a conference. Hint: Lebron
MikeBNumba6 پیش ماه
Does Stephen Jackson ever talk or ask questions? He just sits there with a blank face 90%of the to time
Nurzawirah Abdulawi
Nurzawirah Abdulawi پیش ماه
WhTs PJ means?
joshuaoct1989 پیش ماه
What Jack no bout that sideline POP
Jimmy Lim
Jimmy Lim پیش ماه
“I don’t snowboard, I ice skate..cause black people been skating on thin ice our whole life” 🤣🤣🤣 Captain Jack dropping gems though!
Juicejoynt پیش ماه
"With the virtual handshake." My favorite part of the intro
Michael Hammock
Michael Hammock پیش ماه
Gotta have chad on now 😂
Cornelius Small
Cornelius Small پیش ماه
got a concussion playing football on cement. A hater cut my legs from under me.
Quinton Lott
Quinton Lott پیش ماه
I lied, can we get Candice Parker or Tarassi
Quinton Lott
Quinton Lott پیش ماه
CAN WE GET 50 Cent
Christopher Harper
Christopher Harper پیش ماه
Great interview I love all the smoke. Been down since episode 1. Keep going 🔥🔥🔥
Christopher Harper
Christopher Harper پیش ماه
Bruh did Stak pass out towards the end of this interview. 😂😂😂 ain't no telling all the work he probably did before this interview. Get you some rest bro 😂😂😂
Hooper پیش ماه
People forget how great he was
Kevin Coleman
Kevin Coleman پیش ماه
Jack thin ice line was funny 🤣🤣🤣
justin billops
justin billops پیش ماه
oh n B marshall should go to the @NFL #Halloffame when his number is called frfr 100 .....
justin billops
justin billops پیش ماه
Stak n Matt love yall n B Marshall love u as well dis show is dope
Busy Mom
Busy Mom پیش ماه
I'm glad that Tom is supporting A sometimes you need hands on support. I respect Tom as a man for that
misunderstoodkj پیش ماه
Brandon Marshall is so fine!!
pamela angela
pamela angela پیش ماه
Okay now I want to see Matt and Stak on I am Athlete podcast now
mimi pollok
mimi pollok پیش ماه
i wanna see shaq and big shot bob
Charles Coley
Charles Coley پیش ماه
Definitely want ricky williams on the show
Billy Ocean
Billy Ocean پیش ماه
"Tracked the ball through the lights" yeah I know why I ain't go pro now😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Peyton Rosenberg
Peyton Rosenberg پیش ماه
I would like to saw marbury on here
Peyton Rosenberg
Peyton Rosenberg پیش ماه
Barnes always sounds sound congested Lol
Mahari M
Mahari M پیش ماه
On some basketball shit WE NEED D.ROSE ASAP!!!!!
Tyson Blaik
Tyson Blaik پیش ماه
I feel you @BrandonMarshall. That Maybach Music 2 is a ... #Classic
C. Richardson
C. Richardson پیش ماه
Daniel Torres
Daniel Torres پیش ماه
> who’s surviving 2020?
Leon T
Leon T پیش ماه
Who knows about that sideline kill 😂
Marchant Tucker
Marchant Tucker پیش ماه
Get Katt williams, Mike epps, shaq, dennis rodman, or hugh jackman
Tez4 پیش ماه
Jack gotta get more active than 1 liners and quick hitters at the end lmaoo
Jay Jones
Jay Jones پیش ماه
Definitely need Marshawn Up here
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson پیش ماه
Phil handy !!!!
fonz112 Goss
fonz112 Goss پیش ماه
You were a very lucky individual for there are hundreds of you. Be thankful.
Brandt Waller
Brandt Waller پیش ماه
Appreciate you Mr. Marshall. I went undefeated my senior then lost in the semis... the goal was there and im mad as fuck we didn’t get the ring... i know its not the same but nice as always to hear im not alone
persleezy پیش ماه
Put Zach Randolph on the show.
Terrick Gulley
Terrick Gulley پیش ماه
Have D rose as your next guest
Jermaine Williams
Jermaine Williams پیش ماه
Steelers Nation🔥
Joseph Aluko
Joseph Aluko پیش ماه
We need Marshawn lynch, Gilbert arenas, Chad Johnson, Michael Vick on all the Smoke !
Mario Harrell
Mario Harrell پیش ماه
Terrell Owens
Alex Lilley
Alex Lilley پیش ماه
Jamal Crawford
Mel S
Mel S پیش ماه
3 of the Livest dudes in sports. Brandon played football the way Matt & Stacks played Basketball. He wasn't the greatest, but he played with Heart & Soul with the Bears.
campaign strong
campaign strong پیش ماه
Dope ass interview, All The MF Smoke
King Cole
King Cole پیش ماه
I wanna see jake fight Brandon Marshall
D PG پیش ماه
Brandon been training boxing STACK5 tell him to k.o. his ass lol
Shelia Bonner
Shelia Bonner پیش ماه
Walking the stadium is something Russell Wilson says does all the time.
Jeremy Headen
Jeremy Headen پیش ماه
Not going lie I can't stand Brandon on first things first, so it took me a sec to watch this video but out of respect for Matt and Stax I will show guy some love.
Baltazar Pacheco
Baltazar Pacheco پیش ماه
Get Marshawn Lynch !
Locs The Chef
Locs The Chef پیش ماه
If you enjoy smoking weed and watching sport, shout out to you. 😤
jeremy wadeski
jeremy wadeski پیش ماه
Gilbert areans need to be on here
adil elmjadli
adil elmjadli پیش ماه
le peuple want Mahmoud...White 🍫
Dell پیش ماه
I hate when they use general words like "they" or "them"...stop being scared and use actual names or leave it alone. Stop the blanket statements tho
Badass Whiteboy
Badass Whiteboy پیش ماه
Finally someone gives revis that credit dude was a beast
Perc Angle
Perc Angle پیش ماه
Who asked for this sht..
rulerzigzagallah پیش ماه
Ay, B. Marsh... I fucking love you, dude. The Aries in me loves this fucking Aries. Thank you, brother for being “that strong jock “ to open up about mental “illnesses”.
Mistah GT
Mistah GT پیش ماه
Listen to Henny Talk (Extended) by Mistah GT on #SoundCloud
Ndemo Obed
Ndemo Obed پیش ماه
Everything was going smooth till Brandon mentioned the clippers and even made a prediction calling them 2021 dude you gotta understand they don't have nothing to offer when it comes to trades when the rest of the NBA is loading up
Faetflutsch پیش ماه
Bryant Worthing
Bryant Worthing پیش ماه
Seahawks legend Brandon Marshall
Buky Badass
Buky Badass پیش ماه
stephen jackson says about 4 words each episode
George Tapia
George Tapia پیش ماه
Chad Ochocinco And Marshawn Lynch Need To Get On da smoke
K C پیش ماه
He's A Gr8 Interview and Y'all were Superb as Always!
Gerson Lemus
Gerson Lemus پیش ماه
Brandon’s predictions are so bad lol
Francisco Moreno
Francisco Moreno پیش ماه
You barley hear anyone bring up Andre Johnson, he was so underrated
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones پیش ماه
The joe Johnson of nfl
Bryant Worthing
Bryant Worthing پیش ماه
DJ Scientific
DJ Scientific پیش ماه
Yo, I'm very proud of all three of you dudes!!! Please keep doing your thing in your respective endeavors! Matt and Jack...GREAT FUKKIN SHOW man!!! I'm a big fan! #Respect #Blessings
Romiierome MakeItHot
Romiierome MakeItHot پیش ماه
Sideline kill!!!!damn memories
Catina Norfleet
Catina Norfleet پیش ماه
Brandon Marshall has come A LONG WAY. I'm proud of this dude.
Daniel Torres
Daniel Torres پیش ماه
James Johnson
James Johnson پیش ماه
Y’all need to get Channing Crowder on here
Jon Tate
Jon Tate پیش ماه
Get Lebron
Collins Okafor
Collins Okafor پیش ماه
I love all my niggas around the world!!!
2020 Sucks Really Badly
2020 Sucks Really Badly پیش ماه
Paul George is the next episode on god.
gjack916 پیش ماه
I can speak on it...I’m from the 916...MATT WAS THE TRUTH in football...that Sac Town, class of 98’ was ill!!!
RuelMP پیش ماه
Wheres the time stamp person? lol
joey gonzales
joey gonzales پیش ماه
His 2015 season with the Jets is underrated
Franklyn Stubbs
Franklyn Stubbs پیش ماه
Good Day Yes He Has
The Bar Ladies
The Bar Ladies پیش ماه
The guys did Brandon's show, but maybe it hasn't aired yet. In this interview, Matt just said they were on his show a month ago.
Travis Copeland
Travis Copeland پیش ماه
How do a person get the clinical help they need if they don’t have the resources that a Brandon Marshall has ?
Shoot It Up !
Shoot It Up ! پیش ماه
We need Gilbert on here fr
intellectualsista پیش ماه
If you get Hov, what’s the 1st question? That was good B Marsh👌🏾
intellectualsista پیش ماه
Thin ice our whole life...that’s a bar! 🤣 Stak
A- MONEY پیش ماه
Get Carmelo Anthony and Damain Lillard
Slime Beno
Slime Beno پیش ماه
Morris Guy
Morris Guy پیش ماه
Yo matt. You gotta copyright that. Clothing line bro. #unfuckwithable
igobyneq پیش ماه
He was scared of getting hurt his career and all he wanted was to get paid
CoKo A
CoKo A پیش ماه
I feel like this is becoming more and more the Matt Barnes podcast. They need to go back and forth with the questions a little more
Tom P
Tom P پیش ماه
THE BEST FOOTBALL is in the south. He almost had it right lol
c. rivera
c. rivera پیش ماه
Steve smith sr next
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