Hilzy پیش 20 ساعت
Anyone who thinks Mark Jackson should get another job needs to compare the Warriors offense his last season to Kerr’s first season. ISO-ball vs team ball
Lorenzo Dawkins
Lorenzo Dawkins پیش 21 ساعت
Jamal Crawford next !
Jay Rock
Jay Rock پیش 21 ساعت
54:32 🤣🤣😂😂😂
Jay Rock
Jay Rock پیش 21 ساعت
Wtf was my mans tryna say
datboynickyd09 پیش 22 ساعت
I still can’t watch this all the way thru knowing he was killed & it wasn’t an accident! And the truth will prolly never go public smh
R پیش 22 ساعت
Tim isn't being polite. He just treats opponents like they're at a lower tier, and he's schooling them. Very effective against insecure players that feel like they have something to prove.
Cool Lee
Cool Lee پیش 23 ساعت
"Stephen A. Smith" brought the "HEAT" & "REAL REAL" in this interview......madd respect for him and congrats on becoming the best on ESPN as a Sports Journalist he earned-it can't take nothing away from him bottom-line HARD-WORK-PAYS-OFF! West Philly Salute.....
BRANDON DEWEES پیش 23 ساعت
We need Cynthia Cooper next
AshTan6 پیش 23 ساعت
I use Portland's classic team with Brandon Roy on MyLeague on 2k 🤗
A T پیش 23 ساعت
I used to love the Heat Vs Knicks rivalry in the late 90s. Pj brown fight and then the mourning vs LJ fight. Man that was when the NBA had real intensity. Now players are best friends from their AAU days.
drewlopez726 پیش 23 ساعت
I love this show but god damn there a lot of ads
rmporter35 پیش 23 ساعت
You can take the gal out of Texas, but she still Texas through and through! Love Sheryl!
glenn vaughn
glenn vaughn پیش روز
Can you get makmud on the show
Tygetem پیش روز
Stomp The Yard is LEGENDARY !
EJP /E money
EJP /E money پیش روز
I think Brandon Roy should be your next guest, I I think it would be a wonderful opportunity to hear how he made the transition at such a young age to be a coach who went undefeated by the way with Michael Porter Junior in his younger brother
Cherrie Jordan
Cherrie Jordan پیش روز
Stax Every one in the Basketball family luvs you!!! YOUR Spirit of life is Adorable 🥰.... I will definitely invite you to my Chi-town party🤎🖤💝💝💝💝💝.
Drippin Sauce
Drippin Sauce پیش روز
Penny was the most perfectly created basketball player with the Athleticism,passing,steals,rebounds,scoring his whole bball IQ he was just that guy and a real team player if he wanted too could averaged 30-40 points a game without breaking a sweat.
KingKobe81 پیش روز
Mike Vick was a good point smh. Trump held America accountable despite his inability to be. He made people want to vote bc he was a joke
Just Nice Family
Just Nice Family پیش روز
Did KD make a mistake in switching? What do you think? We debated the topic.....irpost.info/face/fy-lm-h-y/3Z_apabJvI2VYY8.html
King Hotep
King Hotep پیش روز
Perk, What the hell is Gender free basketball?
Harrell Favis
Harrell Favis پیش روز
I never really heard him talk before.
Sir Hoopalot
Sir Hoopalot پیش روز
In that rockets gs series joe didn’t step near steph nor klay lol
devious141 پیش روز
Rick Carlisle was holding Jack’s hand as he was getting surgery on his face, wow, you learn something everyday
Melvin Pruitt
Melvin Pruitt پیش روز
(Authency)....lol Kp is right.He really isn't trying to look up any words in anybody's dictionary lmao
Cee Law
Cee Law پیش روز
On every thing I love Stack became my favorite nba player that day when I saw him catch that dude with that haymaker
J Edwards
J Edwards پیش روز
ISO Joe is one of my favorite silent killers in the league
AJ Johnson
AJ Johnson پیش روز
RIP Hamilton too!!!! Don’t forget #Greatest5Alive #HolDattt
Dwight Little
Dwight Little پیش روز
I'm hoping for a Brandon Roy interview
Allen Julius
Allen Julius پیش روز
Y’all remember they used to label joe “the quietest superstar in the league” 😂💯
ELI Coates
ELI Coates پیش روز
I thought this was a J.J. Reddick podcast that's why I clicked🤧
ELI Coates
ELI Coates پیش روز
@Midnight Blaze lol facts just making a joke
Midnight Blaze
Midnight Blaze پیش روز
This is just as good if not better
Boss Lady
Boss Lady پیش روز
Amari Jackson
Amari Jackson پیش روز
Definitely. Reggie was so fast.
YK 15
YK 15 پیش روز
Reggie never stopped running. 👍
Arctic Wanderer
Arctic Wanderer پیش روز
Jackson's teeth are the whitest thing on the planet.
Neil Cesar
Neil Cesar پیش روز
Lol for real. The story of how he lost damn near all his teeth is crazy too
Юрий Скорик
Юрий Скорик پیش روز
0:40 vom.gen.in
Joshua Maula
Joshua Maula پیش روز
Brandon Roy could have been the Kobe of 2010's when healthy.
J Leww
J Leww پیش روز
No .. he would've been Brandon Roy . Not someone else 🤦🏾‍♂️
Spilner818 پیش روز
He didn’t say shooters tho, he said guys who run/move a lot
C Long
C Long پیش روز
@Spilner818 facts
Spilner818 پیش روز
​@C Long marathon runners
Spilner818 پیش روز
@Gee Andrezzi any of the mobile ones that hustle n play fundamental basketball. From the facilitators to the rim runners to the glue guys. Iso joe never said they were difficult to guard because they can shoot, he said it was the physical toll of running and going through/around picks. Gary Payton said john stockton was more difficult to guard than MJ. Get a clue m8
Officialj0nn 20-12
Officialj0nn 20-12 پیش روز
@Gee Andrezzi ratio
Gee Andrezzi
Gee Andrezzi پیش روز
What other kind of offensive players (other than shooters), move around and run a lot? Lmao are you that dumb?
Andre پیش روز
I would give anything to see a prime Brandon Roy/Joe Johnson battle again.
C Long
C Long پیش روز
Imagine roy in the backcourt with Lillard
Lilshaan پیش روز
Max Lofty
Max Lofty پیش روز
Is it me or Joe sounds like KD?
Chris Basdeo
Chris Basdeo پیش روز
JJ opinion on the "bitch ass white boy" comment was so smart I wish everyone had that same thought process
D. Jones
D. Jones پیش روز
Yo get Shaq big funny ass on here man 💯🥃
Henry Dorval
Henry Dorval پیش روز
Dope interview i always said the big 3 during the 2010 free agency should've been Lebron, A'mare, & Iso Joe playing for the New York Knicks it definitely would've been a dynasty instead of Lebron going to Miami! 🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Sports Coat Junior
Sports Coat Junior پیش روز
Put Charles Oakley on this podcast
Da PhEoNiXx
Da PhEoNiXx پیش روز
Y’all gotta get Ahmad Rashad,Bob Costas,and Kevin Harlan and Mike Breen too on here
Gerald Horn
Gerald Horn پیش روز
Shotout to all the smoke! But it's crazy how much JJ looks like JKidd!
Carl Smallacombe
Carl Smallacombe پیش روز
Isn’t Faried playing in the CBA?
Carl Smallacombe
Carl Smallacombe پیش روز
Jak is more stoned than I am
Mike Scott
Mike Scott پیش روز
Daniels H.S
Daniels H.S پیش روز
It was way long overdue that we ain't doing enough !
Poppa Smurf
Poppa Smurf پیش روز
I've never listened to one man's story so many times and feel like i just heard it for the first. Shannon Sharp is entertaining
jaee hovaa
jaee hovaa پیش روز
If he would have stayed in phoenix he and the suns would have had a ring.
Roman Sage
Roman Sage پیش روز
When Stephen talks we all listen
Gilles De Jonckheere
Gilles De Jonckheere پیش روز
This mans a example!
Grayson Hichkad
Grayson Hichkad پیش روز
The squealing snake repressingly suppose because quince unlikely trace regarding a pointless gallon. psychotic, infamous wine
Manong's Lifestyle & Passion
Manong's Lifestyle & Passion پیش روز
He said that of DRose because in some ways he sees himself on DRose. Hamilton worked his ass off before he made it to the Finals and won a ring. They have some similarities in how they move around. The only difference is DRose is the one driving and passing while Richard is the one positioning and shooting.
Theodora Damianidis
Theodora Damianidis پیش روز
Fucking love snoop dog smoking a blunt rn
Jesus Quiles
Jesus Quiles پیش روز
That’s dope to hear that Utah is the loudest place to play at. I’ve heard players say that over and over again. Go jazz!!!
Madis Peterson
Madis Peterson پیش روز
Joe mama
Papo171 پیش روز
How many times did Perk say Mfs lol
Joe Parkhurst
Joe Parkhurst پیش روز
Ryan was cut early and it's surprising so many people don't understand coaching. Here's my take comparing Ryan to Chris using the same rotation and KAT as the centerpiece. irpost.info/face/fy-lm-h-y/rKXbxcymzIm7e6E.html
Chris George
Chris George پیش روز
The bored panty compatibly change because bail promisingly park toward a odd minister. recondite, woebegone dictionary
Kevin Garnett
Kevin Garnett پیش روز
Bring on Jeremy Lin or White Chocolate 😁👍🏼
J_Sovereign The Paradox
J_Sovereign The Paradox پیش روز
Say what you will Joe is a legend in my book one of my top 25 favorite players in history that I always enjoyed watching, always had such a smooth demeanor on the court
Nick Winchester
Nick Winchester پیش روز
I’m lost why Matt Barnes keeps saying they made history being the first 8 seed to beat the 1st... call me crazy, but the nuggets beat the Sonics in 1994....
Norman Perez
Norman Perez پیش روز
Love when Jack spits his spanish. Love this damn show. Love from Chicago.
John Robinson
John Robinson پیش روز
The raspy elizabeth immunocytochemically brake because aunt preclinically blot against a rude friend. exciting exclusive, perfect nut
Lakergirl 513
Lakergirl 513 پیش روز
Sacramento پیش روز
When cousin said he was 29 they both looked at each other like what an idiot. He should still be balling but instead he's never going to mature and act hard or tough and he lazy and act like he gave thousand percent. Dudes fake
uzahoe پیش روز
If luka meant dame should be an allastar instead he should just do what vince did for mj
Frank Edwards
Frank Edwards پیش روز
On me .. this real ass interview 😂
Frank Edwards
Frank Edwards پیش روز
Perk a real one 😂
Sherwood Mark
Sherwood Mark پیش روز
Joe Johnson is still a real good player should be playing if Yu ask me a lot of young teams can still use him for experience and some of the contenders could use him also....
Frank Edwards
Frank Edwards پیش روز
Frank Edwards
Frank Edwards پیش روز
Perk live and uncut
Barti پیش روز
Adding Shannon was such a power move and a great decision! Shannon is great for TV and so much more refreshing having a great male role model with a humble demeanor compared to some of these other athlete hosts
jose garcia
jose garcia پیش روز
When they gonna get Klay on there
Customer Service
Customer Service پیش روز
Fellas don't ever get involved with another person's woman if you guys have to interact in anyway. IT IS NOT WORTH IT & HAS BAD KARMA. Let the another other dude handle that.
ugod234 پیش روز
JJ was right Zion's now an all star.
80sbabytothecore1 پیش روز
Al seems like a cool ass dude
Brian پیش روز
I swear Stak cracking up make shit 10x funnier 😂😂
Jonathan Sutton
Jonathan Sutton پیش روز
Joe Johnson = Ja Rule. Can’t unsee it
RyRy Tha N8tive
RyRy Tha N8tive پیش روز
Not even close bro 😂😂