Amar'e Stoudemire On KD & Kyrie: 'I've Never Seen 2 Players This Good' | Episode Drops Dec. 24

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Former All-Star big man Amar'e Stoudemire talks about his crazy 2020 that saw him stop hooping and join the Nets as a coach. Stoudemire also opens up about KD and Kyrie and talks about the talented Nets duo.
Full episode with Stoudemire drops December 24th.
Audio Version:
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Jorge McFarlane
Jorge McFarlane پیش 6 روز
He has to rethink this comment now that they have Harden
Asian Pride
Asian Pride پیش 20 روز
Kyrie can’t win without LBJ and with BOS. KD can’t win without Step, Klay, and Green. Now these two losers are together? LOL what can they do? Probably semi playoffs lol
plastic wheelchair
plastic wheelchair پیش 25 روز
I love how he called Steve 2 times at the end
Onyeil onyeil
Onyeil onyeil پیش 27 روز
Amare said he doesn't think he's seen 2 players as good as Kyrie&Kd. Am not quite sure if he means that he's neva played with or experienced dat b4, b/c dats true, but if he's saying he's neva SEEN 2 players dat good? I don't know about dat.
comedycreeper101 پیش 29 روز
Beautiful! Love the beis medeash behind him
Rashawn Fredricks
Rashawn Fredricks پیش ماه
FOH! Great times getting y’all ASSES BUST! (Pause🧏🏾‍♂️)
Marquice Council
Marquice Council پیش ماه
Where is the full episode?
joydivsion77 پیش ماه
:49 Kyrie burning sage at the bottom of the screen
Walter Banks
Walter Banks پیش ماه
Wait. What? Kareem and magic Shaq and penny mike and pippen lebron and wade shaq and Kobe. 🤫🤷🏾‍♂️
abidjanais0 پیش ماه
Lebron era
Mr. Ohio
Mr. Ohio پیش ماه
I'ma keep it a buck... When we start talking about "never this good" we need to specify. We definitely not talking overall Cause KY Irv is a defense liability Period!. KD can't guard no Bigs or a shifty guard. He can stay in from of a 3 or 4. But not lock them down. Every time someone brings up KD they always say offense. Never do anyone bring up Defense. He got 2 solid Def years to his career. All with the warriors. Because he was guarding mostly 2s and some 3s and did some rim protection because of his length. Dray would take the 5 or 4. Klay and Iggy would take the best players. So... My point is lets please be specific with these generalizations of "never good". There has been plenty of player that good. KD been in the league since 2007 and has yet to be placed on anyone's mount rushmore. Ky Irv may have one of the best handles ever. Between him, Iverson and Pistol Pete. But what else is it that he brings that body else has? I have never seen a player that whos last two teams do better when he's off the court or not playing than Ky Irv. But ok...
Bkc 14
Bkc 14 پیش ماه
he locked harden and cp3 down in the playoffs before he got hurt.
OFW Chronicles World
OFW Chronicles World پیش ماه
Wait till the season ends...then let's talk
un a5xp
un a5xp پیش ماه
Tony Holmes
Tony Holmes پیش ماه
When he says as talented maybe he means things they can do. To be honest Durant can do more for his size than any big Ive ever seen and Kyrie can do more things with the ball and moves (to the basket) than almost any small I've ever seen (Curry also). Are they the Best?? Debateble... but he's right they are super talented.
Pat Dorgu
Pat Dorgu پیش ماه
Brooklyn not winning a title lol
Eric Pressley
Eric Pressley پیش ماه
I guess he must have blinked when he saw Kobe & lebron play 🤷🏾‍♂️
Jay Simpson
Jay Simpson پیش ماه
The halting sock dewailly heat because certification immunohistologically add sans a invincible lasagna. inconclusive, stereotyped lawyer
unclewang پیش ماه
if you dont know what Amar'e means then you probably dont hoop, hes basically hinting at the fact that the skill level KD and Kyrie are at is the highest he's seen which would be TRUE!
Doe B
Doe B پیش ماه
Jordan & pippen, Magic & Kareem, Shaq and Kobe? Lol boy full of crap. Mofos ain’t even compete for anything yet
Doe B
Doe B پیش 22 روز
@kin kino yeah that’s really the only person I named that he’s better than
kin kino
kin kino پیش ماه
Kd better than pipp
ALYoungFuture پیش ماه
I’ll take the ones who’s won a championship they 1st year together Bron & AD
Frank R
Frank R پیش ماه
If they can stay healthy...Definitely gonna be a formidable challenge.
Bang Kao
Bang Kao پیش ماه
I have their name is Lebron James and Anthony Davis.
Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever
Clyde the Glide #top5SG&top10dunkerever پیش ماه
KD and Kyrie are perhaps the two most SKILLED scoring (versatile) players on the same team we've ever seen
James Barber
James Barber پیش ماه
Fin AI
Fin AI پیش ماه
Grand Bookshelf
Jakeem پیش ماه
anybody knows the book series on the middle shelf?
Black Cavi
Black Cavi پیش ماه
Kyrie is self-absorbed
Ivan Torres
Ivan Torres پیش ماه
Lol amare must have forgot kd winning two-three chips with another pg. 🤦🏽‍♂️
Respect The Wiz
Respect The Wiz پیش ماه
KD & steph ain’t exist?
Jason G
Jason G پیش ماه
Steph over kyrie any day any week any month any year!!!
shabazz360 پیش ماه
Context people. He means skills wise scoring from the perimeter. He may be right.
Archie Bunker
Archie Bunker پیش ماه
Amare was a pure beast and they Got Mello didn't really understand
Roland Roland
Roland Roland پیش ماه
KD Steph ?? Come on amare, that was pure bs 🤦🏿‍♂️🤣
Roland Roland
Roland Roland پیش ماه
JAEDYN RIVERA I am a GM, I am taking Steph🤷🏿‍♂️
Roland Roland You can’t be serious right now. Please tell me your joking
Roland Roland
Roland Roland پیش ماه
JAEDYN RIVERA yea yea. He got skills but he does unnecessary things. So skills is dribble dribble and dribble ?? Give me a f**** break 🤦🏿‍♂️
He’s talking about skill. Scoring ability. Kyrie is definitely the most Skilled guard in the league rn. You’re delusional if you think not
Adrian Rice
Adrian Rice پیش ماه
I still feel like Nets didn't need D'Antoni or Amare but w/e
Damn that’s a shot at Nash
Thegawd VEGITO!!!?!!
Thegawd VEGITO!!!?!! پیش ماه
Lol KD and steph was a better combo than kyrie and KD lol
Thegawd VEGITO!!!?!!
Thegawd VEGITO!!!?!! پیش ماه
@Blitz Exotic kyrie is not better than steph and kyrie and KD games doesn't match up that well
Blitz Exotic
Blitz Exotic پیش ماه
How they ain't played a season yet smh
Cee Brown
Cee Brown پیش ماه
He knows he capping 😂💯 Kareem/Magic Bird/Mchale LeBron/Wade Kobe/Shaq Penny/Shaq Duncan/Robinson Malone/Stockton Durant/Steph Klay/Steph Durant/Westbrook LeBron/Kyrie Payton/Kemp Kareem/Oscar I can go on and on they are far from the best tandem but you have to built team chemistry I guess I understand 😂🤷🏾‍♂️
Jay Judah
Jay Judah پیش ماه
I remember meeting Amarie at church in Phoenix. Real humble. I was like 17. 💯💯
Jonathan Peacock
Jonathan Peacock پیش ماه
Come on Amari stoudemire you saying some stupid ass shit first of all Kyrie is not as good as ad so they can't be possibly be good as LeBron and AD they damn sure not better than MJ and Scottie damn sure not better than magic and Kareem not better than Shaq and Kobe stop it
Damar James
Damar James پیش ماه
Kobe and Shaq. Lebron and Kyrie . Lebron and AD. Should I keep going
Ron Gotti
Ron Gotti پیش ماه
Lakers in 5
Al Boog
Al Boog پیش ماه
Dam, steph chopped liver? Mj and Scottie ? Shaq/penny ,shaq/Kobe, bron and wade? I’m not gon even go into the show time lakers era lmao Sit yo hurt ass down amare😂😂
Michael Ashton
Michael Ashton پیش ماه
Jordan never won a ring without Pippen and yall claim Jordan the goat so that the best duo. If you ask me you just watched the greatest duo win a championship. I think AD is the best PF ever. Both have the top 3 higheest PER rating in NBA history.
Dell پیش ماه
So in Amar'e mind they better than shaq and kobe, lebron and dwayne, duncan parker or curry klay
Khoa Do
Khoa Do پیش ماه
Kobe and Shaq ? Bron and AD ? Kareem and Magic ? What is this man talking about lol oh wait, dude is Nets assistant coach... i see now
MLG 2K JAY GAMES پیش ماه
He should coach Toppings from the Knicks
labron jones
labron jones پیش ماه
LeBron and d wade
Serious پیش ماه
Nets building a team within a team lol Amar'e Nash Dantoni...I guess Grant Hill gonna leave the booth soon
Sir smokes a lot Samson
Sir smokes a lot Samson پیش ماه
Umm how bout when he was in the warriors? Curry is light years beyond kyrie
TJunreal321 پیش ماه
I've seen 2 players better, Steph and KD
J Haywood
J Haywood پیش ماه
How is the name of the podcast not in the title at all? Seems weird.
Amare got a rapper voice lol he remind me of shine
Slim Dunk'n
Slim Dunk'n پیش ماه
I clicked with intent of saying this is shade to LeBron (& Kyrie on Cavs) but I see he means in person day to day (from coaching/team perspective)
Earthday 1994
Earthday 1994 پیش ماه
Amare suit up for a season
Divine One
Divine One پیش ماه
Courteous of Steve Nash to get his guy a job within the organization. I respect that. ✊🏾💯
ImJussKyle پیش ماه
Kyrie was on another team with a better player before
proto پیش ماه
Kob and Shaq Ad Bron Mik pippen Dirk nash Duncan and Robinson Magic kareem
Gerald Chisley
Gerald Chisley پیش ماه
KD is the best offensive weapon in the league hands down he is AD with better handles and better jump shot why you think Lebron went out of his way to get him on the team. Now they investigating the Clippers and Kawhi lol yeah its set up for Lebron to win again just like the past 15 years
Peter Akinrinade
Peter Akinrinade پیش ماه
But Kyrie got all the flack in the world for the same type of statement.
lnd1998 پیش ماه
Rip literally like 50 other all time great duos starting from Jerry and elgin😂
Albert W. Chang
Albert W. Chang پیش 23 روز
Game has evolved, Jerry and Elgin are trailblazers of the game but they really don’t stand a chance against Kyrie and KD... come on now
Red King
Red King پیش ماه
Lebron and AD must not of dominated the whole league last year
soblessed D General
soblessed D General پیش ماه
I hate this over exaggerating of players. Kyrie n KD havent done ntn together yet n y'all praying them..let it bloom first before y'all talk crap
Duane Isaacs
Duane Isaacs پیش ماه
Lakers vs Brooklyn. Probably the most lit championship will happen this year.
z3abu پیش ماه
Jordan/Pippen - hello?
Mario Morris
Mario Morris پیش ماه
Mike and Scottie are way way better Wade and LeBron are better Magic and Kareem
Athletic_Education پیش ماه
He knows damn well his lying about them being the two best players his ever seen
G KICKS پیش ماه
Tristan Williams
Tristan Williams پیش ماه
So he never seen mike and Scottie play ?!!
J.Marley پیش ماه
I knw amare getting scrimmages in 😂😂
Eric GoodLife Johnson
Eric GoodLife Johnson پیش ماه
He didn't really elaborate on that when he said two of the best players he's ever seen. Probably two of the most skillful players he's ever seen. A lot of people are talking about Shaq and Kobe but Shaq was just real dominant. Not so much skillful
Truck پیش ماه
Finally someone who gets it. Shaq was a physical freak, but he WASN'T skillful at all. Akeem Olajuwon was a skillful center. Jordan is the GOAT because he combined skill and great athletic ability. Lebron is a physical freak being 6'9 260 and able to run and jump like that. But even he's not as skillful as K.D. or Kyrie. If K.D. or Kyrie had the athletic ability of some of the other guys it really wouldn't be a debate. As far as pure skill, Tracy McGrady is another guy that I would put right along with K.D. and Kyrie.
Jonathan soto
Jonathan soto پیش ماه
The brooklyn nets are gonna dethrone the los Angeles lakers in 2021.
yaBoy2000 HEARD
yaBoy2000 HEARD پیش ماه
Christopher Jinn
Christopher Jinn پیش ماه
JPPSrules پیش ماه
So never seen MJ & Pippen or Kobe & Shaq? Magic and Kareem? Duncan and Ginobli?
Original G-street boy
Original G-street boy پیش ماه
Melo n stat
shaun avalon
shaun avalon پیش ماه
Kyrie only had 1 good season out his whole career
Jay Cee
Jay Cee پیش ماه
Kobe and Shaq, LeBron and Wade, MJ and Pippen, Stockton and Malone, Lebron and AD, Penny and Shaq, Steph and Klay, Timmy D and Robison, WTF are you talking about? I'm a fan for god's sake lol.
Jay Cee
Jay Cee پیش ماه
I think LBJ is better than KD so didn't even put him and Kyrie.
Jose Esteban
Jose Esteban پیش ماه
Environmental Remedial Testing
Environmental Remedial Testing پیش ماه
Lol. They he hasn’t seen Steph and Klay in prime.
nomad: پیش ماه
Shalawam Amare, TMH is working. Brother, you gotta reach out to those brothas Kyrie and KD. They have lesser knowledge, reach out to em ahch Daniel 7:18 peace
Gandrick Dungey
Gandrick Dungey پیش ماه
He just kidding ass y'all he can't really believe those two are better than all the other greats. If you ask me kyrie and kd have to compete with lebron and ad and Steph n klay
SQR پیش ماه
Shaq & Kobe Mike & Pipen KD & Steph Lebron & Kyrie Magic & Kareem
Well his credibility is shot ,everyone doesn’t deserve a Opinion and this is a perfect example .
Dimes Up
Dimes Up پیش ماه
Bes Pushkule
Bes Pushkule پیش ماه
We’ll see Steph drop 45 on their heads Tuesday...then we’ll see what they’ll say. Nash and KD already know
Definitive1 پیش ماه
Who can name the grey book series behind Amare?
Chico پیش ماه
Steph and kd
savoir faire
savoir faire پیش ماه
We seen it b4. Carmelo n armerie then u assaulted a fire hydrant.
Big Homie
Big Homie پیش ماه
The two best players to play on the same team... Dwyane Wade & LeBron James or Kobe & Shaq. KD & Steph or Kareem & Magic. After them, no other team had 2 Top 3 players on the same team.
Tarrence Conyers
Tarrence Conyers پیش ماه
Stoudemire can start for the Nets right now
Greg Ostertag
Greg Ostertag پیش ماه
Lmao I can’t wait for this dumpster fire
K J پیش ماه
Of course Amarie Stoudemire made this dumb ass comment !🙄 He is one of the biggest haters in the league or out...why is anybody giving this guy camera time ANYWHERE! I mean, seriously though!🙄
C.J پیش ماه
Never seen two players this good??? Stop the 🧢
Christian Walker
Christian Walker پیش ماه
He talking out his ass frfr
LH2K Presents
LH2K Presents پیش ماه
So are we forgetting the player that took him to 3 NBA Finals by the name of LeBron James & just won his 4th?
Bernardo Lopez
Bernardo Lopez پیش ماه
Lol... oh god.. So you never saw Magic and Kareem , MJ and pip, Kobe and Shaq , James and WAde, Curry and Thompson lol
Hell yea amare a legend
UnderGroundHero671 پیش ماه
He must have not seen Kobe and shaq back in the day when he was in the league 🤔
Kareem & Magic didn’t play together
Hellamoody پیش ماه
Sooo we just gonna ignore LeBron and AD
Jay Flack
Jay Flack پیش ماه
Nash to Amare wasn’t too bad!
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