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NBA legend and cultural icon Allen Iverson joins Matt and Stephen for a special episode 46 of ALL THE SMOKE. The boys talk about AI changing the culture of the game and his battles with Kobe and the Lakers. Iverson also opens up about his former coach John Thompson and about the real reason behind his infamous 'practice' quote.
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SHOWTIME Basketball
SHOWTIME Basketball پیش 3 ماه
9:25 - Former players turned media, Steve Nash 18:00 - Being cultural icon 20:28 - Georgetown, bowling alley incident 28:00 - John Thompson 39:20 - 1996 draft, early career in Philadelphia, Larry brown 54:04 - Battles with the Pacers, winning MVP 1:00:37 - Vince Carter, Andre Iguodala, Michael Jordan 1:04:10 - 2001 finals, Kobe & Shaq, Ty Lue story 1:08:50 - Getting Hall of Fame call in 2016 1:13:55 - 2020 HOF, KG, Tim Duncan 1:19:40 - Relationship with Kobe, Top 3 NBA GOATS 1:26:36 - NBA dress code & Changing the culture, Reebok 1:31:35 - Favorite rappers, being name dropped 1:35:20 - NBA bubble, favorite players 1:41:40 - Current NBA players he wished he could have played with 1:43:45 - Story behind ‘Practice’
Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones پیش 2 ماه
htyu d
htyu d پیش 2 ماه
Fellas I'm Caucasian "Native American-Italian, but have been considered Caucasian all my life. Guy's I love your show. First one I've seen to where everybody is keeping it real. I served 38 years in the military. I served for all colors! Thank you for being real! Nothing but love!
Ben Yehudah
Ben Yehudah پیش 2 ماه
Take this W, you earned it. Salute
Shellioness Love
Shellioness Love پیش 2 ماه
@SHOWTIME Basketball How are you? I am the ine who posted a long long comment on here about how much Allen Iverson meant to me and my life lol. Sorry it was so long. I actually cut it short . But I wanted to ask if its you or the show that owns the rights to this video? The reason I ask is because I wanted to share this video on here and show my audience the man he is. But it wont let me due to copyright issues. I wanted to get permission to share this with due credit to who ever owns the rights to it of course. Can you please let me know. Thank you
Dan Gray
Dan Gray پیش 3 ماه
Here that Jack shout out to Steve from A.I. Sorry he dosen't hate all whit people like you...
mike hunt
mike hunt پیش 16 ساعت
Robert Tanner
Robert Tanner پیش 18 ساعت
@ShowtimeBasketBall Ya Need To Get Derrick Rose On Ya Show For This Year In 2021 #BestRealTalkShowOnIRpost
Rodney Williams
Rodney Williams پیش 20 ساعت
DAMN those new AI
Jimi Kim
Jimi Kim پیش روز
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Solomon E. McNair
Solomon E. McNair پیش 2 روز
Gotta love A.I mane 🥲
Joseph Anthony
Joseph Anthony پیش 2 روز
We love you AI. God bless brother. Its good to see a side of you that is not seen on the regular in my opinion. I grew up as a teenager and I really shaped my game around yours. I Just want to say thank you bro! Thank you. 💯
C Will
C Will پیش 2 روز
Bro We love you Thank you Allen Iverson
B. Michavery
B. Michavery پیش 2 روز
Man!!!I loveee these guys soooo much! Growing up AI was alwayyyyyssss my favorite! So glad to come from an era where I really got to see this man before during and after his prime!he is still a Goat!!!
Hans Friedemann
Hans Friedemann پیش 2 روز
Three great down to earth dudes. Love this.
Deedoc پیش 3 روز
The Answer Baby 💙 Most Strong Men are the Most Sensitive at Heart I know People who say I LOVE HARD just because it sounds good on Social Media But For the Folks out here who really do Love Hard just know Its others out here and we Love U Too 💙
AR K پیش 3 روز
Hearing a great like Allen Iverson talk like that about Steve Nash, is so great to hear.
AR K پیش 3 روز
What are we talkin' about?
Ker Loz
Ker Loz پیش 4 روز
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JEA COOLJ پیش 4 روز
Firash Adryan
Firash Adryan پیش 4 روز
1:10:52 big facts.
ASIA Jackson
ASIA Jackson پیش 5 روز
1:41:58 Yooooo I literally said KD in my head before Steven said he thought he was gone say KD lol. AI AND KD TOGETHER IN THEIR PRIME?? Nasty!
Ayrton Ong
Ayrton Ong پیش 5 روز
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HedShot Hendrix17
HedShot Hendrix17 پیش 5 روز
Allen Iverson ROOKIE stats against MJ during the 96-97 season. 1st game: 15pts 2nd game: 32pts (the crossover game.) 3rd game: 37pts 4th game: 44pts A.I. Question shoes also sold more than the Jordan 12s that one season, Iverson was the only athlete of the late 90’s to outsell Jordan that one year
papi پیش 5 روز
dam AI is emotional af. cool to see this side of him
Bella Brooklyn
Bella Brooklyn پیش 5 روز
Amazing interview
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro پیش 5 روز
Angelica banana sunday
David Holt
David Holt پیش 6 روز
Dope interview... top 5 in my mind. Mike, Kob, Bron, Kareem, The Answer
Omari Bailey
Omari Bailey پیش 6 روز
Who AI talking bout?
Paint GOON14
Paint GOON14 پیش 6 روز
AI is an Ill individual. Love to the Bad Boyz of Basketball 🏀. Salute! Haliburton is the next Lightskin Dude Barnes.
Omari Bailey
Omari Bailey پیش 6 روز
Matt Barnes is legit
A1Hoopz پیش 6 روز
Iverson will always be one of my favorites tbh. Seems like such a genuine person
Gino dfs picks
Gino dfs picks پیش 7 روز
Amazing show! Love you guys! Bubba Chuck is fr one of the greats. Always loved him.
Gino dfs picks
Gino dfs picks پیش 7 روز
Dont forget Iggy got the finals mvp once.
Grayson Hichkad
Grayson Hichkad پیش 7 روز
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Sport Reactions
Sport Reactions پیش 8 روز
AI over curry any day had no help carrying the team by himself to a finals
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis پیش 8 روز
All three of these brothers have beautiful souls & spirits that’s why this interview is very,very special!!!
Stacey Bryant
Stacey Bryant پیش 8 روز
Cmon man we need D.Rose !!
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis پیش 8 روز
A.I is a #RealOne too!!!!
Latrell Williams
Latrell Williams پیش 9 روز
Va blood in em
Profit P
Profit P پیش 10 روز
🐐 🐐 🐐
Aaron Samuel Price
Aaron Samuel Price پیش 10 روز
Allen Iverson is indeed one of the greatest player ever! WE NEED D ROSE ON THIS SHOW!
lienel lee
lienel lee پیش 11 روز
Kobe and Iverson= the best times in life! Thank you my brothers!
Damien Ramseur
Damien Ramseur پیش 11 روز
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Safiyyah Wilson
Safiyyah Wilson پیش 11 روز
My fav player ever 🇬🇧 🇵🇰 guy was a pit bull
Ben Argaza
Ben Argaza پیش 12 روز
This right here was good for the soul 🙏
FLICCS_EXEツ پیش 12 روز
em jay
em jay پیش 12 روز
The love for AI is real and deep. This interview spanned all the emotions.
Cal Amari
Cal Amari پیش 12 روز
I love Allen Iverson
UNIQUE HILL پیش 13 روز
Way to shout out ur wife Chuck!!! “I’m right because I’m Right” GodSpeed fam 🙏🏾💪🏾💕 #Legends #DropNuggetsOnEm
UNIQUE HILL پیش 13 روز
My Dude!!!! Keep giving ‘em the business Chuck! Love love love this interview!!! Continued prayers..blessings..n prosperity!!! AI always giving bk n sharing nuggets 🙏🏾💪🏾💕 #AI #BubbaChuckToUs #HamptonRdsReppin #ShellRd #BethelVsKecoughtan #DoneDeal
Billy Jobs
Billy Jobs پیش 14 روز
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No name
No name پیش 14 روز
I mean I love alot of bball player but this dude right here my all time favorite. The way he played at his height... Love you AI!
v j
v j پیش 14 روز
On that message to AI. Listen 'Iverson' he's right you are an Icon. Stop trying to be everything to everybody..helping everybody. It drains your soul. You are Blessed. Know this! You paid your dues. It is done. They tried to break you.
v j
v j پیش 14 روز
The original AI. Sports film time for AI. Loved the Documentary.
mansonlamps پیش 14 روز
Allen iverson loves to talk about Allen iverson
PSUIVERSON پیش 14 روز
45:00 AMEN. AMEN. Conservative, middle aged white guy here...Philly in my heart - AI you are the GOAT and we love you forever brother.
eharlem3 پیش 14 روز
Matt you're being humble....did you get crazy playing time? No, did you deserve is YES. You were a KILLER bro, and a DEMON on defense. That's why you received the respect from one of the greatest to ever do it (Rest In Paradise Kobe/Gianna) you deserved. Just want to give you your flowers while youre still here bro, you have always been nice with it my dude. Facts.
eharlem3 پیش 14 روز
...and this interview further solidifies why this brother is my favorite icons of all time. Much respect Matt & Stephen for bringing on the goat. My G.
Xavier brown
Xavier brown پیش 14 روز
Do Tim Duncan
Miriam Waugh
Miriam Waugh پیش 15 روز
Love AI. No hang ups about sharing his thoughts and feelings. Much respect to Matt Barnes as a commentator.
Hououin Kyouma
Hououin Kyouma پیش 15 روز
I cried more times than id like to admit, but listening to Allen just give his advice and share his experiences with company that makes him comfortable is a blessing. Growing up as a kid this is the only reason I was trying to catch every interview and story that was on tv or written somewhere. The media never gave him a chance to use the platform that he built himself, through hard work, resilience and dedication. Instead of letting him be a role model to the countless youth he had a chance to influence, they tried to paint their own narrative and bring him down. They still couldn't hold down his greatness, even after doing everything they possibly could to drag him down. He's the only famous person that was and still is larger than life for me. I'm so glad to see him doing so well and keeping it real around people that love him and care about him. I pray for Allen's health every Sunday man, it became ritual. Man was my idol. Thank you guys, this was an amazing video.
Kenneth Perng
Kenneth Perng پیش 16 روز
AI that guy who is all love. Like seriously. Doesn't have a get-off-my-lawn bone in his body. The way he big-ups everybody around him and the younger generation, there's not a trace of "well back in my day" in how he talks. No hate, no jealousy. It's beautiful.
Torita Grinstead
Torita Grinstead پیش 16 روز
John 15:18-19🙏🏽💝
Torita Grinstead
Torita Grinstead پیش 16 روز
It's cool being you! -Allen Iverson. "I love that"!❤️ Respect! 🙏🏽💯
Mark Ramirez
Mark Ramirez پیش 16 روز
Marjorie Rice
Marjorie Rice پیش 16 روز
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Brenda Midder
Brenda Midder پیش 16 روز
Love this! Matt Steve & Allen....I'm so proud of u all! ❤❤❤🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾😊😊😊
Oliver Shaw-Arcibal
Oliver Shaw-Arcibal پیش 16 روز
Brandon Roy !
DFS LilMonster
DFS LilMonster پیش 16 روز
I probably watch this episode once a wk the 🐐 "the Answer" A.I. this is legendary💯
CKN 25
CKN 25 پیش 17 روز
Love this podcast thank you guys for this
ISO_ Godxly-Ej
ISO_ Godxly-Ej پیش 17 روز
To the people who disliked the video your messed up
Julian Sol
Julian Sol پیش 17 روز
around 1:12:00 whos he talking about? So he already said he got love for skip. Im pretty sure he got love for steven A. That would leave Max K? Shanon S? Jwhit?
Foot Whisperer
Foot Whisperer پیش 17 روز
Dam! I learn so much about A. I. But I never knew he was such a loving passionate brother thats not afraid to say he love someone. This is the type of role model kids should always look at. He's such a credit to our race, when many of us get slandered. He show you that you can rise up anytime. You just have to believe it.. What a amazing interview! 👏🏽👏🏽✊🏿✊🏾
SDeniseT216 پیش 17 روز
A.I. is my GOAT!!! And I'm so happy to be alive to see this legendary moment!
Teofilo Cortez
Teofilo Cortez پیش 17 روز
This interview made me even prouder to be an AI fan, much love
Joshua Glass
Joshua Glass پیش 17 روز
AI looks like Ice T’s little brother
N Key
N Key پیش 17 روز
Fier The Great
Fier The Great پیش 17 روز
Damn people really dislike this interview??? These must hate growth!!!! Love AI ✊🏾
Alex Obed
Alex Obed پیش 18 روز
I can't stop listening to this guy--and I never even watched him play hardly. I just feel like he's one of the realest, truest "stars" I've ever heard speak.
quaveop پیش 19 روز
who he hating on at 1:13:32? Who's got a dad too? I feel dumb not knowing.
Elay Cohen
Elay Cohen پیش 19 روز
Please bring in Gerald Wallace, Stephen Jackson had a nice run with him back with the bobcats
E.N.D Network
E.N.D Network پیش 19 روز
Jackson is such a phoney. Steven A. Smith was on this show before and now he is expressing his disdain about Smith? What a punk. He should had expressed himself to Steven A face.
E.N.D Network
E.N.D Network پیش 19 روز
I thought it was Skip at first until he said that he has love for Skip. Who was Iverson referring to when he stated he hates that person?
вдвм ганижев
вдвм ганижев پیش 19 روز
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Qasey Charkehz
Qasey Charkehz پیش 19 روز
A.I was Viral without Twitter or insta
Hayden Caden
Hayden Caden پیش 20 روز
The mountainous domain particularly satisfy because footnote immunophenotypically race until a heady bit. murky, kind sleet
Layman Kilgo
Layman Kilgo پیش 20 روز
Greatest All The Smoke interview of alltime.
Sir JuJu
Sir JuJu پیش 20 روز
The one thing i loved about AI is no one was untouched with his crossover. Every star in bball was crossed by this Man in his era. He was very exciting to watch for sure.. One thing that stayed on my TV was AI and most definitely the Lakers(KOBE) and of course MJ.
quaveop پیش 20 روز
I hope AI reads these comments. The love that people have for him are the real rings he earned - you can't hate a guy like this - true inspiration!!!
Cedric Sports Training
Cedric Sports Training پیش 20 روز
Much Love Much Respect!
Jay Bro
Jay Bro پیش 20 روز
AI the Answer. Toughest dude I watched.
lil rambo
lil rambo پیش 21 روز
we love you chuck 🐐 🤝
Dolores Stone
Dolores Stone پیش 21 روز
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JaVonne Dukes
JaVonne Dukes پیش 21 روز
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David Whang
David Whang پیش 22 روز
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nolan rimson
nolan rimson پیش 23 روز
Matt living his best life looking like a 🏄‍♀️
Daniel پیش 23 روز
who does he hate?
Racer car
Racer car پیش 23 روز
The best at his position at the PG spot, ALL HEART, ALL DETERMINATION, ALL THE TIME, unlike Lebron/Lebum, ALL WAYS CRYING, ALL WAYS HEARTLESS, and ALL WAYS LEAVING. ALL WAYS FAKE, but anyway, A I was that DUDE.
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia پیش 22 روز
Ricky Bachman
Ricky Bachman پیش 24 روز
One of the best leapers and athletic players ever is Jonathan Bender. Yes, injuries ruined things but people asked him, since his hops were absurd, who is the best jumper on the team? People thought he would say himself and he surprised everyone by saying.....wait for it.....I’m not joking either, Jeff Foster. He said Foster could routinely dunk from the FT line.
Carlos Rios
Carlos Rios پیش 24 روز
Great episode! God bless these awesome players!
Boar UssMalinko
Boar UssMalinko پیش 24 روز
Ben wallace!!! Interview Allen Iverson✊
Monte Bailey
Monte Bailey پیش 25 روز
Kobe and Mike mind fuck all of us
Monte Bailey
Monte Bailey پیش 25 روز
A white man sent me to jail
Kurt C
Kurt C پیش 25 روز
Please get Mike. That’s real talk!
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