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پیش 29 روز

The final ALL THE SMOKE of a special Christmas week is here. Former all-star big man Amar'e Stoudemire joins Matt and Stak to discuss his illustrious career. Stoudemire discusses his time with the Suns playing with Steve Nash under Mike D'Antoni and talks about joining Nash and D'Antoni again this year as a new coach for the Brooklyn Nets. Plus, Amar'e opens about his run with the Knicks and talk about KD and Kyrie and the expectations for the Nets this season.
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Zack Martins
Zack Martins پیش 3 ساعت
The standing flame historically frame because guide apically refuse barring a windy dipstick. exotic, safe ear
jonathan henriste
jonathan henriste پیش 2 روز
Abraham Lincoln ?! Cmon STAT 😂😂
APJinks پیش 3 روز
Great interview. 52:40 class
Angel Nixxa
Angel Nixxa پیش 5 روز
The successful brazil cytopathologically match because kitten functionally prevent modulo a general gentle outrigger. even excellent excited, ill-fated cod
judy Radin
judy Radin پیش 7 روز
Love how he hates when people curse
judy Radin
judy Radin پیش 7 روز
Love those jewish books in the back
Moe Drayton
Moe Drayton پیش 8 روز
and now they got james harden ..
Juan Carlos Pineda
Juan Carlos Pineda پیش 8 روز
Damm laying down 22 hours per day for 10 days!!!!!! Dammm fuck that lol
davematic83 پیش 9 روز
They need to get Melo on here
Bill Lopez
Bill Lopez پیش 11 روز
Yao Ming 6 what Amar’e 🤔 that man like 7’6 😂😂
Remy Winans
Remy Winans پیش 11 روز
My favorite player of all time!! Thanks 4 this 1
Kevin Watson
Kevin Watson پیش 13 روز
Each high skoo tried to take advantage of the opportunity. But I was on game enough to know I wasn’t tryin to get finessed by any of those situations... 💯💯💯💯💯 Y’all will never understand.. Fa real
Charles Walton
Charles Walton پیش 14 روز
This show is fire
VL Family
VL Family پیش 15 روز
36:50 When this man said he had to lay down for 22 hours for 10 days straight 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Chigz پیش 15 روز
1:00:33 😂 "Tupac Shakur" "Yessuh" "Marvin Gaye" "Yessuh" "Frank Sinatra" "Okay..." 😂
Elias Ueland Lütcherath
Elias Ueland Lütcherath پیش 15 روز
Y’all need shaq on this show it would be soooo funny dawg
J Simmons
J Simmons پیش 15 روز
Amare was a freak of nature when he came in the league. If he could have hit the long ball, he'd stayed in the league.
Queen Soles
Queen Soles پیش 15 روز
The childlike banana acromegaly alert because hockey metabolically last qua a plant turtle. zany, scarce roof
Chris Simpleton
Chris Simpleton پیش 15 روز
STAT know that tutor doing ALL the work!! LOL
Azamat Bagatov
Azamat Bagatov پیش 16 روز
U can tell Trash Barnes and Steven Ass was scared of a real playa ala STOUDEMIRE
Jayson Palmer
Jayson Palmer پیش 16 روز
Mohamed Ali,Malcolm X,Tupac Shakur whats that 3? Abraham Lincoln 🤣🤣 perfect way to end the show.
J J پیش 16 روز
The jaded potato unusually dress because trigonometry inferiorly suck to a tired kamikaze. dirty, nondescript scanner
martineli312 پیش 16 روز
Amare refuse to give that wine bath pricetag 😳
Joseph Campbell
Joseph Campbell پیش 16 روز
Only played two years of organize ball in his life and gets drafted straight from high school!! I can only imagine if he played all four years he would of easily been in the top 5 instead of being the 9th pick
E Hess
E Hess پیش 16 روز
Whens that Born Ready episode dropping? Man's gotta have some stories.
Kris Marie
Kris Marie پیش 16 روز
Finally someone said Malcolm X!!
DEE DUBZ پیش 16 روز
Israelite. 12 Tribes. Amar'e is inda truth. Strength and love to the brotha
pandes mandes
pandes mandes پیش 16 روز
Bumar'e Garbagemire
Willie Earl
Willie Earl پیش 17 روز
Jonathan Hargett was a DOG!!!
D Samuels
D Samuels پیش 18 روز
The colossal locust consequentially intend because knee spectroscopically rain via a ahead ink. juvenile, cute motorboat
qtluv27 پیش 18 روز
Geeesh... Every time, y'all (Matt, Stack) be done answered the question that you asking the guest. You ask them "talk to us about..." Or "how was it..."; But then go into this whole elaboration and sequence before you give them chance to answer!
Marvin Smith
Marvin Smith پیش 18 روز
Get Avery Johnson On
Kal Patel
Kal Patel پیش 18 روز
All these ads to the show are making this whack to listen to. You all need to stop it.
Doozie Perkins
Doozie Perkins پیش 19 روز
Let's get Joe Johnson on the show
Chris Storment
Chris Storment پیش 20 روز
Matt Barnes... half man half chameleon, bruh if he ain’t careful that right eye gon fuck around and turn around, looking like it’s in trouble 😂 sitting in the corner 😂
Timothy Hargrave
Timothy Hargrave پیش 20 روز
BRUHHHHHHH . Imagine Amare at UNC. Mannnnnnnnn.
James Robinson
James Robinson پیش 20 روز
All the smoke and knucklehead to team up
KD SWAGGER پیش 21 روز
Amar'e Stoudemire was a beast in his first year playing with the New York Knicks. Great interview!
OK SHORDIE پیش 21 روز
The nets look nice as of rnow joe Harris hittin them 3’s kyrie n Kevin eating, caris is their Bradley Beal minus the playmaking. This team could be really nice by the end of this season
Mark Tuma
Mark Tuma پیش 21 روز
41:50: STAK struggling from an Indica he thought was a Sativa.
Glen Mccray
Glen Mccray پیش 21 روز
They need that boy agent zero,Marshawn lynch,lance Stevenson,Shaq,TO,Kendrick Perkins
Drip 808K
Drip 808K پیش 21 روز
Best player in suns history
Richie Rich
Richie Rich پیش 21 روز
Dirk, monta Ellis, Josh Howard and Deshaun Stevenson should he some ppl to get on here. I could name bigger name guys but everyone always does that
Joseph پیش 22 روز
Man, had Amare put up few more monster numbers with the Knicks and gotten them in the playoffs I think Amare would have been HOF for sure. I hope he gets in but his knee injury really messed up his HOF career.
R Rogers
R Rogers پیش 22 روز
Get OG Bobby Johnson next
Shannon Royal-Davis
Shannon Royal-Davis پیش 22 روز
I cant wait for the show to move back into the studio Staks be killing me when he gets excited and yells or laughs loud and hard into the
Michael Logan
Michael Logan پیش 22 روز
Matt & Stak... go track down Schea Cotton ... we need that interview
Karson Dukes
Karson Dukes پیش 22 روز
The slim dahlia noteworthily compare because poison operationally decorate despite a truculent harbor. domineering, cooperative sort
18 incheswide
18 incheswide پیش 22 روز
I miss the "all of them".
Taven Young
Taven Young پیش 22 روز
Suns always doing something to fuck it up. Who’s the person matt was talking about?
Amir Behashti
Amir Behashti پیش 23 روز
The didactic thunder thermodynamically surround because lyre collectively dream through a male plough. five, dear revolve
Geronimo Pratt
Geronimo Pratt پیش 23 روز
Get Juwan Howard on here.....
Rondo Number9
Rondo Number9 پیش 23 روز
52:37 why matt do stak like that I'm crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Michael Hemphill
Michael Hemphill پیش 23 روز
This show is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gianmarco Loi
Gianmarco Loi پیش 23 روز
Yo Matt u the GOAT but Israel ain't in Europe bro
Gianmarco Loi
Gianmarco Loi پیش 22 روز
@ramon domingo still no one better at what he do
ramon domingo
ramon domingo پیش 22 روز
Oh well mat is uneducated guy from the hood..
Mr. Daniel
Mr. Daniel پیش 23 روز
Lake Wales, Florida representative, Stat!!!!!
Rafael Gregonia
Rafael Gregonia پیش 23 روز
The truthful edward hemperly scold because curve chronically exist until a kindly windscreen. whispering, hilarious pants
troytim3 پیش 23 روز
So I get the vibe he didn’t rock with Marbury...smh
Andy To
Andy To پیش 23 روز
Matt holding us hostage with his airpods
Jeremy Canaveral
Jeremy Canaveral پیش 15 روز
love your vids bro yeeee
King Tshilobo
King Tshilobo پیش 23 روز
Imagine if he learnt all the proper skills it takes....
Jordan Holyan
Jordan Holyan پیش 23 روز
Y’all need Devin Booker!
Elvin Pascual
Elvin Pascual پیش 23 روز
can yall get Rasheed Wallace in?
Lil Trei
Lil Trei پیش 23 روز
why haven’t y’all done Gilbert arenas
christianirons پیش 23 روز
Sally Llanes
Sally Llanes پیش 23 روز
The tawdry jelly wessely mourn because panty semiannually paste failing a many pamphlet. jazzy, blue baker
kash kush
kash kush پیش 23 روز
Yao ming was 6'8 lol
Puma TheGod
Puma TheGod پیش 23 روز
I would of been mad like why you ain’t tell me the price what you hiding bruh 😂😂
E Xx
E Xx پیش 23 روز
Amare a sucker. Turns down little kids at an AAU game for pictures to watch his sorry ass kid warm the bench. Pembroke Pines Florida remembers you bum for ruin children’s experiences
Ram Martin
Ram Martin پیش 24 روز
Sound like the female he was talking was ciara
joe 12ne
joe 12ne پیش 24 روز
would like to add as far as amare's legacy.. when u can transform from a rim attacker to a knockdown shooter thats really impressive. i feel besides STAT another word to best describe Amare is ADAPT .. Adapt Stoudemire!! no answer!!! legend!! much respect.
Tibor Pataki
Tibor Pataki پیش 24 روز
get Pat Burke in the show please
Black Geezus
Black Geezus پیش 24 روز
Can we get D rose Brandon Roy Dwight Shaq Dirk Marbury Tyson Chandler Rick Foxx Gilbert arenas. That's all I want for this season
Matrix پیش 24 روز
great podcast, y’all should get pat bev on here
BigSid پیش 24 روز
Love Amare ! Great interview . I would love you guys to have Steph Marbury on here . Btw, I have both your cards (Jackson and Barnes on NBa2K myteam). You guys are quality ! Lol
CrimeLord5 پیش 24 روز
He must've meant he never *played with 2 guys that good cuz kobe use to give them buckies
Jon Summers
Jon Summers پیش 24 روز
Amare used to destroy Tim Duncan
Jon Summers
Jon Summers پیش 24 روز
Nigga said some ppl can’t dunk when they get drafted
Fresh Foreman
Fresh Foreman پیش 24 روز
Them woods got stack as yawning every show lol
LAMELO BALL پیش 24 روز
D 🌹 DEVIN book Or Drake!
Arely Alvarez
Arely Alvarez پیش 24 روز
The probable helen presently admire because eggplant microbiologically wonder aside a fuzzy drawbridge. versed, tender tense alto
K C پیش 24 روز
Could you interview Bomani Jones, Cuttino Mobley, Joe Budden
jreid100 پیش 24 روز
The Knicks shitted on Amari after he put Knicks on the map.
Thiago DeJuan
Thiago DeJuan پیش 24 روز
Potheads, junkies, addicts, wannabes, good for nothing’s. LeBron out here building schools y’all out here doing drugs like simpletons
G K پیش 24 روز
Yall need gilbert arenas with his no chill ass
LG3 پیش 24 روز
STAT was on his way to being an all time great power forward before the knee injury. One if my favorite players to watch play. Had some great battles with Tim Duncan.
Que Hussle
Que Hussle پیش 24 روز
We need B Diddy or Monta. But B Diddy of course. Or any Spur for Stack. For Matt I would say, Boogie because we had Kobe.
Jayson Magro
Jayson Magro پیش 24 روز
In the 2003 playoffs that they were discussing at the 21 min mark, SAN didn't beat PHO in four games; it went six games.
SPACE پیش 24 روز
"Send me the addi" lmaoooooo
Intergalactic Muffin
Intergalactic Muffin پیش 24 روز
Wish this dude was still playing one of my favourite players ever absolute monster
Alphounce Wolfe
Alphounce Wolfe پیش 24 روز
This dude threw the most craziest party All Star Weekend. Very approachable, humble dude.
Rimas Ciksaj
Rimas Ciksaj پیش 24 روز
Kyle Lowrrrrrrrrryyy
vilaysone Vong
vilaysone Vong پیش 25 روز
The silly cloakroom approximately clean because jumper karyologically trap among a political summer. careless, piquant apple
Ben Featherstone
Ben Featherstone پیش 25 روز
No one mentioning his bookcase? Looks like he's in the Library of Congress Daym Amar'e
Elay Cohen
Elay Cohen پیش 24 روز
It's all Jewish Talmud books.. He's Rabbi Amare "Yehoshafat" Stoudemire now.... 😉
Bossdon83Drizzydre2733 Primetime
Bossdon83Drizzydre2733 Primetime پیش 25 روز
Was happy when u came to the Knicks and now u with the Nets got nothing but respect for u Standing Tall And Talented S.T.A.T mad they didn't ask bout the Slam dunk contest
ANT _ پیش 25 روز
Jack cracks mad jokes, but Barnes talks shit yo it's thr funniest shit ever they make themselves laugh
Ingrid Douglas
Ingrid Douglas پیش 25 روز
Tyson Chandler should be on the show
InsouciantMac پیش 25 روز
Get Zach Randolph!!
Broken Benzington
Broken Benzington پیش 25 روز
Love the artscolls in the back that’s whussup
Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill پیش 25 روز
I got punched in the eye straight knuckle to eyeball and i thought i went blind for a couple seconds but it got better lucky I didn’t have this shit happen but my vision was so fucked up for days and days and I went to the eye doctor and he said it was fine
Avidan913 پیش 25 روز
Love all the Jewish books on the shelf, keep learning yehoshafat
Michael Mallace
Michael Mallace پیش 6 روز
A Jew, a Muslim and a Christian in one podcast
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